Friday, January 6, 2023

Friday Favorites, the new year edition! 1.6.23.


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for this favorite weekly blog post. How was your week? Mine was really, really good and it flew by. I've been so messed up on my days! I'll update you on yesterday and share more about my day yesterday in a few minutes. I'm jumping right in with some of my favorites from this week! 

First up are these favorite outfits, shoes, and jewelry (along with the purse that I still love) from this week, and a closet clean out that my friend Amy inspired. 

I organized my side of our closet and it makes me so happy. I organized summer dresses (left), to pants, then camisoles, followed by t-shirts, then regular shirts, dressy shirts, cardigans, sweaters, etc. I also organized all of this from light to dark. I feel like I can SEE all of my clothes now, and I know it'll make me wear more of what I already have, like the pink cardigan you see above. This kind of completed project is my favorite! 

It's been a favorite thing to update our bedroom. I love this little vignette area that I did over the weekend on top of the lingerie chest in our room. I bought that hanging basket and greenery last weekend, and the white container and cuddle season sign were 75% off at Hobby Lobby. A great sale is always a favorite! 

It's been a favorite to have this as my lock screen and wallpaper on my phone this week. I'm memorizing Scripture again this year as part of my morning quiet time routine (this is my first one for the year), which is also a favorite because I'm doing something totally different and unique this year. I'm reading through the book of Psalms really slowly, a chapter at a time, and journaling at the same time. I'm also doing a devotional that is one of my favorite ones I've ever read, and I'm memorizing Scripture. Here's the devotional book that I am loving.

This meme below is my favorite that I've seen all week. I literally laughed out loud as I read it, and also because it feels true. 🤣

Our healthy dinners this week have been my favorite! You can read that post by clicking here, when I shared some dinner inspiration on Tuesday. This picture below is a recipe I made based loosely on a recipe for a deconstructed sushi bowl. You can Google it or use Pinterest, because I can't find the one I used. 

Thoughtful gifts are my favorite! Todd brought me home this gorgeous plant when he went to Costco on Monday. I love it so much, especially because it's low maintenance. 

Hearts are my favorite! Did you know this? I kind of have a thing for them and have them in forms of pillows, as my earrings (both my main piercings and my second ones), and in a tattoo on my left wrist.

Todd and I got tattoos together on a Saturday in 2020, before Covid hit. Mine is special to me, because it reminds to pray over my boys, that they would love the Lord their God with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength, and that they would love others as themselves. 

Lastly, Bible study is my favorite and I'm excited for it to start back in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait to study these chapters in John and digging deeper into the topic of joy in one of my favorite new  testament books. 

I'll close by giving an update from yesterday's blog post. To read that, click here, if you don't already know why I asked for prayers yesterday. So, I had the interview at the elementary school and it went really well! It's for something called an intervention specialist assistant, for kids of all grades who have fallen a little behind in reading. I would be assisting the teachers by helping out with small groups of students all day as they work on reading comprehension skills. I was familiar with this, because I volunteered to help with that while my sons were in public school here in our town. Anyway, I interviewed with the principal, an assistant principal, one other person, and the two intervention specialists. The position is temporary, so through May, but will probably turn into more for the fall semester. I really loved all the staff and administrators that I met, I could tell they liked my answers as they asked me questions and wrote down the things I said, and I know that the questions I did have about the job were relevant and informative. 

I will hear in a few days on whether or not I get this job, but thank you for your prayers! I could feel them, and I know the Lord helped me during the interview, because He recalled a couple of situations to mind that I had happen when I worked in my previous school ten years ago, which I was able to use for answers to their tricky questions. I know that even if this isn't the one for me, that the perfect one will come in the Lord's timing. I'm praying I'm okay with however it turns out, but if they offer me the job, I plan on taking them up on the offer. I'll go from working twelve hours a week to 40 hours a week, but I'm excited at the possibilities that are to come. So, again...thank you so much for praying! All of you are a tremendous blessing to me. 

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How was your week? I'd love to hear something that was a favorite of yours from this week! Thanks for reading my blog, friends, and for taking the time to comment on my posts this week. Have a great weekend! Whatever you're doing, stay cozy and safe! I'll see you back here on Monday. Much love to you all. ❤ 


  1. Oh, I am so excited! That sounds perfect and with your homeschooling background, it's almost like it's tailor-made.
    Thank you for the shout out and I love all of your outfits this week. It looks like you have had more mild weather, too?
    Would you be willing to invest in the velvet hangers? You can find a 50 pack at Costco, I believe. They keep things from slipping off and are truly space savers. I struggle with how to arrange my closet. Do I do it by color? By type of clothing? I am currently trying to figure that out. Tom is good at stuff like this so I might ask him, but he will also judge the current state of my closet because his is so neat.
    Happy Friday!

  2. Oh I have such a good and positive feeling for you with the job- can't wait to hear ! Also you are making me want to get my Valentine decor out stat- it brings so much joy during the winter- have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Amy, I KNOW! That's why I've gotten my hopes up already. I thought the same thing, about it being almost perfect for ME. And I love to read- so what better advocate for reading and being excited when they reach milestones?!

    I do love those velvet hangers and have bought that box already. I think I've used them all, Todd has used some, and my boys may each have a few in their closets for certain shirts of theirs that won't stay on a hanger. I should buy another box! I struggled with how to arrange my closet as well, which is why I did it this way...summer dresses and pants are on the far left, and the summer shirts are on the far right. That's what made sense to me, since I layer a lot. I wear most of my clothes year round, except for the bright summer colored shirts.

    Happy Friday to you, my friend!

  4. Thank you, Holly! I can't wait to hear one way or another. So, funny story- I keep these things out all year! 🤣 This is only in our bedroom, so I give myself a pass, since it's our own personal space. I hope you have a great day, sweet friend!

  5. Good morning! It sounds like you had a great interview! Now to see what the Lord has in store :) I meant to tell you the first time you posted that Bob Goff book, that it's the one my husband used last year and loved it. Of course, it's hard not to love anything Bob writes!

    And the first outfit you posted favorite! This is basically how I would dress every single day, if the weather permitted. Jeans, comfy shoes, t-shirt and cardigan.

    I probably need those padded hangers too!
    I usually arrange my closet by tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, pants, sweaters and within a color scheme for each of those sections, going light to dark.

    And the chubby meme...YES! :) So funny!

    Have a great weekend! And I hope you hear about the job sooner rather than later!

  6. Thank you, Debbie! I did feel good about the interview, but I have no idea if they'll pick me or one of the other candidates. I hope to hear sooner rather than later too!

    We have had such mild weather lately that I've been dressing like this. I'm not complaining, because I'm comfy and I feel confident in clothes like this, so it's a win- win. I agree about anything Bob writes! It's all good. I'm thoroughly enjoying this book! Happy Friday to you, my friend. I hope you have a great weekend and that you get to see your family!

  7. I'm so glad the interview went so well. As always, I love your outfits. Take care and have a great weekend.

  8. That position sounds incredible, and I'm so glad the interview went well. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Love those outfit photos! So glad to hear the interview went well. That sounds like a fun job too; important but fun since small groups are always great to work with.

  10. Best meme....had a great laugh!! Great outfits....and I really need (want) that pink pillow. I'm going to google that just now. Bed is perfect on my bed (good accent color)! Congrats, again, on your great day!!

  11. Thanks a bunch, Joanne! I agree wholeheartedly.

  12. Jennifer, I laughed so hard at that meme as well. It's so true! 🤣 I hope you find a pink heart shaped pillow! Mine came from Home Goods, but I know you wouldn't find it there now. Well...maybe you could since it's almost February. I'd look into Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Home Goods...and if all else fails, good old Amazon. Thanks, my friend!

  13. I finally had a moment to get my closet under control this weekend, and I feel so much better. I've seen that chubby meme and it makes me LOL every time. Congrats on your new position! They are so blessed to have you.

  14. A great week of great favorites! I am so excited for you and your job!

  15. Jen, I know how you feel! I am still enjoying mine being so nice and organized. I'm having fun "staging" my outfits each night before I go to bed. Thank you for that! I am so excited!


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