Wednesday, March 2, 2022


Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm linking up with Anne for this monthly blog post, where we talk about things we're currently collecting, craving, picturing, playing and wishing. I'll jump right in!


I always collect cards. Do you do this? I keep cards from my husband and sons and our parents. I also collect thank you cards and any other little notes and things that people give me.

Funny story—my mom gave Valentine cards to the boys and could never find one for Todd and me together, so she found one for me and forgot about Todd. She sent him this "thank you" note instead! Isn't that hilarious? We both had the best laugh over this.


I'm always craving good food! 

I love making quiche and eating on it all week long. Now that I'm writing this, I wish I'd thought to get more pie crusts for me to make one this week. Am I the only one that forgets things from the grocery store on the day that I go to the grocery store? I sincerely wished I'd thought of this earlier today. 


I'm picturing the fun I plan on having over the next few weeks. I have a couple of small trips planned that are coming up and I can't wait! One is a women's retreat with the ladies from my church and the other is a long weekend at the beach with some friends. 

These are the friends I'll be going to the beach with. We always have so much fun when we're together, so I'm excited for us all to go out of town for a few nights. 


I'm always playing a video or screensaver on YouTube during the day. I love the ones that have soft music playing in the background. 

This is one on the Calmed By Nature channel. I've been finding them that have a spring background instead of the normal "cozy" ones I lean toward. 


Isn't it funny how we're always wishing for hair we don't have? I keep thinking about this because my hair has been bothering me so much lately that I'm thinking of getting a few inches cut off. I can't seem to ever make it look right and I may bite the bullet and make an appointment in the next few days. I still want it longer than shoulder length and I need to be able to put it up into a ponytail, but I'm seriously contemplating this. 

Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all.


  1. So fun you have some upcoming trips! That is so fun to look forward to in Spring. I made a brekfast quiche this week that we've been eating. They are good to have and easy to freeze too. I have also used the Calmed by Nature channel and also found the screensaver on You Tube of different works of art that was neat to have scroll throughout the day. Hope you enjoy your Wednesday!!

  2. wishing: hair!!! I have fine thin hair. Yesterday I had to get an inch cut off because it turns into "cotton candy" like. I would love to get extensions but my hair is too thin. If I get it cut too short I look like a mushroom. Oh wishing for long shoulder length hair would be a dream come true.

  3. Wishing for hair we don't have - well, isn't that the truth? Mine is naturally very wavy (not quite curly) so of course, I spend way too much time flat ironing it!! Why??? When it's short, I dream of letting grow. Once it does, I can't wait to get it cut. Oy vey. I hope you have a great time on your trips. What fun!! And, enjoy your Wednesday!

  4. That is funny about the Valentine's Day card for your husband from your mom! How fun to anticipate your upcoming trips. I hope everything goes as planned for your trips. Have a great Wednesday!

  5. Some upcoming trips to look forward to sounds divine! I hope you have a great time. :)

    Lauren @

  6. We all do that with our hair... i LOVE your hair. The curls & the length. Just FYI :)

  7. Marilyn, I know! I love having something to look forward to. I'll have to look for those! I found one that's similar, but I didn't care for the artwork. I hope you're having a good day!

  8. Jen- I have friends who have the same kind of hair that you have. I feel your pain, because I know how they struggle with it. I hope you're pleased with how you got your hair cut yesterday!

  9. Jennifer- See what I mean?! We're never happy. Lol. Thanks, friend! I hope you're having a lovely day!

  10. Maria, my husband busted out laughing the minute he read it. She turned it into more of a "thank you for loving us" card. It was super cute and another one that I added to my collection! I hope you're having a great day!

  11. Thanks, Lauren! I think soo too and I don't want to take it for granted that I'm able to do this kind of thing. I'm very thankful!

  12. Thank you, Rebecca Jo! That is very kind of you to say. And now you're making me rethink my thoughts. I let people get too much into my head sometimes (one person, actually) and put too much stock in their opinion.

  13. so funny about the hair wishes! I remember thinking that so often when I was younger - the girls with curly hair wished it was straight and the girls with straight hair wished it was curly and so on! Right now I'm just wishing I could find time to go get my hair trimmed - it's getting pretty wild again!

  14. Kym, thanks for stopping by! You are so right- we never seem happy with what we've been given. I hope you find some time to do that soon!

  15. I'm belatedly catching up on my "Currently" posts. I keep cards too. It's so fun to look back at them. That "thank you" card as a Valentine's Day card is hilarious!!!


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