Sunday, April 24, 2022

Share Four Somethings, April edition


Happy weekend, friends! Welcome to my weekend bonus post. I'm never sure how long these links are live, so I didn't want to miss out on this month's Share Four Somethings. I'm linking up with Heather for this blog post. I'm sharing the things I've loved, gleaned, braved (or saved) and achieved.

Something Loved

I loved many things about April! Spring finally sprung around town and all the tulips, Bradford pear trees and dogwoods were showing off for us. That picture of the tulips that you see is one that our town posted on their social media. There's one road in particular that was spectacular to drive down. If you're local, it's Winchester, between Byhalia and Houston Levee. 

I loved pulling out all of my lighter colored clothing and dressing in the pastels that I love right now. I also loved going on a beach trip with my girlfriends! All the memories and laughs we shared are some that I will never forget. I loved the warmer days and the sunshine that we saw when it wasn't raining. 

Something gleaned 

I gleaned a lot more from the Bible study that I'm still in. I know I am like a broken record, but this has been one of the best Bible studies I've ever taken! I'm gleaning what it looks like to look more like Jesus and exactly what it means on being a true woman of God. It's been so good!

This is the study, for anyone who is interested. It would be a great one to do over the summer! You can purchase the book and do it alone or with friends and the videos are free on YouTube.

Something saved

Something I've saved this month is my sanity by finishing a big writing project that's been hanging over my head. Do things like that get to you? I don't do well with long, drawn out deadlines. I'm much better to have a few days, because I can buckle down and get it done in that time that I have allotted. I noticed that more of us are finishing faster, because once one of us finishes, it inspires and motivates the others to do the same. 

This is my writing spot. I love to sit here and look out into the yard as I work. 

Something achieved

Perhaps I should have saved that one for this last one, but I've also achieved some things this month. I've achieved cooking healthier meals for all of us, I have achieved some spring cleaning projects and just yesterday I achieved a partial closet clean out. I have plans to do more of that this week, thanks to a book that inspired me to minimize my closet. It's in desperate need of attention, as are the bookshelves in my living room that need tidying. I started that over the weekend as well and plan to do more this week.

Speaking of bookshelves, these aren't mind, but I wish they were! This was the cutest little bookshop on the square in Columbia, Tn that my best friend and I visited while we were the in December. I'm still swooning over that cute shop! It's called Duck River Books in Columbia, Tn. You should look it up, because they do a huge online business as well.

Well, thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all. 


  1. That white sand! I'm glad the getaway worked out and was good for your soul. Congrats on getting your writing project done. That has to be a relief.

  2. That is a very lovely bookstore. I always enjoy checking out local stores when I visit a new place.

  3. Maria, I KNOW! It might have been cool and windy for the time we were there, but the sand was perfection and the water was crystal clear. My friend told me that seaweed is only a summer thing and it's too early for it there. Thanks for that encouragement, it is a HUGE RELIEF!

  4. A Byrd in His Hands-

    I thought so too! I could not stop raving about it the weekend we were there. I like to do that as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Don't apologize for singing the praises of your Bible Study, it's awesome!! I love the enthusiasm and will look into it. I love trying new Bible Studies and love to read. Congratulations on achieving a writing goal, I do not like things hanging over me as well. Have a wonderful week!

  6. I'm behind in commenting, but these are all great things and such great achievements this past month!

  7. I'm slowly reading these Share Four Something posts...but oh my, is that not the cutest book store ever?! I'm so glad book stores are making a go of it. I wonder how long they will last. Sigh. That Bible study looks great - and, yes, perfect with a small group of friends over the summer. Great idea:)

  8. The link-up is always open for one week, closing the following Saturday at 11:55 PM. : ) That bookstore looks lovely!

  9. That Bible study looks really interesting - I'm checking it out. Those bookshelves!!! I could live in a bookshop like that.
    Stopping by from SFS


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