Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Tuesday talking


Happy  Tuesday, friends! I'm sharing these two writing prompt images I found on Pinterest in case you'd like to use them for your own blog. I don't know if you're like me, but sometimes I am literally stumped for ideas of things to write about. I love prompts like these in the two images, because it helps get to know someone. I'd love to hear your answers to some of these, so don't forget to do that in the comments! 

The first one that jumped out to me is about a song from childhood. I don't have a specific song, per se, but I loved the band Chicago, specifically Peter Cetera. I was born in 1976, but the eighties and nineties were my jam. I really love music from the eighties, believe it or not, and this summer my favorite playlist is one I found on Spotify—Summer Hits of the 80's. I also loved Kenny Rogers and can remember singing along with my mom as we drove from one place to another. She loved country music in those days, so that's always what was on her radio. Isn't it interesting that songs spark memories? Additionally, every single time I hear the song Galileo by the Indigo Girls, it takes me right back to high school! Do you have a song or band that you loved? 

There are several actions or character traits that I admire. My most highly admired character trait in someone is integrity. I love seeing people just do the right thing, especially when nobody is watching. I try to live life in the same way. I also really respect and admire kindness in someone, and anytime an act of that is extended. I love stories of people paying for the meals or drinks of the person behind them, but I also love the idea of paying for lunch accounts of underprivileged kids at school. There are lots of kids who never get anything special from the cafeteria, because money doesn't allow. I think it would be a great idea to give money toward something like that. Which action or character trait do you most admire?

The last one I'll share today is for fun. If you could spend your summer anywhere, where would it be and why? Once again, I don't have a specific destination in mind, but I would love to spend a summer somewhere it's not so hot and humid. From the time I was a young girl, I was always enthralled by the idea of a beachside fire. The beaches I grew up going to were always too hot to consider such a thing. I used to read these books by Robin Jones Gunn as a teenager that first made me think of this. So, that being said, I would love to spend a whole summer somewhere it's cool enough to be able to do that. 

I would also really love to spend a summer somewhere near a lake. In my mind I'm thinking this would be somewhere in Michigan, or maybe some place like Mackinac Island. I have never been there and would love to go! I've been to Michigan once, when Graham and Drew were 18 and 6 months old. My sister Trish lived near St. Joseph, Michigan, so Todd and I took the only two we had to spend Thanksgiving with them one year. It was such a great trip, even though the drive was incredibly long with a baby and a toddler. We got there and were immediately snowed in, so we never saw much of her town, but I did get a glimpse of Lake Michigan! In a perfect world, I think it would be fun to rent a house there for the summer and invite our families to come visit. That sounds like so much fun! 

This is The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Would you do this kind of thing? If so, where would you go? Another thing I would do is to live in a camper with an A/C unit somewhere that's cool for an entire summer. I'm thinking somewhere in the west or northwest or even Alaska. I wouldn't mind that kind of "camping", so long as we had a nice comfy and cool place to lay our heads each night. And as long as I had an indoor bathroom.

This was fun for me to write, so I hope it was fun for you to read! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. Yes to integrity - I would say that is probably in my top three as well!

  2. Songs definitely take you back... even recently. When Abs and I were in NJ, I would put a Christian radio station on in the morning when we were getting ready. There were a couple of songs that this station played ALL THE TIME. At church on Sunday, we sang that song for the first time. Abby and I looked at each other and mouthed, "New Jersey!" Fun prompts to think about. I can see where you'd need prompts. I can't imagine writing a post five days a week, lol. But I'm glad that you do!!

  3. I think you would love yacht rock! You can find it on youtube or Spotify or whatever, really! When Toto comes on, I get so excited!
    I have a suggestion for you - Sawyer, Michigan. You can build a fire on the beach most definitely. It is a cute little town next to other cute little towns with wineries and distilleries nearby. You are also only about 10 minutes away from bigger New Buffalo. In New Buffalo, you can take the train into Chicago for a day! My family has gone to this area several times. The beauty of it for us is we can be there in about 4.5 hours. So, it wouldn't be too too far for you. I think St. Joseph is within an hour.

  4. Maria, that's so sweet! I love that story. I know what you mean about that station, if it's K Love. I love them, don't get me wrong, but they wear some songs down into the ground. I have the app on my tv, so I can often listen there and I leave it on for the dogs when I leave to help drown out the outside noise. It makes for a more relaxing environment for them, otherwise they spend the time barking at all the supposed burglars coming to kill us all. I do need the prompts sometimes, ha! I love the writing, though, so it never feels like work to write here so often. I often get ideas as I go about life and keep a note on my phone for inspiration. I hope you enjoy your day, friend!

  5. Amy, I do love yacht rock too! I have that playlist saved on Spotify as well and play it when the 80's one isn't on. I always forget to mention what I listen to here...maybe that will be a future blog post. I have such different musical tastes, depending on the season and even the time of day. That sounds amazing! I would love to find out more about Sawyer and visit somewhere like that (or even there) someday. I know I would love it!

  6. How fun! Love the Sisterchick books as I just finished one this weekend. I have read them all in the past and I wanted to see if I still like them and I did. Hoping to read the others too. I'm reading another book by Gunn and it's a series too. The first one is Finding Father Christmas.

    Yesterday, you mentioned the movie, Sully. I watched it yesterday afternoon and it was awesome! Thanks for the heads-up about it.

    Hope you have a great day!

  7. I love to re-read Robin's books, Cathy! I've read them all now. I'm so glad you loved the movie! I felt the same. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  8. Writing prompts are always so fun! I will forever be a fan of 80s music! It's my favorite. I agree about Kenny Rogers - the tunes of my childhood! I was obsessed with Islands in the Stream with Dolly Parton! If I could spend the whole summer somewhere it definitely be somewhere in Colorado! I am a mountains girl through and through! I'd take my Jeep and explore every single day! Mackinac Island looks so beautiful! I followed a girl that lived there on Tik Tok and really enjoyed seeing the beauty of Mackinac!

    Have a great day!

  9. I'm a Michigan native who grew up an hour south of Mackinac Island. It's always been one of my favorite places. There are so many great places in Michigan that you really can't go wrong renting a house on any of the lakes. I really love the Traverse City and Petosky areas but they are much busier with tourists than other areas. Frankfort and Ludington on Lake Michigan are great and so are Tawas and Alpena on Lake Huron.

  10. Yes, definitely a fun one to read!! Some of my best summer memories are during college semesters....going to my friend's house in upstate New York. Not only was it a world different from my Washington DC suburb living but it was just beautiful. She lived on a lake. Everything was green and gorgeous. Life was carefree....oh such good memories! I have often thought of a vacation to Mackinac Island. Isn't that hotel gorgeous?? Not sure that will ever happen but I think it would nice. I wonder if it would be "stuffy"?? Oh, and one character trait I admire is humility....and dependability. Yes, that's two!! Have a great day friend. Fun post!!

  11. Crystal, I loved Islands in the Stream! Who am I kidding? I still love the song. I love Colorado too! Their summers can get pretty hot as well. I have family members who live there and I love to visit them on occasion.

  12. Ann, I really would love to come there for a visit! I've only been to St. Joseph, and didn't really see anything while I was there because we were snowed in. It just always seems so beautiful there with all the lakes.

  13. Jennifer, how fun to spend part of summer in upstate New York! That's another area I would love to visit, thanks to books I've read and movies that were set in places that look like the Catskills. I love the idea of how families used to go family resorts in the summer. I read a book about that a few years ago, a fiction book that was so good and fascinating. It was called The Last Summer at the Golden Hotel. After reading that book, I learned that people often escaped to the mountains of New York to escape the city heat! I thought that was so interesting.

    Those are good traits too! Both of them. I hope your week is going well!


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