Friday, August 18, 2023

Friday Favorites, 8.18.23.


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for today's favorite blog post of the week. I hope you've had a great week! I have lots of favorites from this week. Here are a few of the top ones making the list.

First up is my favorite channel on YouTube, Calmed by Nature.

This is a new one they just put out in the last few weeks. It's a harbor scene with the sound of water hitting the shore, which is my favorite. I had this on last Saturday morning, and it made my dogs so sleepy! That is the best.

Making things pretty is my favorite!

I "made" this arrangement to take to Bible study on Wednesday of this week to make our table prettier. I added the sign and flowers to a table with a black tablecloth on it, and then I put some black and white  gingham placemats on top it to break up all the dark. 

My friend Debbie who lives near Nashville posted this on Instagram this week, and it was my favorite thing that I saw on social media. I love what it says and agree wholeheartedly!

The grammar isn't correct, so look past that, but I love the words: Choose kindness. Choose grace.

I ordered some more of my favorite pens yesterday!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've ordered new ones. It was way overdue! I use these all the time and love them. I'll take my old ones to the bookstore at church to use while I'm working there. And on that note...

If you don't read my blog regularly, you probably missed that I have a new part-time job at my church: I'll be running the bookstore! I have been working in there for a couple of weeks already, in order to learn how things run, and I am having the best time seeing people I never see and making coffee for people to come get. On Wednesday night, I helped a lady find a particular Bible that she wants, even though we didn't have one in stock. It's so much fun! Books are my favorite.

Not only is singing a favorite activity of mine, so is doing that outside of our church walls.

This was Tuesday night. Our worship pastor was invited to lead worship at a conference taking place in Memphis, and he invited all his best friends to join him, which is the choir and orchestra. 

These ladies are my favorites!

We were crazy excited for Bible study on Wednesday, as we start our new study that just released.

I have already started digging into studying the book of Judges, and it's so good. I'm the Jennifer whose name you see on that cover. I feel like this was a baby that we spent a year delivering!

This bracelet stack is my favorite. I bought these gold/bronze colored bracelets last weekend and I have worn them several times this week. Are you a bracelet person? I wasn't, but I am now. The more, the merrier!

It's my favorite when my sister Trish comes over and redecorates an area of my house for me. She's so talented! I had this tray standing up, and she put it down and placed these coffee items there. Isn't it cute? 

Last night, we did something that was fun—we saw this play at Theater Memphis. Musicals are my favorite! I'll share a picture of us on Monday, but this was a company event. We had a dinner of delicious cocktails and were entertained for two hours.

Lastly, memories like this one are my favorite. 

The picture of the boys was when we ditched school for a long weekend in August and spent it in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It's only three hours from where I live, and I grew up going there as a young girl. My dad and I went there every three weeks, it seems like, to play on Lake Hamilton and use the boat and stay in the condo that my dad's boss let us use all the time. Those were the days! Both when I was young, and that weekend away with the boys. The second picture is a wall that my sons helped construct in the youth area at our church when they were a lot younger. They'd ride bikes up there and work, then come back home before dinner. This was after the school work had been completed, of course. (If you don't know already, we were a homeschooling family.) They're all in their 20's now, which is crazy to think about.

Before I go, I want to remind you that next Saturday August 26 is the link party for Share 4 Somethings. That post always happens on the last Saturday of the month, and we talk about things we loved, things we learned, things we read, and things we ate and/or enjoyed. (The prompts stay the same from month to month.) I recently added the "enjoyed" to the post, because not everyone is a foodie like me. Also, on the first Wednesday of each month, I host the Currently link party. That happens on September 6th, and we'll be sharing what we're currently loving, seeing, dreaming, eating, and using to decorate. In October we'll share what we're currently loving, excited about, watching, ordering, and observing. I hope to see you at both! 

Did you read my other blog posts this week? I'll link them below.

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Tell me something great about your week! I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all!


  1. What a good week! I love Sister Act and my sorority did it for a singing competition in college.
    I know what the bookstore needs! A Mason jar with a flower on each table would be pretty! I have light purple Mason jars that I drink from. What do you think?

  2. It was, Amy! I loved the play last night. Sister Act was one of my favorite movies when I was younger, and I loved the performance and the music. I love hearing such talented people sing! I love that idea and thought of something similar. Because of kids coming in and running around some, I'll probably do a small version of something artificial. You know how when you're at Home Goods and you see all the little artificial potted plants as you wait to check out? I was thinking of something like that. I do also love the mason jar idea, though...and I already have some of those at home laying around. I'll have to see what I can do with them. Thanks for that idea!

  3. I like your stacked bracelets. I wear a set of bracelets when I want to look a little more put together (like I wouldn't wear them to run errands but rather to church, when I sub, etc.). And I like that tray. Super cute! The musical sounds like fun. I enjoy hearing talented singers and appreciate the work they put into learning the songs and dances. Have a great weekend, friend!

  4. Can't wait to see what you do with Cornerstone- such an exciting new adventure! Have a wonderful weekend XO

  5. Thanks, Maria! They are fun to wear. I see myself buying some more in a different color! I love the tray- a friend from church gave it to me when she cleaned out her house. I have several small silver pieces laying around that I use for odds and ends, along with this big platter. It's great to use for serving meat when it's hot off the grill- the platter heats up and keeps the meat warm! I feel the same about musical productions. I always appreciate their time and efforts.

    I hope you enjoy your day and weekend!

  6. Thanks, Holly! I hope you have a great weekend as well!

  7. Oh, I've wanted to go see the renovated Theater Memphis & I do love going to plays, so that sounds like a fun night! I know you are so thankful to be back in bible study and I'm so happy for you and your new job.

  8. How cool to get to go see Sister Act...sounds like so much fun. I have not seen a live play in many years. Your boys are so cute in that photo. I hope you have a really great weekend.

  9. What a beautiful and fall loving table display you brought in! It makes me miss my Bible study I used to do before Covid, I need to get back to it! How exciting for your new part-time job. My brother's church has a nice cafe in it (our church is smaller) and I want to go visit sometime and see it. He is always talking about the kolaches they have. Sister Act looks like it was a good time, I love seeing musicals!!


  10. Your job sounds like such a great part time position. Love your coffee tray and the pens too. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Love me some new pens! Those are so pretty. I have never seen the musical Sister Act but I'm pretty sure I'd love it. I really enjoyed the movie and love going to see all sorts of live performances.

  12. Jennifer, have you ever listened to Tim Janis on YouTube? He has beautiful scenery and very relaxing music, as well as some with hymns. It's very soothing to leave that channel on while we have company or just during the day.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Thanks, Marilyn! The newly renovated theater is beautiful. I hope you get to see it soon! Maybe you can see Sister Act, I know you'd love it as much as I did!

  14. Thank you, Cathy! It was such a fun night. I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  15. Thank you, Carrie, both for the sweet words and for stopping by my blog! I hope you get to attend Bible study again soon, and that you get to see your brother's church coffee bar. How fun!

  16. Thanks, Tanya! It really is the perfect job for me right now at this stage of life. I'm already loving working at our church, and I'm not even being paid yet! 🤣

  17. Joanne, great minds think alike! This doesn't surprise me that you like them as well. I feel like we are the same person in a lot of ways! Maybe it's our bond of the fact that we both homeschool(ed). I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  18. Debbie, I haven't, but I'm going to check him out now! Thanks for that tip!

  19. Flair pens are my favorite too! Your bookstore looks so cozy and fun. I'm definitely a bracelet person. I hope you've had a great weekend.

  20. Thanks, Jen! That doesn't surprise me that you like those pens. I feel like so many teachers love and use them. I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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