Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Prime Purchases, July edition


Happy Tuesday, friends! This blogging day is one of my favorites of the month. I'm linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases once again. Happy reading—happy shopping/browsing! Click on each picture to be taken directly to Amazon in a separate link.

First up in July was my new phone case.

I love it! My mom has a phone case that I love that's similar, which was my inspiration for buying this one. I was also replacing the old one I had that had a ring magnet on the back—the ring part broke and I could no longer prop it up once that happened. I love my Pop Socket as well, but it came from Target. Amazon does have some cute choices in these, and they're always about the same price, no matter where you shop. The color of the case is "coconut swirl". I love that it's grippy/rubbery. 

Second up is my new favorite wardrobe piece, this kimono.

It wasn't on sale or anything, but I needed something "summery" that could also be carried into the fall season that will last a long time. I actually had this for a month before I wore it, but now every time I wear it out in public, I'm complimented on it. I love it! 

Next up is this fan that I keep in my purse.

Several things I love about this—the color, the size (it folds up really small), the fact that it's powerful and that it's rechargeable. I just leave it in my purse now and I am always getting it out to use while I'm out, because welcome to my mid-forties.

I bought this lamp for Drew to use in his new house.

He loves that there's an outlet on the base for him to plug his phone charger into and he loves that it's a touch lamp to turn on and off. I love the look of it! He had no lighting in his room when he moved in, not even an overhead light, so this was a necessity. 

I'm sharing this picture again because I bought this cute crossbody bag during Prime days.

I love this thing! It took me a while to get used to a smaller purse, but it's my current favorite. The color is considered "nude", which I was wanting so that it would match everything. Have you noticed that this nude color has replaced black accessories, like shoes and handbags? It has. I've not worn a pair of black sandals all summer long! I don't have an issue with a black purse, but in the summer I prefer something lighter and not as harsh looking.

I bought a new brush for my very tangled hair.

Do you remember the old vent brushes? That is exactly what this reminds me of. Someone here mentioned one of these, it seems like, but this went on sale for like $5 during Prime days.

Lastly, I bought the right size pillow covers, finally!

They're the white and gray ones you see on the outsides of this little grouping. I like them! I don't love them, but I like them and if I don't keep them on the bed, I'll move them downstairs. 

Your turn! What's one thing you've bought and loved lately? It doesn't have to be exclusive to Amazon. I'd love to hear from you! I did kind of break my rule about not buying a lot from there this year...but I did get some great deals during Prime days, so I don't feel too bad. Also, this is only what I bought...it doesn't include what the rest of my family bought. 🤣 Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all.


  1. The kimono does look so cute on you! That fan sounds like a great item to have on hand these days. I often get hot out of nowhere it seems just sitting inside. Looks like several of us highlighted phone cases, ha! I wish there was a way we knew about some of these deals in the midst of Prime Days. My Amazon wish list is now growing :). Enjoy your day!

  2. We bought a few new lamps (not from Amazon) that are touch and that have the charger built into them. I love those two features! I have not purchased much from Amazon lately. I go in spurts and I am definitely in a not buying much from Amazon mode. I glanced at what was offered during prime day but was not tempted to buy anything. Our state has its annual, "Sales Tax Free" holiday this weekend so I will go shopping and buy clothes this weekend. Speaking of clothes, the clothes that you got from Amazon are all so cute. Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Thanks, Marilyn! I wish we'd known about some things too...I just realized the purse is still over 40% off, making it $20. The other things- minus the kimono- I bought out of necessity. I wasn't as impressed with Prime days this year.

  4. Maria, I love those features as well. It makes me want new lamps for our bedroom! I totally understand about Amazon and usually I'm the same way. There are things we "subscribe" to that come every month, though- vitamins, hair stuff, my foundation- but I can also go months without buying anything. July was DEFINITELY a big month, though.

  5. Love the kimono and the lamp.

  6. So glad you love the brush! I have a very similar kimono that I bought at a consignment store! My purse is a bit lighter than yours but yes, black is too harsh for most outfits in the summer and nude is so much more common for sandals. I love that little fan. Girl, you are young if you are mid-forties! Ha! Oh, yeah, I love that lamp and I'm trying to think where I could use it.

  7. I love the kimono and agree about the nude accessories. So versatile! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  8. Hi there! I am first time visitor. I am so excited to visit more. You look so amazing in the kimono. I love that. That lamp is something I am looking for one of my son's rooms.

    We got a leaf blower. LOL! Not as exciting as your goodies. But it was needed.

  9. Amy- I know! The women in my family begin the menopause thing early and it's why I had a hysterectomy years ago. That may have been TMI, but everyone always says that to me when they find out my age. I had my surgery when I was 38, so you see how young it starts with us. I LOVE that lamp...it was such a good price too! I wouldn't mind having it somewhere here as well. It's so good for a guys room!

  10. Thanks, Tanya, and thanks for hosting us!

  11. Chrissy- thank you! Both for the kimono compliment and for stopping by! I'll look forward to seeing you more around here. I'll go visit your blog as well! The lamp would be great in his room! It's hard to find lamps that guys don't mind. Hey, a leaf blower is great! I definitely got more on Amazon in July than in previous months...I don't always do that and actually banned myself from buying things on there for a while, or at least too many things. It's too easy to shop there! I hope your day was great!

  12. I'm glad you kept the kimono; it's really pretty! The crossbody looks like a nice size. I don't have any smaller purses but was just thinking I should. I still carry a lot but I don't have as much to carry now that the kids are getting bigger, and I actually feel like I am just carrying the stuff in my back pack purse because it fit in there and I rarely pull it out and use.

  13. Thanks, Bri! I do feel like it'll pay for itself because it feels like a good long term investment. I go back and forth between carrying a big purse and being very minimalistic. Story of my life!


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