Wednesday, January 26, 2022

what's up Wednesday


Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm linking up with Shaeffer and Shay for this monthly blog post on all the things from this month. I'm jumping right in!

What we're eating this week:

Monday night we had things leftover from the weekend, which is so strange and doesn't go together at all, but this is what we do sometimes. We ate taquitos and rice. (Insert emoji with palm over face.) Last night we had beefy rotel and tortilla chips, tonight we're having leftovers, tomorrow night we're having a chicken casserole that my boys love with Doritos. For lunch I've been having things like raw nuts, beef jerky, cheese sticks and a Kind bar. I'm sure we'll get pizza at some point this week or weekend and tomorrow my mom and I are eating sushi for lunch. Side note—have I mentioned that I make lunches for everyone here that works? Which is everyone, by the way. I make them full lunches, reminiscent of when they were in school! They get sandwiches, chips, a dessert and a drink. My hubby gets two protein drinks, peanut butter crackers, slim Jim's if we have them and an almond butter bar from Costco each day. They also gets waters and coffees to go. 

What I'm reminiscing about:

I'll tell you why in just a minute, but I thought about this just last week as I watched a show while I ate lunch. I laugh about this with Todd all the time. Remember these days? I can remember being SO MAD when I would get home and find something didn't tape that I'd set up on the VCR.

What I'm loving:

Wednesdays! I go to Bible study in the morning and facilitate a small group, then I go back at night for a class on chronological Bible reading. I love our small group time each week on Wednesday mornings! Most of them are back from last semester, but it's just fun to catch up.

What we've been up to:

We've been dealing with vehicle issues! I hate vehicle issues. Thankfully mine has been okay and I am so grateful for this, because at one point, mine was the worst. Todd has been having problems with his battery dying, Graham's truck is having something done to it, Drew's transmission went out on his old truck (so he bought one that's new to him and he's loving it), Noah had brake issues last Friday on the way to work (it may not be the brakes, they've ordered a part to see if they can repair it) and Jonah's truck is also doing something weird. Like I said, I'm grateful that mine is good. I've been sharing it with everyone and their brother! 

Drew's new (to him) truck is above, Jonah's is below. I love that they love their vehicles! Funny story, we have a community page on Facebook and people are so mean about teenage boys and adult males with their trucks. I've literally been waiting for them to make it onto that page and all my worst nightmares came true last week and it happened. I'm guessing the admin removed the post because SHE POSTED PICTURES OF THEIR TRUCKS AND LICENSE PLATES and that's not allowed. I also know this person and she's a bit intimidating. She called the cops on them and the officer was really nice and told them to have fun that they weren't doing anything illegal and to be careful. (They were doing donuts in the snow at the back of an empty church parking lot on the pavement. I think it's funny that he told them to have fun! I'm sure she was fuming.) I may have stalked this woman to see if she'd shared it on her personal page, and sure enough, she had. She turned off the comments because people were telling her (with very colorful language) to mind her own business. 😮 People are so mean! And I do actually believe in minding your own business unless someone is in danger. 

There have been other things, but I've been without a car on a lot of days this month, so I've been hanging out with the dogs at home. I am not complaining about this, I promise!

What I'm dreading:

I can't say that I'm dreading anything in particular, but there are a few things I'm dragging my feet on. I'm a really good procrastinator! These are projects that I need to finish, both personally and for our home.

What I'm working on:

Currently? I'm working on blog stuff for this week, I'm making notes for a meeting with a friend I have tomorrow, I'm looking at my calendar and I'm waiting on Jonah's new comforter to finish drying. Our dog Crash accidentally ripped his new one from Christmas over the weekend, so this one is a replacement. All the dogs have now had their nails trimmed. 

What I'm excited about:

I have a women's retreat coming up in March and I can't wait! I also have a trip scheduled in April and maybe one in June that's in the works. 

What I'm watching/reading:

Okay, back to what I wrote above about reminiscing—I am re-watching Friends in order. I don't think I've ever done this except for when it was out in live time. I watched an episode last week that left you at a cliff hanger and I remember watching it when I was in high school and screaming, "Noooooooo!!" just like Monica screamed in all those episodes back in the day. There has only been one other show that has made me laugh like I laugh when I'm watching Friends, and that is Parenthood. I've seen all the episodes a million times and I can often say a lot of their lines simultaneously, but I've never watched them again in order. 

I also watched Maid on Netflix, which is not for the faint of heart. I watch the new Hallmark movies every weekend and have loved some and not liked some and I watched I'll See You In My Dreams on Prime tv over the weekend. 

Here is one book I read this month. I'll share more with you next week when I post about the books I read in January. 

What I'm listening to:

The two youngest dogs are fighting/playing.

Oakley just stopped to come say hi and give me a "kiss".

What I'm wearing:

All things warm and cozy, because I've been staying home a lot and because it's been cold out. I love the cold weather! I'm not going to share a picture.

What I'm doing this weekend:

I feel certain that I'll be home alone some and I think I may go see a movie with my best friend. I'm not sure on that yet, though we did discuss it briefly when we talked yesterday. I really would love to go on Friday night and have movie popcorn and a diet coke for dinner.

What I'm looking forward to next month:

There isn't one thing that's standing out over anything else. All the days and weeks are running together. Oh, wait, I just remembered something. A young lady I know is getting married next month, and I'm helping out at her reception. I don't actually know her, but I know her mom and my best friend is taking me as her plus one. The fact that I'm helping out helped get me an invite, but I've been living vicariously through her romance since day one. She met a soldier through a friend and they are head over heels in love and are the cutest little couple I've ever seen. I can't wait to see them get married! It'll be at a pretty church that is local to us and I'm also excited about seeing the inside of the church. I've admired it since I first saw it being built a few years ago. Aside from that, maybe my hubby and I will go out on a pre or post Valentine's date. ;) We're too cheap to celebrate on the actual day.

What else is new:

I'm meeting with a friend today about an upcoming project and I'm excited about talking and going over thoughts and ideas. I'll share more as I find out more details, but things are finally starting to move forward! It involves me writing. ;) 

Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 


  1. I hope your car/ truck situation works its way out. It's stressful to have unreliable vehicles. Speaking of trucks, how odd is that FB page? A page dedicated to complaining about trucks? I have never heard of that!! I'm not on FB but am on Nextdoor which is a neighborhood message board. Some people get very picky over very small things (at least they seem small to me!). Looking forward to hearing about your writing project! Have a great day, friend :).

  2. That is crazy about the truck comments! Glad it wasn't a big deal with the police. Missing your favorite show as a kid/teenager, that is a big deal :). I remember those same feelings. Hope it's a great morning at bible study!

  3. Maria, vehicle issues are always stressful! I feel really bad for my husband, because they wear him out with this. That page is for anything that takes place in our community, but a lot of people complain about guys with trucks or pets being lost. There's a separate pets page for the community as well, but people lose their minds over everything and anything. It's funny to just go read posts and some of the comments, but I never participate in the conversation unless it's actually helpful. It's very similar sounding to Nextdoor. We had that before as well, I just always forget about it. I hope you have a great day!

  4. Marilyn, I am glad it wasn't a big deal either. They're actually friends with lots of police officers in our area, because of getting to know them since lots of the fast foot restaurants shut down in Collierville. They usually get drinks at Sonic and go hang out in a parking lot kind of near Home Goods here in town and on any given night, at least one officer stops by to talk and say hello. It's a large group of them and everyone knows them all by their trucks, so they've gotten to know several of them. Of course they've been pulled over as well, so there's that. Again with the emoji with hand over face.

    Those were the days, were they not?! It was so stressful going to do something on commercial breaks! I'm laughing. Thanks, friend! Have a great day!

  5. All things cozy - that's the wardrobe for me right now too!!!!
    Dogs nails... they can be damaging!
    Man oh man... it really was crazy to think now that you had to watch a show or you missed it... I mean, even before the days of VHS - forget DVR... kids have no idea the tragedy to miss an episode of Fact of Life - especially THE VERY SPECIAL EPISODES _ LOL

    1. Yes! To all of what you said! I LOVED The Facts of Life!

  6. That's a lot of changes with all the vehicles, and hopefully all will work out well soon. So frustrating about the Facebook group...I think some people have way too much time on their hands. Don't let it bring your down!

    1. Yes! It will, you are so right. Thanks, my friend! ❤

  7. I was just reminding my boys this week that when I was growing up if you missed a show that was it.. you just didn't know what happened because repeats rarely happened and it was pretty stressful at times when it came to your favorite shows!

  8. Love Drew's new truck!!

    And, purple is *your* color, friend! Your eyes just pop in that sweatshirt.

  9. Joanne, that's funny! I may have shared this meme before, but I just recently saw it on my phone again. Those were the days! I'm glad for streaming apps and DVR.

  10. Thanks, Bri! I love his truck too. He's made some updates since he shared that snap, so I'll have to post a newer one. And thank you! I love purple!

  11. I remember being SO SAD when I messed up the VCR timer (or WORSE -- the power went out) and I missed my favourite shows. And I LOVE Friends. It is one of my favourite shows EVER.

  12. Natasha- right?! Those were the days! I am so glad for the advances we've made in this area of technology. Thanks for stopping by!


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