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Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with Holly and Sarah for today's blog post. 

How was your weekend? Mine was good! I had Friday free, because of celebrating my dad on Saturday, so I spent a good portion of my morning at the cutest little breakfast spot catching up with my sweet friend Dedee. 

Isn't that adorable? I loved the color scheme inside. It was so good seeing my friend, it'd been way too long! I love her so much, and she is one of my favorite travel buddies. We've spent countless hours together in vehicles traveling to the mountains or the beach, and then we've spent entire days getting to know each other. She is definitely a lifelong friend, but honestly, she feels like a sister. I love being around her and I'm excited to travel with her again next week! I leave a week from today and will be meeting her at the beach for a few days. I can't wait! This is a very spontaneous trip, so I feel so fortunate to be able to get away for the week. 

I spent the rest of that morning running a few errands, then I came home to let the dogs out right before a torrential downpour started. It rained for the rest of the afternoon, so I was so glad that my dad wasn't here. I'd have had to get out with him to take him home and it was raining so hard. Even Todd mentioned it when he drove home early that afternoon—he had to pull over at one point because he couldn't see, and he said for a few minutes, he thought he was experiencing a tornado. Yikes! 

That night he stayed home with me, so we ate leftovers for dinner and tried to watch an episode of our show, but a friend asked him to come and help him with something, so he left for a bit to do that. By the time he got back home, I was ready for bed! I watched a couple of shows while he was gone, so I did that and worked a little on the computer. 

I watched this on Prime when I came downstairs Saturday morning. Todd was up to work a dayshift with the sheriff's department, which means his alarm also woke me up, so I went ahead and showered (and washed my hair) for the day, then came downstairs for a movie and coffee. I love Saturday mornings! He left at seven, and when the movie was finished, I started working on the computer again, for the Bible study we're writing. Now that I'm going out of town in a week, I'm pushing to get finished as soon as possible so that I can help my friend with a few final things before submitting it to the publisher. I ended up doing that all day long! For seven hours, I worked nonstop, and only got up to get dressed when I had a half hour before my sister Trish came over. We left to go pick Dad up, then we took him to Olive Garden for dinner. I love that place! It was delicious, and I ordered my usual—chicken parmigiana—of which I only ate half, so I had that to eat again Sunday night.

We had such a great time! We went back to his house to visit for a while before Trish and I left and went to Lowe's. I was looking for a plant to put on our front porch and could not see any of the instructions. 

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am this old. (I have to take pictures of the tag to be able to see what it says when I forget my glasses in the car.) I ended up not getting one, but I think I'm going back to pick up one that I fell in love with. I watched a couple of shows when I got home after this, then I went to bed early. I went to church on Sunday, but for the only time each year, I got to sit in the congregation to enjoy the whole service. I always sing in choir, on the praise team, or I'm up in the tech booth. It was so nice to sit there for once! We never have choir on Father's Day every year, because we have a huge men's choir and all men praise team. It's a sight to behold!

I always love to see this and I love hearing all the men's voices singing together. After church, the boys came over for lunch. I made them something really quick and easy, then we went outside for some pictures. 

The rest of the day was low key! I took a short nap, then I ended up watching some movies that night while Todd and Graham worked a shift. How was your weekend? Did you do anything special to celebrate some of the dads in your life? I'd love to hear about it! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. Thanks, Maria! It was a good weekend, even if it wasn't busy. Those are usually my favorite kind of weekend. Thanks for that- I hope so too! I have a couple of things I need to do for my car before I leave- an oil change and a tire alignment. It's going to be a busy week!

  2. That blue breakfast place is my vibe! Sounds like a good weekend with a mix of relaxation and productivity. I can't believe you worked for 7 hours!

  3. That breakfast place is beautiful- wow. I wouldn't want to leave there- ha! So glad you celebrated your favorite dads- love the pics of all the guys together :)

  4. Amy, it was adorable and the food was amazing. I wish I'd gotten a picture of my food, but honestly, she and I talk way too much for me to stop and take pics. 🤣 I can't believe I worked for seven hours either! I got so much done! It made me feel better about leaving town on the week I had set aside to work, but I'll be able to get it all done. I wanted to be ahead of schedule anyway, so it all worked out.

  5. Holly, it was so cute inside, but the food was also amazing. I love places like that! It was a great one...I hope yours was too, my friend.

  6. I have been to that breakfast place and all of their locations are done in that cute color scheme! Such a great picture of all the boys. What a treat for you to sit in the congregation at church!

  7. It sounds like you had a really nice weekend. Time with others and time to watch movies...just the kind of weekend I like too. I also got to sit in the entire service. Usually, I'm at the piano, but we had a friend visit and she played piano and I got to just worship and relax. I love getting to play (I've been doing it at this church for almost 27 years), but it's really nice to take a break for a day.
    I really like the picture of your hubby and the are definitely a blessed mama. Hope you have a great day.

  8. I just bought some of those cascading vincas in hanging baskets for the back porch. They are so pretty! I enjoyed hearing about your weekend!

  9. Marilyn, I wondered if the Germantown location was the same. I was shocked that it wasn't very busy when we went! My friend said that never happens. It was SUCH a treat to just sit and enjoy. Thanks, friend!

  10. Thank you, Cathy! I didn't realize you were the pianist at your church. That's wonderful! I wish I could play the piano. I'm so glad you got to do the same and just sit and enjoy a service for once. I know you love serving in that way, but it's so nice to have one or two Sundays in a year that we can just sit and relax. I joked that yesterday was my one service a year. But what a privilege to serve!

  11. That is the cutest little breakfast spot! I think that is genius to take a photo of the label with your phone when you've forgotten your glasses. More and more I'm finding small print thinks harder to read.

  12. Joanne, isn't it?! I can't believe you haven't done that yet! I do it more often than I'm comfortable admitting.🤣

  13. The breakfast spot looks so cute and your friend Deedee sounds lovely. What a great day celebrating Father's Day! (ours is in September over here). I am at that stage where I need to take photos of small print too. Up until about two years ago my vision all of a sudden changed and I started struggling with small print. I wear glasses for distance but never needed them for reading. I'm sure that next time I go to the optometrist I will have to get some reading glasses too. And then I'm going to have lots of fun keeping track of two sets of glasses for different purposes unless I go multifocal.


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