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Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with HollySarah for today's blog post. How was your weekend? Mine was good, albeit kind of low key, chill, and filled with movies and shows.

Dad came over on Friday, and we went to a new (to us) place in Memphis—The Original Hot Dog Company. Dad loves hot dogs, and this was a great place. My son Noah told me about it, and I'm glad he did. After that I had to put gas in my car, so we zipped over to Costco, then we came back to my house. My stepmom picked him up since she was here in town that day, and I got my evening started with watching this on Prime TV.

Have you seen this?! I have all the thoughts about this show, but let me tell what I did right in the middle of it. I stopped it and I started praying for the people who were caught up in the web of lies that Bill Gothard spread. I prayed for the people watching this show, that they would not be turned away from Christianity and wanting to have a relationship with Jesus. I prayed for the people that made the show, because it's obvious their agenda was to bash God rather than spread helpful information to enlighten people. I was sucked in from the first episode, and there were only four, so I watched them all that night. I did not love how the show talked bad about parents wanting to shield their kids from worldly things—I agree with that and there's nothing wrong with wanting to protect children from things that could bring about harm later. The show also gave homeschooling a bad connotation, and I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Yes, not everyone who is homeschooled gets a good and well-rounded education, but that isn't the case for most of the families who choose to go that path. 

Needless to say, I thought it was fascinating to learn the truth about such an influential family, but I've actually known this for years. I remember way back in the early to mid 2000's when I loved and watched the show on TLC, wanting to know more about their beliefs based solely on the way the dressed. I saw then that they claim to be Southern Baptist, but that they followed the teaching of Bill Gothard. I knew then that, that was a big problem with their belief system. My friends, when we follow the teachings of a person and not the Holy and inspired Word of God, we're in trouble. We cannot trust what other people say about Scripture! We must know it for ourselves and we must remember that the human race is sinful. If we don't know for ourselves the truth of God's Word, we will never be able to discern it from the lies. Often, the lies are steeped in enough truth to make it seem real, but it's usually a a warped view. If you watch this show, and I do recommend that you watch it, remember these words when you do. 

Have I turned you away from this? Have you watched it? I would really love to know your thoughts. I also thought the Duggar women dressed differently because of what the Bible says about women dressing modestly, but it turns out that each family dresses bases on how the patriarch of the family wants them to dress. Like I said, their religious beliefs are extremely warped. 

Anyway, onto the next thing. I watched this on Saturday morning on Paramount. It was good and based on a true story! 

I did meet up with my mom and sister on Saturday, and we went to a couple of places, then I had to call it an early day because of a headache. It rained here for the first time in days, and I think the impending weather was why I had such a bad headache. I came home and took a nap and woke up feeling better, thankfully. That night I watched this.

Have you seen this? It was interesting and a true story about this couple who got stranded in Costa Rica during the early days of when covid shut the world down. On Sunday I was at church bright and early for praise team rehearsal, and after church, I got to see all my boys at once! It was like a Christmas miracle. We were home for the rest of the day, but Todd made a Costco run, and then we watched Mission Impossible movies for the rest of the night. I alternated between watching with him and finishing the book that was going to be whisked away from my Kindle through the Libby app. 

How was your weekend? Tell me something good, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all!


  1. I only saw an episode or two of the Duggar show so I can't say that I'm super interested in their story. It is a shame about how they practiced Christianity- based on following a man rather than Scripture. It's not shocking that Christianity and homeschooling were not portrayed in a positive light. I read about that couple that was on its honeymoon when Covid started. Just another facet of the craziness that was that time... I would be interested in watching that documentary. Have a great Monday!

  2. Maria, I think another reason why I WAS interested in their story was just because how big their family is. It's always fascinating to me to see how large families function. You're right about it not being shocking that things weren't portrayed differently. One thing I didn't say and that I meant to, is that now more than ever, I really want to read Jinger Vuolo's book Becoming Free Indeed. It makes me wonder how their relationship is with her parents. Jill mentioned that she is estranged from her family. That's so sad! You should watch the documentary, but beware of language. It was still super interesting and a good story.

  3. Sounds like a nice and full weekend and I am sorry about your headache - that often happens when the barometric pressure drops - I think?
    Yes, I did watch The Longest Date and thought it was interesting but how incredibly dumb it was to go on this trip. Maybe that is mean?
    I also started Shiny and have only watched two episodes, but I didn't see it as bashing God. I thought it was more bashing what is basically a socially accepted cult. I also did not think it bashed homeschooling, but it stressed that homeschooling was a tenant of the belief system. Now, I haven't finished it but those are my thoughts so far. Also, I loved watching 19 Kids and Counting and many of the spin offs. I am always fascinated by how others live. I was struck by the documentary saying there is a reason why the children are meek and so obedient. That scared me.
    Anyway, it's interesting to talk about.

  4. oh I will definitely watch these- thanks for sharing. The first one does sound disturbing but I appreciate your thoughts.

  5. Amy, I do think that's why my head was hurting. I thought the same thing you did about the couple, because who travels out of country with someone they've only met twice?? So, I thought that part was dumb too, but I did enjoy the rest of the story. I guess I considered the show God-bashing because of how Scripture was twisted. I also think I'm super sensitive to that kind of thing, as well as the homeschooling thing. It was definitely frowned upon by the other people who were least, I felt like it was, but again- maybe it's because we did that and I'm sensitive to what people say about things I'm passionate about?

    I'm still glad I watched it, because I loved the show so much...I am like you and enjoy seeing how people live. It was interesting to hear that Jill and Derek are estranged from her family. Did you get that far? I can't remember which episode said that, but I was surprised by that and how they pushed back about wanting to be compensated for their time. It was crazy to watch!

  6. Holly, you should! It's scary to think how far from the truth people carry things...and it could happen to any of us at any given time. I'd love to know what you think about it.

  7. I will check out the Shiny show. I used to watch 19 kids and counting, and it's kind of disappointing to hear that their faith was warped like that. I also hate to think about the producers of the new show wanting to bash religion or homeschooling. Sorry to hear about the headache!

  8. I watched Shiny too - all four episodes and I will say my mouth was hanging open for many parts of it. I didn't think it bashed Christianity or homeschooling overall - but in fairness in my part of the country almost no one homeschools. I was disturbed by the Duggars show when it first came out - there was definitely something not right to me - but this was really disturbing. The idea that people would blindly follow a man like that, to the point of abandoning Christianity is mind blowing to me. The testimonies from all the now adult children who grew up under those tenants were heartbreaking. There are an awful lot of lost people out there.

  9. I remember only watching an episode or two of the Duggar family when it was on TLC and thinking it was just... weird! Sadly, I think so many things in books, movies, tv, etc. all bash homeschooling and it's kind of funny since their views are based on a very small number of us homeschoolers. Most people had zero clue that my kids were homeschooled (well, strangers I mean! obviously family knew) and still don't unless we clue them in.

  10. Tanya- thanks! Maybe it's me just thinking that...a couple of people here have disagreed with me on that, so maybe I'm just being overly sensitive? I don't may just be the major problem of how distorted their view on Scripture is that made me think that way. It's definitely worth the watch, just to find out what happened and where they went wrong.

  11. Obscure Sorrows- I wish I knew your name, but I couldn't find it when I clicked on your profile. I know what you mean, though, and I feel like my mouth was hanging open as well. It could just be that I was being overly sensitive because I did homeschool our sons. It's probably also just because what Bill Gothard believes is so vastly different from the truth of God's word. I was shocked at all that was said! It was such a sad documentary.

  12. Joanne, I felt the same way! I was definitely fascinated by how their very large family worked, though. It's funny that you say that about your boys- it was the same for us! I was determined to never be "THAT" homeschooling family. We all know the type that I speak of when I say that. 🤣

  13. I watched the Duggar documentary & it was quite interesting, to say the least. We can add this to things to discuss over coffee! So sad to see some truths behind the show. Glad you had some other good shows to watch too!

  14. Marilyn, seriously! Let's add it to the list! It is so sad how things are for them now, though. I wonder if they've come to know the truth since all of this. I wish they would make a statement or something.


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