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Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Mine was good, though different, and I hope yours was too! I'm linking up with Holly and Sarah for today's post. 

I got the weekend kicked off with my dad. We had a great day together on Friday! I'm always thankful for those. I made us tuna salad for lunch, and we enjoyed trying to solve all the problems of the world all afternoon. Sandy came to pick him up, since she'd stayed in town that day, and I started cooking my dinner shortly after he left. 

Todd worked that night, so I ate dinner and watched a GAC Christmas movie. Are you watching any of those or the Hallmark ones yet? Is it still too early for you? Speaking of that, I'm switching to Christmas themed books for the last two months of the year. I can't wait! I'll finish the cozy mystery I'm reading and then I'll get the season kicked off with one I just bought over the weekend.  

For dinner Friday night, I made this lasagna inspired pasta. I cooked the noodles according the instructions, and I sauteed onion and garlic in a pan. When that was finished, I added some pasta water to the pan while I added spinach to wilt it. I mixed all of that together with the pasta, and added cottage cheese and marinara sauce, then topped it with parmesan. I baked it at 350 for a half hour, and it was perfect: hot and bubbly. I ate two helpings, then saved the rest for Drew. Speaking of him, he's about to become the theme of my weekend. This kind of dish is right up his alley! Because we don't really eat pasta anymore, and because the other boys in the house don't care for it with marinara, I figured Drew would appreciate not worrying about dinner after work this week. I will send this home with him tonight when he comes over for dinner...along with the soup I'm making for us for our family dinner. 

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning, and made plans with Mom, but had to cancel. I came down with stomach virus, I guess. Noah had had something similar one day this week and we didn't think much of it, but after I got it, Todd came down with the same symptoms Saturday night. We were fine by Sunday morning, thankfully, but we still got out that afternoon. I actually felt mostly fine, I was just taking it easy with the I ate. Don't judge for what you're about to see, though...

I took this of Todd riding off on Saturday morning. He's so happy to have his bike back! It was in the shop for a month.

We had dinner with Drew at Dim Sum King. We ordered appetizers mostly, to share, but the majority of what I ate was rice. This picture below is a steamed pumpkin with spare ribs inside. It looks amazing, but none of us were impressed. 

We were back home and comfy by seven, and I spent the evening reading a cozy mystery by a new author. I'll share about it tomorrow, so come back!

I was at church by 7:20 on Sunday morning, and admiring the sunrise. It was so foggy!

I spent the afternoon going down a rabbit trail of Matthew Perry posts...and this one got me, along with a TikTok video of the one where Chandler is working out of town, and all the Friends are there to say goodbye to him. I bawled over that one! This loss is a big one for us, because so much of our life revolved around the show. I feel like in every stage of life we've been through, we could relate it to a Friends episode. I've read so much about him in the last few years of his life, and it seems he'd come to terms with his troubled past; one article is one that he was interviewed for saying that God had saved him. I hope that's the case, but isn't it always a sad thing when someone who was a big part of your life dies? 

That afternoon I attended the baby shower of one of the girls I helped lead in youth several years ago. 

And here's the part where Drew comes in....we did a thing together yesterday.


(The blood is normal, but it stopped.) We got matching tattoos! I was so surprised that he wanted to do this, but who am I to say no if he's all for it? I think it's so sweet, and I love that we have that as a memory together. 💙💙

We went to eat Mexican food afterward, then I came home. I passed by this huge pumpkin as I was driving and had to take a picture! The people that sell these pumpkins have been at this same location for many years, and the boys always loved passing by there when they were younger. 

Here it is when I removed the bandage that kept falling off.

It's a little stained right now, from the ink that was rubbed off when he finished, but it'll fade in a few days. I love where Drew did his, and so does he. That's all that matters! 

How was your weekend? Did you do something fun that you loved? I had different plans for Saturday, but we canceled them because of the rain. I wasn't too upset about it, since I also didn't feel great. 

Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all.


  1. Tom had a stomach thing this week but it might have been from bad cooler food - ha! It rained all weekend here and is still raining today. So many wet leaves now! I made lasagna soup yesterday without meat and with whole wheat rotini so we are on the same wavelength. I put onions, mushrooms, and spinach in it and you heat it and then top with a parmesan ricotta mixture.
    I think it will be great for today's cold rainy weather for Erica and I for lunch!

  2. Well first off, I hope you're feeling better by now :) I hate stomach issues! And the spare ribs dish didn't help :)
    And second...ouch! I don't have any tattoos, but they look painful.

    I haven't watched any Christmas shows yet. Or read any books. I will probably start after Thanksgiving. I'm really enjoying going to the library now, so I can start looking for Christmas stories and not have to buy them. I've been getting some large print versions of some of my favorite mystery writers and it's great!

    I hope you have a wonderful week and hopefully feel great!

  3. Amy, how funny that we're doing similar things right now! Your soup sounds delicious and will be perfect as leftovers. I think that's my favorite part of soup- the leftovers. I am making our favorite soup tonight and I can't wait. It's family dinner night! It's cold and rainy here today as well. It's perfect fall weather!

  4. Glad the virus passed quickly and you got to enjoy some of your weekend! LOVE your matching tattoos- just beautiful :)

  5. Thanks, Debbie! I woke up feeling normal again on Sunday. I was relieved, because I hate stomach issues! I always feel like I'm such a weakling when it comes to things like that. I'd rather have just about anything else. This one wasn't too bad, thankfully. That's wonderful that you're able to use the library! I love doing the same and especially going in to browse in person. I love our library! I hope you have a great day, my friend!

  6. Thanks, Holly! I love them too. I hope you have a great day, sweet friend!

  7. Hello! I am glad your stomach issue passed quickly and you were able to enjoy the weekend. And you got a tattoo!!! I love it, and I love where you put it. That is where I want to get one. Thank you for the recipe. It looks delicious! I also love reading Christmas books and will begin as soon as I pack away my fall ones. Have a cozy afternoon, my friend. So glad I found you here.

  8. So sorry to hear you had some illness passing through this weekend; that's no fun. Your tattoos are awesome! You are the second blogger I follow that has gotten matching/paired tattoos with her child this fall. I was just debating today whether I want to keep going with the books I'm reading and the 1/2 dozen or so I have checked out of the library or if I will switch over to Christmas books. I can't really decide!

  9. That is so sweet you got tattoos together and I really love the design of just a thin, simple cross! Perfect! Oh, I love pasta... I don't know what I'd do if others in the family didn't enjoy it as much as me! Ha! Your days you spend with your dad sound sweet, mine is suffering from dementia now and it is hard to even really have a conversation with him. :( That pumpkin with spare ribs inside looks so pretty, but I can see how maybe you weren't impressed! Ha!


  10. Thank you, Billie Jo! I love it. My husband and I got our first ones together in February of 2023, and I've never once regretted the decision. I won't regret this one either, since it's tied to a memory now. Let me know if you try it yourself! I'm glad we found each other as well!

  11. Thanks, Joanne! That's interesting that I'm the second one to do this that you've been reading about. How funny! I know what you mean...part of me is torn, because I have some other books that I still want to read. I'll probably mix some regular ones in with the ones that are more Christmas themed. So much to read, so little time!

  12. Thanks, Carrie! My dad has dementia as well, so I know exactly what you're talking about. Some days are harder than others, but even when we don't have a lot to say, we are comfortable to sit and listen to music. He enjoys doing that, and I do too. It's so hard seeing them change before our eyes, but also, it makes me grateful for all the moments we've shared over the years.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear you were sick, and hope you're feeling back to normal! You go girl with the tattoo. I don't have any, but I would seriously consider a small one if one of my kids requested it. Y'all have a special memory together now. Hope you have a good week!

  14. Tanya, thank you! And right? I would literally do anything they ever ask. I love that we did it together! I hope your Monday was good, my friend!

  15. So sorry you were sick. I love what you and Drew did. Precious. Yay for daddy time. That pumpkin steamed bowl looks yummy.

  16. Thanks, Andrea! Those spare ribs looked amazing, but it turns out we're not a fan of how they were prepared. We couldn't eat the pumpkin, either, but we tried it and we can say that we did. 🤣

  17. Glad to hear you're feeling better. We've been keeping up with the Hallmark movies - the time they air doesn't work for us so I record them and we watch them the following night. I'm anxiously waiting for Debbie Macomber's new Christmas book, Jack Frost.

  18. I do hope you are feeling better. I want to try that recipe sometime soon. It sounds and looks so good! How fun and brave to get the tatto!


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