Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Tuesday Thoughts


Happy Tuesday, friends! I was browsing on Pinterest over the weekend and saw a pin that talked about some of the most beautiful questions that you could be asked. I thought I'd share a few of them, ask you, and then share my own answers here. All of you know that I love to keep things light and happy over here on my blog, but sometimes I also like to be really open and honest. I think all of us have things that we tuck away that would be better shared from time to time. I'll start, and maybe you'll be inspired in your own thoughts or writing as you think on some of the questions.

I love this first one: Why are you worth knowing? 

It seems strange to ask that, but I would really love to hear about your very best attributes. I am worth knowing because I am a good friend to everyone. I saw something over the weekend that encouraged us to be the woman who tells another one that there's room at the table for her. I aim to be friendly with everyone that I meet. I love getting to know people, and I make it a point to ask them about their families. I was talking to a friend a few years ago and she told me that I was the first woman to really be interested in her family and their wellbeing. She had no other friends in her life, though she had many acquaintances. I made it a point then to learn about her family and now each time we meet, I ask about them genuinely, because at this point I'm invested in their lives. I've spent time praying for them, as I know she has for my family, and that really makes you feel close to people, even the ones you really don't know. She has done the same for me, and we often reach out to one another just to check in on the other. It's so good knowing I have friends who pray for my family! Now, just because I aim to be this way does not at all mean that I am like this 100% of the time. I can tend to be stingy sometimes, especially when it comes to sharing my friends, and sometimes I don't always want a crowd of people. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, I just want to try and always be careful over not unintentionally making someone feel jealous. 

I would consider loyalty and the fact that I can always provide comedic relief some of my other attributes. 

I also love this simple and pointed question: How are you, really? I don't want to hear "fine" as your answer! 

I'll give you an example of how I felt over the course of the weekend. I felt extremely sad as I was with my dad and listened to him ask me the same questions repeatedly. I don't mind that he repeats himself and can't remember, but it's hard to see him be a fraction of who he once was. I was irritated with myself at one point, because sometime on Saturday I got in a weird mood and acted differently than how I intended. A few hours after that I felt grateful for my husband who genuinely wants us to spend time together. On Sunday I felt frustrated and was seriously irritated with all of my sons.

The point is, it's good to evaluate our feelings sometimes. It's good to communicate with people, and it's good to be open and honest with those who love us the most. I'm not saying we need to walk around airing all of our dirty laundry with anyone and everyone, but when we're among friends, it's good to be real. I hope you have friends you can be that way with, and if you do, consider yourself extremely blessed. I'm all about sharing in my struggles, because nobody has a perfect life. As good as it is to be real like that every once in a while, it's also important to not focus too much on all of our thoughts and feelings. I think that in doing so, we can quickly go from one extreme to the other, and that's hard to come out of. Personally, I like to share things with my friends and consider myself an open book. I tell them things about me that are truly things I may be struggling with at any given moment, and I know without a doubt that they will pray for me. I am thankful for their prayers.

So, what would you consider some of your best attributes? I'd love to hear them! We're already friends here, but tell me why we would get along so well. I already feel like you're all "my people". Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. When I first met Tom, he had a habit of saying to everyone: "What's good with you?" instead of "how are you?" and I really admired that. Tom is a one on one person and if we go to a party, he will stay in the corner talking to the same person for as long as they have the patience. Ha! I tend to want to flit about and see and talk to everyone I know. I am an open book and try to put my moods into words so people don't think it's about them, unless it is. Then, I quickly get over it. Tom gets annoyed with my "mood changes" but it's me letting go. I was also melancholy and irritated a bit on Sunday but turned it around pretty quickly.
    I wonder if you didn't get enough time this weekend to fill your own cup? Your life has changed so much and maybe you need a bit more downtime?
    I'm so sorry about your Dad. I can only imagine how hard that is to watch and the patience it requires.

  2. I like what Tom says to people! I have to say that I am like him at parties. It's my introvertedness coming out, and probably also the fact that I don't love large crowds. I'm not sure if I do enough for my own down time or not...the issue is that I have a lot I like to do in a little amount of time. I love seeing family on weekends...and I am alone at night pretty often, so that's when I love to sit and read or watch a movie I love. Thank you for that! My heart goes out to him and to my stepmom. I know it's exhausting for her...

  3. This is such a beautiful question and I love your raw and honest response. For me I would say I am an excellent listener. I love people and their stories and could listen to everyone endlessly :)

  4. Thank you, Holly! That is an excellent quality to have. I love that about you!

  5. I am fiercely loyal, always happy to provide a moment of comic relief and know copious amounts of useless trivia. All my friends tell me they'd call me as their phone a friend in a hearbeat.

  6. Jennifer, I love this question and the reason I do has to do with my answer...I love deep conversations.

    I'm a shy person, at my core, until I get to know you and even then, I'm still shy. But part of that shyness is that I hate small talk and love deep, meaningful conversations.

    I love to really get to know your heart on things. I feel deeply and that makes me want to dive deep with people.

    As in many things, our strength can also be our weakness, so going deep can be a little too much for people who just like to keep things surface level.

    But, the world takes all of us to go round, so it's good to have all kinds!

    And, a little side note...I married the opposite of me :) My husband is all about the socializing :)

  7. Kirsten, I love that! I love that you know a lot of useless trivia...I feel like I could say the same.

  8. Debbie, I love that about you! I somehow already seemed to know that about you, maybe by the style in which you write and share? I totally get what you're saying, though. I also prefer small groups, or even one one ones over a larger crowd. I think people would say about me that I am able to engage them in such a way that it encourages them to open up to me about things. Maybe that's me wanting to dig deeper into the friendship.

    Thank you for sharing! I also married my exact opposite, so I guess the old saying is true!

  9. This is such a thoughtful post. I love this question. I think I'm a very loyal and dependable friend.


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