Wednesday, October 12, 2022

a post of random things

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today I'm sharing about a few random things and some photos that I have on my phone. This post is in no particular order.

Look at my adorable grand-dog. Oakley has grown up a lot! I love so many things about her. Things like how she smiles at us when she's feeling mischievous, how she "talks" to us when we don't speak to her upon entering the house, how she pets at us when we ignore her for too long, how she loves to sleep on her back. She's the most quirky and fun dog I've ever had the privilege of knowing. 

Drew came home for dinner Monday night! I made one of their favorites—breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls. (Todd and I had quiche.) He hung out for a good bit after dinner and we were able to catch up. Confession: I cried this morning thinking of how much life has changed without us all together under the same roof. I miss those days, even though I know things are progressing just as they should. We laughed our heads over dinner that night as Noah and Drew explained why they hate having their hair washed at a haircut. Noah said it makes him feel like he's drowning and Drew said it makes him sneeze. I don't understand that, but I'm still laughing as I write this. It took us precisely seventeen times to get that one decent shot of us for the picture I made him pose with me for. He gave my approval to share it too.

We all hung out together on the back deck while Todd burned leaves.

I still love my job! I love the short little jaunt into the office each morning, I love the routine of it all, I love being the first one there and the quiet I work in to start the day, I love all of it and feel so grateful to be able to do something I love. I had no idea what I was missing out on for all of those years! 

Four years ago this week, my best friend and I made our first annual girls trip. We traveled to Dallas for one night to meet Melanie Shankle and her best friend Gulley,  because I was on her launch team for a book she'd just released and she invited us all for a private meet and greet. You better believe I jumped all over that and a whole new season of life began and Missy and I started taking short trips together. We thought we loved traveling when we were youth sponsors with the teenagers, but this is way more fun! 

Also, would you believe that we STILL never run out of things to talk about? I work with her three days a week and we still call each other everyday almost and pretend like we're not around each other all the time. This has gone in the complete opposite direction that we'd found ourselves in since phasing out of helping with the youth. We almost never each other, but me working with her had changed it and I'm so glad.

This picture is my all time favorite picture of my sons. Left to right are Drew, Jonah, Noah and Graham. They were 4, 2 and 6 at the time this was taken and we were in my favorite place—our town square! Some things never change. I look at this and wonder where all that time went. Those were the best days! We had so much fun together and everything was one giant adventure. They eventually caught on and the adventures changed, but I know that we made the most of those days. I have zero regrets!

I was recently influenced to buy this crossbody bag, but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Do you have an opinion on this? I'm thinking I'm leaning toward returning it. I already and sent for a return code from Amazon. I love the concept of it, I just don't love it on me.

Well, friends, that's about all I've got for today. What's something random from your life recently that you can share? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 


  1. I am struggling in the same way with my belt bag. It feels awkward around my shoulder and it may be because my chest is not small. lol! I have only used it a handful of times.
    I love the pic of your sons!
    Your lights outside look so great!
    That is so cool that you got to meet Melanie and Gulley. I really enjoy the Big Boo Cast, but mostly because of Melanie. She has really great recs.
    I've been in a deep stage of nostalgia, too. I try not to let myself go too deep, but it's been hard. I miss the days of having little ones. Elementary age was such a sweet spot. I know it was hard, too, and I am definitely romanticizing it. One of my kids hasn't been home in about 3 weeks so I am really missing having that time under my roof.
    I am so happy for your job! I felt that it was what was missing when you talked about being in a slump several months ago. I think you are a huge blessing to them and it is giving you structure to your weeks. It's wonderful to feel needed and productive.

  2. I'm on team return the bag!! For one thing, you're leaning towards it. For me, I just don't care for the trend. It seems like many are doing it because... many are doing it. For me, that's a reason not to unless there's a really good reason to do it besides following the trend. That makes me sound curmudgeon-y which I'm not trying to be but I probably am ;). That is really cool that you met Melanie Shankle. What book launch were you a part of?? She is so funny. I have not read any of her books but when she used to blog more (I think now she does mostly clothes, recs?), I thought she was hilarious and such a good writer. I should probably read her books ;). Love the pictures of your four boys when they were itty bitty. So cute and fun to look back on. Aren't you glad for every picture that you took of them? Fun post to read- have a great day!

  3. I am SO JEALOUS that you met Melanie and Gulley- how fun! Melanie is one of my faves :) Ok I just invested in my first belt bag- it is a Lululemon and it is black with fuzzy material- not sure how I would feel BUT I love it and feel it is so convenient

  4. Amy, I do think chest size and size in general matters...I feel like this is a skinny person thing and I am definitely not that. I do have a friend that wears one at church every week and I love it on her, which is why I thought I would like it for me. But, she's taller than me and maybe that makes a difference too? Also, hers is shaped differently than mine and it's part of why I don't like it.

    Thank you!

    It was such a fun trip to meet her. Have you read any of her books? She is such a great writer! They're all excellent. Each new one that she writes becomes my new favorite!

    I'm like you, and try not to go too deep into my memories, or I'd really cry all the time. I was praying yesterday morning and the tears surprised me as I prayed for Drew and the rest of them. It's so different, because I have to ask him now about spending the night on Christmas eve. And his work schedule is so different now, he'll have to leave early on Thanksgiving and Christmas nights. Anything will be an improvement over last year- he could not spend Christmas day with us, except for two hours early that morning and when he walked out the door, Todd and I sat and just cried. The whole day sucked because of it, though there were some sweet moments mixed in. Being a mom to adults is not for the faint of heart. I know you miss your boy!

    I agree with what you said about me working. I'm so glad I made that decision!

  5. I am with you, Maria! I appreciate the honest advice and consider that a good friend who gives it. I'm returning it today! I really did want to love it, though. I do like them on others!

    It was so cool that we got to meet her- it was her book It's All About the Small Things. You should definitely read her books, but I'd go in order from oldest to recent. Each one she writes becomes my new favorite. She's working on another one right now! She has the ability to make me both laugh and cry and each book always beautifully by talking about the goodness and the faithfulness of God.

    I am SO GLAD for all of those pictures I took. Thanks, friend!

  6. Holly, it was so fun meeting them! I am so glad we had the chance to do was an unforgettable trip! I'm so glad you love your belt bag. I really wanted to love mine too!

  7. I am so happy the new job is still going well and is fulfilling to you! So fun meeting Melanie and Gulley!

  8. I love your Be Kind Pop Socket. Being and empty nester can be really awesome, and it can be really hard. Thanks to video chats and other formats, it's better than it was before. Since our girls live so far away, being able to chat with them on messages or Marco Polo, etc it's a little easier.

  9. I know what you mean about the belt bag. I tried Grace's on when we saw her, and it just felt awkward on me! I can relate to missing having everyone under one roof. I still feel like I communicate and see the kids individually, but miss that time with all of us together. counting down to Thanksgiving!!

  10. Thanks, Marilyn! That was one of the most memorable trips I've ever taken and it was a two day whirlwind. We ended the time there near Dallas in McKinney. We still want to do that trip all over again!

  11. Thanks, Cathy! I know that has to be hard. I know you're so grateful to have ways to easily communicate with your family! That's one wonderful thing about technology.

  12. Tanya, I'm discovering it's not just me! What a funny world we live in, for me to be so easily influenced. I know you miss them and will be so glad for a few days with them both at home!

  13. Look at how Oakley is sleeping on the couch, LOL! SO cute!! And ohhh, I already get so sad about the days when we will no longer be under the same roof. Thank you for opening up and sharing your moment. It helps to know moms going through it struggle with it and I'm not alone.

  14. Bri, I crack up over that dog all the time! She is so funny. That day always seemed so far off...and then when it got here, I wasn't quite ready for it, even though it's the way things should be. I think it surprised me to know that it felt like grief, which I know sounds ridiculous...but it made me grieve over the days gone by. I'm such a sentimental, emotional person, though and I have LOVED being their mom! I still do and look forward to the years to come, but I just soak up all those moments until then.

  15. The dog is adorable and so are your little sons! Reading your thoughts and some of the comments, I can relate to just crying when my boys left in the early years. It's so hard! My boys didn't go to college or move out on their own. They went from living at home to being married. That was hard! But now it's the sweetest :)

  16. Thank you, Debbie! I know so many people who relate to this. I feel like that is how my sons might end up- they all decided not to go to college as well and very well may stay put until they meet the girl(s) of their dreams. I know that must be so sweet now!

  17. The picture of your boys...oh my word. Precious! I love a belt bag now...but it has to have an extendable strap. They've come in handy on vacations and sporting events.I'm so happy you love your job. That's a great feeling.

  18. Jen, right? It seems like just yesterday. I may try another one...I did figure out that a certain shape would work better than the one pictured here. I think on me it needs to be more oblong. I do love having my hands completely free! Remember when the backpack style purse came back in style? I loved it then as well, for the same reason, but then it freaked me out that someone could get into it while I was out. I haven't used it since. Thank you! I agree, it feels so satisfying.


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