Sunday, December 11, 2022

another bonus post- All About Lipstick!

Hi friends and happy whatever day it is that I decided to post this! I couldn't help myself with this meme above, because that's kind of what I felt like as I worked on this post last Thursday night. You'll see why in a few minutes. My friend Amy suggest a post about lipstick a couple of weeks ago, so I am happy to do this extra one just for her! And maybe one other person. 😉

My love of lipstick is strong and it goes way back to the early age of about four, when my mom would occasionally let me play in her makeup. I have always loved makeup in general, honestly, but I'm a lifelong fan of lipstick. Before I get started with that, I mentioned my chapped lips last week and wanted to share (again) my favorite products to use to help fight that.

Chapstick Total Hydration (top pic) and the Candy Cane flavored/scented Chapstick. I use both constantly! I like to use Vaseline at night. Okay, here are three videos I made for anyone who wants to watch...and maybe laugh a little.

Here are some other products I mention.

My favorite lipliner to date is by NYX. I like the kind you have to sharpen, hence the dirty Ulta sharpener that stays in a Ziploc bag in my cabinet. 

The pictures above are of my new favorite brand that I found on Amazon. Qibest is the brand that replaced the pricier one I mentioned that I loved, but had to order from a sales person. Here's a link for you of the ones I talked about in the part 2 video. There were eight colors, not ten, like I mentioned. 

Sometimes I'm fancy and like to mix colors, like the two pictured above. I also love the Clinique brand, but again—I have discovered that you really don't have to spend a lot of money to get a good product. 

I love sheer neutrals in the warmer months, when I have a little bit of color (or bronzer) on my skin.

My sister gifted me this tube of Mac brand lipstick that became my favorite fall color. Basically, if you need lipstick advice, I am your gal. I love the stuff and almost never leave home with naked lips! In my opinion, color is flattering on just have to find what works for you, and that's the nice thing about trying brands that aren't expensive. I don't feel too bad if I paid less than $7 and I don't like the color. Even if I don't love a color, I'll try to use it over another color that I do like, so it doesn't go to waste. 

Here are some recent pictures that I've shared of some lipstick I've worn in recent months that were the inspiration behind this post. 

So, this was both fun and awkward...and if nothing else, I hope it provides some comedic relief for you to enjoy on this day. 😉 I actually LOVE watching makeup videos and could watch them all day long. I don't know if I'll ever do one, would take effort to bring stuff downstairs to sit and do it where I had good lighting. Maybe in 2023...who knows? Well, if you're still here, thanks for reading/watching! I'll see you back here tomorrow for my regularly scheduled blog post. Love to all! 


  1. Well, that was entertaining! :) I had to laugh when you said you hate your voice. I hate to hear myself on "tape" hahaha. You have some really pretty shades of lipstick!

    I was going to suggest one that I have grown to really love, especially because it's moisturizing and pretty, but it's the Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer with Peppermint Oil. The colors are really pretty, your lips feel moist, plus a little tingly because of the peppermint oil. They keep my lips from being chapped and they look good too.

    Thanks for the bonus post! I really enjoyed it!

  2. Debbie, I was making fun of myself after I did ridiculous am I?! At least I was able to entertain you!

    Thanks for that, though, and for that recommendation! I used to use something by Burt's Bees, but it's been ages. I need to try it again!

  3. Girl! I thought you would sound more southern! I loved this and I bet you will get lots of good feedback - look at you sneaking this in on a non-blog day so no one will see it. Lol! I have never heard of NYX Suede but now I will look. I am a long time devotee of NYX and have given their glosses to my besties for gifts and they love it. I have just placed an incredible Qibest order for a set for only $6.99! I can't wait to try it. You are gonna make me throw out my sub par older than 2019 lipsticks. I also need to try Total Hydration. Your lipliner made me laugh. I love using something all the way up. I recommend the Milani Spice. I think you will like the color and consistency. I am the same and like the ones that you have to sharpen, too. Your lips look fab and I thought this was so good. Watch out Tik Tok!

  4. Amy, I literally was cracking myself up over this and felt RIDICULOUS! I'm glad I did it though. It was kinda fun! I did totally sneak it in on a non-blog day! Lol. People don't always believe that I am from where I am, because they say I don't sound Southern. I don't mind that! I do love that suede kind of lip pencil by NYX. Woohoo! I hope you like it! It took me a bit to get used to it, because it's different, but it stays on forever. I almost have to use coconut oil to remove it all. I'll try that Milani spice, I like that brand too! Thanks, girl!

  5. I'm late reading this but am ordering some of this lipstick now!!

  6. You'll have to let me know how you like it, Marilyn!

  7. So cool to watch your put a voice to your writing! I feel like I know you even better now:)

  8. Thanks, Jennifer! As I bury my face in my hands. Still can't believe I did that!

  9. So cute, so real, loved it!

  10. Anonymous-

    Thank you so much! I made fun of myself immediately after hitting the "publish" button. Thanks for those kind words!


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