Friday, March 10, 2023

Friday Favorites, 3.10.23.


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea today for this week's edition of my favorite blog post. Today is one of five out of my favorite days ever—it's Jonah's and Noah's 20th birthday! My other favorite days are the day I got saved, our anniversary, and the birthdays of each of our sons. It seems like yesterday that they were this age. 

The time stamp on those pictures isn't necessarily accurate. I love this one right above, from 2020. That was pretty much the last thing fun we did as a family until the whole world shut down. I never knew that would be such a milestone night! I'm glad we went out on a strong note like that, surrounded by friends and family. They had plans to go out of town this weekend, but they fell through. They're plan is to celebrate with friends all weekend, then on Monday night, the six of us are going out for a nice family dinner. It's my favorite when we're all together! We'll do a family celebration again at our house closer to Drew's birthday. Graham's birthday is Saturday and Drew's is April 3rd. 

I love this old picture of Graham and Noah with the guys from the show The Street Outlaws. They got to meet them and go to one of their events when they were in Memphis five years ago. They grew up watching that show, so it was a big moment for them both. Jonah was there as well, but he didn't want a picture. Graham turns 24 on Saturday! It's shocking that he's already been driving for nine years. He made me take him on the day of his 15th birthday to get his learner's permit and then he drove us home. We waited for SO LONG to make that happen, during spring break, while everyone else and their brother was there with us. My mom-in-love saved the day and came to pick up the other boys and took them home with her, then Graham drove us to her house when we finished. 

I do have a few favorite moments from this week!

First up was this lovely moment of quiet from last weekend. I seriously love and appreciate my weekends so much more than ever before. I had probably just cleaned up the house from being behind all week while I worked, and I was enjoying the view before settling in to watch a movie or show. I love times like that! 

Sunday at church was my favorite. I love being able to help lead in worship, and we heard an incredible sermon by a friend and guest speaker that day. It was so good! 

It was so good being able to sit outside with the dogs over the weekend and at the beginning of this week! I loved seeing the sunset on this night. 

Please don't ever tell my husband that I shared this here. It's not meant for anyone's eyes but my own, but getting these texts is my favorite. He is my biggest and best cheerleader!

Another favorite from the week was finding something fun for our fifth graders to do this week that they didn't think was lame and that made them laugh and shake their heads. It was fun to stump them over this game of cause and effect. They had to read a story, put the cards in orders in pairs of cause and effect, weed out the three cards they didn't need, then unscramble the secret the words at the bottom of each card to decode a mystery sentence. I take ZERO credit for this game. My friend and coworker Carrie was the master mind behind finding it for us to use during fifth grade. 

Other favorite moments from the week include reading a favorite author's new book, catching up on one of my favorite shows on TV (The Resident), having some time to myself a couple of nights this week, and fun moments with my family and the students I work with. One fourth grader told me I was her new bestie yesterday, and I loved seeing her eyes light up over a big achievement in reading. 

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What was something good from your week that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. Happy birthday to your boys! I hope they have a wonderful day and great celebrations. You mentioned the activity for 5th grade students and said that you couldn't take credit for it. Are you normally tasked with finding activities for students to do? Just curious. That seems like something a certified teacher would do, at least here anyway. But I know that all schools are different both intrastate and interstate so I'm sure there are wide variances with what employees are expected to do within a particular job. Have a great weekend!

  2. What a good week! Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful celebration and what great timing that you are out for spring break and will have more energy to enjoy it!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Sweet Boys! Love your outfit this week- have a wonderful weekend Jennifer :)

  4. Thanks, Maria! I am sometimes tasked with that kind of thing, but keep in mind that I am an assistant in the reading intervention room, which is for the students who are a little behind. Nothing we teach is a new skill for them, it's already been taught. But I do write my own lesson plans for the week, with the help of the teacher and assistant, and I do my own thing for each of my groups. All the students we have are at different skill levels, which is why we don't all do the same thing. You can see why I was a little overwhelmed when I first started!

  5. I hope y'all have the BEST birthday dinner with all 6 of you!

  6. Happy birthday to your boys! Your backyard is so pretty. Looks like a great week. I hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Happy birthday to your boys! How wonderful to enjoy celebrating as a family. I know what you mean about really enjoying the weekends when you're at work all week. Sometimes I'll just sit in the lounge room and thank God that I am at home!

  8. As I'm sitting here reading this I'm sharing flirty texts back and forth with my husband as he's at work and setting up reservations for our date night tonight. Little things like that always make me smile too.... and I debated about taking a screen shot and sharing on my blog but knew he'd hate that too! LOL. It sounds like you are having the best time at your job and kids always know when you really want to be there and help and make it fun. Happy Birthday to your boys!!

  9. Thank you, Tanya! I can't wait for us to all be together. I hope your weekend has been good!

  10. Thanks, Jen! It's always a work in progress. We'd love to put some more sod down this year, since our trees shade a good portion of the grass. I hope your weekend was good!

  11. Thank you, Ruth! You and me both. I am so glad to be home this week for spring break!

  12. Joanne, I love that! I agree wholeheartedly. We do the same thing, and I feel like that's part of what keeps our spark alive. I feel like ours is better than it's ever been, and stronger as well. Todd used to read this all the time, but he is never on any form of social media these days, even this blog. Thanks for sharing that with me!

  13. Happy birthday to your boys and I hope you enjoy your Spring Break!!


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