Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Prime Purchases {January & February}


Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm linking up with Tanya from The Other Side of the Road for this blog post. I thought I was going to skip it this month, since I'm not buying things on Amazon as much, but when I looked at my orders, I did see that we're still ordering plenty there. It's just that I am not ordering something personal for me that I don't consider a necessity. I'll share below.

Back at the beginning of January, I ordered these fine tip colored pens for my Bible reading.

I like them alright. They're not my favorite because they're so fine that they're a little hard to use, but the price was like $5 when I bought them, so for the price, I can't complain.

The next few things were for Noah that he asked me to order for him. He really likes these pants. He wears them to work and they keep him warm and dry quickly when he gets wet from his job.

I ordered him heather gray and charcoal gray. He already had some that were black. 

I also ordered him two of these Champion brand hoodies. He loves hoodies and has one in almost every color.

He wanted red and purple and again, he wears these to work everyday when it's cold in the mornings.

I subscribe to these vitamins every two months, so these came in January as well. 

And for this one, I'll share something funny.

I ordered myself a phone case this month, which turned out way nicer than I thought it would. 

I had a green phone cover before like the one pictured above, so this time I went with pink. That little ring on the back pops out to carry or hold it with. 

I ordered new brushes for two of our sons and I ordered a replacement mascara when I emptied the one I'd been using. And I've ordered a few books that were on sale for really cheap for my Kindle. 

What have you bought recently that you've loved? I'd love to hear about it! Thanks for reading my  blog, friends. Love to all. 

P.s. Did you catch my blog post on the books I read in February yesterday? If not, click here for some reading inspiration!


  1. I like the phone case that you bought. The ring on the back that pops out sounds like a neat feature. Regarding the pens (love all of the colors in your pack), you mentioned they are for your Bible. Do the pens bleed through the pages of your Bible? Have you ever ordered highlighters or pens made specifically for a Bible? Just curious because I have ordered highlighters and pens from The Daily Grace company- they are made for Bibles and they are not super expensive. Have a great Tuesday, friend!

  2. Thanks, Maria! These do bleed through. I've seen the ones on The Daily Grace Co., but I don't know why I didn't order them. Believe it or not, the Papermate Flair pens don't bleed too badly. I use those the most.

  3. Just looking at the previous comments - I used the Daily Grace highlighters & LOVE Them - I always buy some when they're on sale. Hobby Lobby has similar ones!

  4. Thanks, Rebecca Jo! That's good to know.

  5. Love the phone case. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  6. Thanks for always hosting us, Tanya!


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