Wednesday, July 6, 2022

currently- July edition


Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm linking up with Anne for this monthly post, where we're sharing things we're currently enjoying, having, hoping, picking and using. I'll jump right in!

I'm currently enjoying the memories from last week while I was at the beach. It was an easy trip, one where we sat on the beach, by the pool, went out for dinner and then ended the night early at my friend's house. It was a trip that truly felt like a vacation. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to go and it was fun being with friends from church, a couple of whom I never really get to be around. Here are a few of the beautiful memories from last week.

The weather was hot, but beautiful and a couple of days there were rain showers to cool us off. The first day at the beach was amazing—the ocean looked like a lake! I've never seen it that serene before and the water was crystal clear and turquoise. It was every bit as gorgeous as the Caribbean or a beach in another tropical destination.

I'm currently having a really lazy day and it felt amazing. I took the day to stay at home and catch up on things I've gotten behind on from the weekend or being gone, I finished a book and started a new one, I made myself a yummy lunch, fixed dinner for everyone, watched a show on get the drift.

The dogs entertained me.

I'm currently hoping that today passes quickly! I am dreading the day because I'm going to the dentist to get a new filling on the tooth I had problems with last month. I'm grateful to be able to go and do this, but I always dread going. I'll be numbed up, so I know it won't hurt, but I'll be dealing with that deadened sensation all day. I sound old and like I'm complaining! I'll take a book and read while I wait and pray the time passes by quickly.

I'm currently picking reality shows to watch on tv and bright summer colors. Those are the two things that stood out to me when I ready the word "picking"...I love both! I remember when reality television became a thing. Wasn't it in 2000? I know it was right around that time, but we were immediately fans of Survivor, then The Amazing Race and back in the day, I used to love the Bachelor and Bachelorette. (Sean Lowe was my last episode, because after him it took a really trashy turn.) Fast forward to today and we both still love reality tv shows! As far as nails, you know that lately I've felt like the brighter they are, the better. 

I'm currently using our air fryer ALL. THE. TIME. Last night I made the best air fried chicken. I cut the chicken breasts into bite sized nuggets, coated them with an egg and milk mixture and dipped them into crushed tortilla chips seasoned with Cajun seasoning. I turned the temp to 400 degrees and cooked them for twelve minutes, in two batches. They were DELICIOUS. Todd raved about them and they were a healthy option for him to eat. I've seriously used this thing everyday for two weeks straight. I love it and only wondered what in the world took us so long to jump on that band wagon!

Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all. 


  1. The pictures from your trip look amazing! What a great getaway. I have only watched reality shows on HGTV. When I found out that House Hunters was FAKE (the people had already picked out and in many cases moved into the home they picked before the "choices" on the show were even revealed to them and to the watchers on TV), I was sad, (lol). I hope your dental procedure goes well today.

  2. That beach looks beautiful! I keep trying to figure out how to make a beach trip happen in my near future. I hate all appointments so I get it!

  3. That beach is amazing. The color of blue. I am a tiny bit jealous maybe. That air fryer chicken also sounds amazing but I dont have an air fryer (yet).

  4. Thanks, Maria! That show was fake?! I had no idea. It's not my favorite show, but I love the other types of shows like Survivor and Dancing with the Stars...basically any and all of them. 🤣

  5. Thanks, Amy! I sincerely hope you can make that work! It's even more fun with girl friends!

  6. Tobia- thank you and thanks for stopping by! The air fryer is worth all the hype!

  7. Those beach pictures are amazing! So glad you had a fun time away!

  8. WOW - love your vacation photos! (Do you take those on your phone!??) I'm not really a beach kind of girl....but when I see pictures like that, I just want to go. If just to enjoy the beauty of creation - and walks in the sand:) So nice that you were able to get away with friends! I have been forgetting about my air fryer lately. What is wrong with me? I love that thing..but I guess I just get in a rut. Also, I think I need a bigger one (but can't exactly "ask" for a new one when I am rarely using the one I have....) Enjoy your weekend ahead!!


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