Friday, October 14, 2022

Friday Favorites, 10.14.22.


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for this weekly blog post. I'll jump right in! 

This is always one of my favorite things to see when I'm driving to and from work everyday. I love this old church building/turned caterer and event venue. They offer delicious dinners that you can order each week. I've only ordered from them once, but it was amazing! And slightly dangerous, if you're trying to be healthier. It was a chicken jalapeno popper bake. While I do spy some pumpkins on their porch, I'm so surprised that our town square has not been decked out for fall. I had such high hopes. 

While losing our power is not my favorite, playing games when it goes out is! Once again, Graham joined Todd and me as we played our favorite card game, Phase 10. Ignore the blurry picture and the fact that my math skills kept getting off, but guess who won again? Moi. Also, fun fact: there are three people in my life who are allowed to call me Jenny—Todd, and my sisters Trish and Debi. 

While it's also not my favorite to wake up to a coffee pot that won't work, having delicious coffee made by this French press IS my favorite. I've had this ever since Todd and I first got married. We used to hang out in a coffee shop before doing that was even considered cool, and our favorite was one in Germantown, which is about ten minutes from Collierville. It was called Gloria Jeans and I could walk in and they would know my order. Sadly, they went out of business, thanks to Starbucks (which I hate to this day because their coffee is terrible) popping up everywhere. I'm so glad I have this to remember them by! It's where I bought it and the coffee this made was so good. Strong, which is how I like it, but so yummy. The key is to press down slowly on that knob once you pull it to the upright position. I know no grounds in my coffee! I boiled the water first on my stove in a kettle, then added it to the grounds in the French press. 

Speaking of coffee, these creamers are my favorite.

I use the top one in my coffee every morning and at night, I switch to a flavor if I have a cup after dinner. I only like flavored coffee in the daytime or evening. Even though that top one says that it's flavored like an oatmeal cookie, I don't really taste that at all. I used to use more sugar and powdered creamer, but now I only use a tiny bit of sugar and more of these creamers. There is sugar in both of them, but it's not much if I only use a tablespoon. 

Apparently owls are my favorite right now. I have had this coffee mug for a couple of years now, but the wooden owl on the top of my fridge is new and was a gift. I love him! 

Seeing a boy and one of our dogs is always a favorite. I took this picture of Jonah on Wednesday, after he'd just driven an hour home in the pouring rain. He was exhausted mentally from that drive, because people in our area cannot drive when it does anything weather wise. I'm so glad he made it home safe! He and his girlfriend went to a nearby safari park that day for her fall break. Funny fact about Jonah—he cannot STAND for his truck to be dirty on the inside or outside. He wanted to come straight home to detail it, but it was still raining, so it kind of ate at him all night knowing there was animal food inside the truck from their day yesterday. Guess what was the first thing he did when he came home from work on Thursday? You guessed correctly if you said that he washed his truck.

The Good Witch movies on Hallmark Movies Now has been my favorite thing to watch all week. I'm also re-watching the show too, but I've stopped to watch these instead, since I've never seen any of them. 

These fall days have been my favorite! I love seeing the changing leaves on trees and on Wednesday I witnessed it raining leaves, which is so beautiful to me. I enjoy standing or sitting outside with the dogs while they roam around the back yard and I always feel like this weather is their favorite as well. 

Lastly, it was my favorite to see a couple of my friends for meals during the week. Andrea and I have been friends for ten years now, but we met at a homeschool group Bible study. The kids went to class and the moms studied the Bible together and fellowshipped. Even though we stopped going after about three years, she and I have kept in close contact and try to see each other monthly. 

We almost always end our night together in Home Goods smelling candles. 

And though I don't have a picture of us from that day, this is my dear friend Dedee. She and I met for lunch on Thursday, which was so sweet. I love her dearly and miss seeing her regularly! We also try to keep a monthly "date" going and we talk in between those times. 

It's so important to keep those friendships going, especially when it's someone you wouldn't see often otherwise. I talked about that recently—how it feels good to keep making that extra effort. It feels good to give that and to receive it! My friends are some of my favorite people and I thank God for them and the gift of godly friendship. I've met all of mine either at church, in my neighborhood or in a Bible study. 

How has your week been? What has been a favorite moment or thing from your week that you can share with me? I'd love to hear from you! In case you missed out on any of my blog posts this week, here they are:

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Thanks for reading my blog, friends! I hope you have the best weekend! I'll be in Colorado next week, but I'll still be posting here, so make sure and come back to see what I'm doing there! Love to all. 


  1. Erica's lunch for us to day is Jalapeno chicken from the Slender Kitchen site! I am so excited to eat it!
    I love those sandals - they are perfect for this time of year.
    Sorry about losing your power but I am glad you had back up! I will have to try those creamers. I have to have creamer, but I don't need sugar anymore.
    Happy weekend and safe travels!

  2. My name is Jennifer as well and I do not like to be called Jenny

  3. I was wondering if you went by Jenny. So many Jennifers that I know go by Jenny. Good to know that you don't (except in rare cases ;)). I'm glad that you got to see a few friends this week. I love seeing the leaves change, too, and they are definitely doing that. I wish I liked coffee! I used to love the smell of it but since having Covid, I don't even like that anymore (coffee smells burned to me). Bummer! I hope you have a great weekend, friend!

  4. Amy, that sounds amazing! Thank you, about the sandals- they're also some of my favorite. I hope to be able to do that as well- eventually stopping with even a small amount of sugar. Thanks! I leave tomorrow afternoon and will be there by dinner. ❤

  5. Jen, I am right there with you. I tolerate it from those three. 🤣

  6. Maria, lots of people call me Jen, which I'm fine with...I only tolerate it from those three. Ha! But there are SO MANY Jennifers. I didn't know that covid messed you up with even the smell of coffee- how sad! I know what you mean, though. Certain things like candles always make me smell a burning smell even when nothing is burning. It can be horrifying to wake up and think you smell that and realize it's just your dumb nose. I wonder if we'll ever return to normal with our sense of smell??

  7. That church is so pretty- I don't blame you for loving it! Love those sandals- so so pretty and glad you got in some girlfriend time- so good for the soul :)

  8. Such a cute owl mug! Owl "things" are cute - but not nearly as possible or easy to find. Ugh with terrible drivers. They seem to get worse all the time - I wonder is anyone really taking drivers ed anymore!?! Glad your son made it home ok. I had to comment on being called Jenny. I do NOT like it. A few of my "older" family members (aunts etc) have called me that my entire life....and, right now, I only have two left from that generation. Literally, only two people that can get away with calling me Jenny. Too funny!! (I don't usually go by Jen either...but, at least, that one doesn't bother me!) Have a great time on your trip!!

  9. I love the owl mug, and what a beautiful church in your town! Hope you have a good weekend!

  10. Ugh! We have lost power 3 or 4 times already this fall. I don't mind so much when it's during the day and we can do things like play games or cards but it's really hard when it happens at night and everything is just instantly dark! Your owls are so cute.

  11. I always wonder if we're the only ones who think Starbuck's coffee is horrible!

    And our favorite game is Phase 10 too! We played it last year when it froze in S.E. Texas and we were without power. We sat at the kitchen table and played by candlelight for hours. My husband gets so frustrated because I truly don't care if I win and usually I do. He cares way too much and he never wins :)

    My heart swooned a bit when I saw that church. I love old churches like this and the thought of turning one into a bookstore or something like that, would be a dream!

  12. I'm amazed by the variety of creamers you guys have. We have nothing like that here. All we seem to have as far as coffee flavourings go are syrups. Even these are hard to come by! it's so great to catch up with girlfriends regularly. You have just reminded me that I need to do that more regularly and consistently. I hope you have a great week in Colorado. Take care, Jennifer.

  13. Thanks, Holly! I am always glad for that as well. ❤

  14. Jennifer, I am with you about the terrible drivers! My husband and I always talk about how nobody teaches their kid to drive responsibly anymore. It's so frustrating! Also, there's not much common sense anymore. I think the two can go hand in hand! I hope you had a good weekend, my friend!

  15. Thanks, Tanya! I hope yours was good too!

  16. Joanne, it is harder at night, but that's when I would prefer to lose it, since it's always cooler then. We lost it once over the summer for the majority of a day...and I thought I was going to have to leave the house. I was so hot and couldn't get cool, no matter how hard I kept trying. I was about to jump into another cool shower to help myself when it came back on. I'm spoiled, I feel, by saying that...oh, the privileges of living in America! I don't want to ever take them for granted.

  17. Debbie, it's good to know you're with me on Starbucks! I did get some Dunkin Donuts coffee recently while I was in the Boston airport- it was delicious! I'll go for that if I'm out and about and need some coffee.

    That's so funny about you always winning Phase 10! I will admit that I usually do not win games...and I'm fine with that! My husband is like yours and is way more competitive.

    I love old churches too! It would be dreamy to have a bookstore or a cute shop in a place like that. I would actually love to own a small bookstore on our square. We used to have one, but it went out of business...I'm sure it costs so much to do that, but it has always been a dream.

  18. Ruth, that's interesting that you don't have there what we're able to get here. I wonder why? Even with the syrups! I'm sure you have coffee shops there, so I wonder what the difference is. I suppose you could always order some long as it's nonperishable.

    I'm so glad you're going to take some time to meet up with some girlfriends! I try not to be away from home at night too often, but once a month isn't bad. Or, if I do, I try to go on a night when my husband isn't there either. It's so good for our souls to do that!

  19. What a sweet picture to have your boy home and on the couch! Glad he made it there safely. Love all your fall pictures... the church, your feet with the leaves by them, the trees! So beautiful! Have fun in Colorado this week! Wish you could "swing" on over by me, LOL!

  20. Thanks, Bri! I know, right? I love it! Oh, I wish I could too! I was curious about how close we are right now...and we're not. 🤣

  21. No, we're not, LOL! It seems we would be, and if we were, I would drive to you or meet you, but boy, it's a distance.


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