Tuesday, October 24, 2023

what's in my purse


Happy Tuesday, friends! I thought I'd talk about the things I keep in my purse today. Do you love these kinds of posts as much as I do? Feel free to tell me what kinds of posts you love and I will try my best to accommodate. I love getting suggestions!

Onto the post now...

You may remember that for my birthday last year, I used the money I was given and treated myself to this beautiful purse. I picked it because of its neutral colors, and because I knew it would match everything. I was right! I've used it exclusively ever since the day I bought it, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I'll confess that when I took these pictures for the post, it had grown heavy. I am always cleaning it out and lightning the load again so it's not too cumbersome. 

Here's what the inside of it looked like last night, and this was without me touching what was inside and how things were thrown in there. You'll notice that I use little bags inside of my purse for certain things. I cannot stand having to dig through the clutter of purse contents, so I started doing this several years ago when there was a Charming Charlie in our area. I loved that store; have you ever been inside one? I loved how the store was arranged according to color, and that there was so much variety in the types of bags they sold. Two of these smaller bags both came from there. 

I keep things I might need if I'm sick in this black and white bag. I always have my inhaler, and a tin of medicine should any aches and pains arise. I keep it full! Tissues are usually in there, as well as my little hand held rechargeable fan. 

This Le Petit Prince bag is one my best friend bought me for my birthday. I had to read that book during my fourth year of French in high school, and it's become my work bag. I keep my work wallet and church credit card inside of it, along with a name tag lanyard and the one I wear with my work keys. I keep the wristlet in case I ever want to not wear a lanyard with my keys, and I always have a pocket knife on me. When I'm working, if I move inside the building, this goes with me. 

And this little bag holds my lip liners and lipsticks, a little mirror, a pencil sharpener for my lip liners, and a band-aid. 

Lastly, this little green pencil case holds my pens and a glass fingernail file. 

Yup, I'm an organizational nerd and geek out over bags and cases. 

I always have at least one hair elastic in my purse...

... and one or two of the protein bars I like. I don't like to be hungry when I'm out, and this ensures I won't get hangry!

I'd just been to the dentist today, so I had taken my Kindle with me, as I always do when I leave my house. I love getting a new toothbrush from a dental visit!

I keep this hand sanitizer spray on me at all times, as well. Have you ever used a spray like this? I prefer it over the gel. This came from Sprouts.

I almost always have hand lotion on me as well, because I have super dry skin, especially when the weather gets colder. 

And this is my wallet attached to my keys.

That's it! Does this seem excessive to you or not so much? Sometimes I'll switch over to a crossbody bag and carry small bits of most of these same type of things. Even if it seems like a lot, having everything in bags helps make it not seem like there's so much inside.

Now that I've shown you my purse and its contents, what are some other things you'd like to read about here? I've been running low on ideas lately and wracked my brain half a day before coming up with the idea for this post. Thanks in advance! And thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. You are a boy scout! I am pretty minimal right now and switch from a crossbody on the weekend to my school bag during the week and just throw the contents from one to the other but everything is also in pouches.
    Question - do you take your purse or your lip pouch to the bathroom when you get home for doing your makeup or do you keep spares in your purse and have all the same stuff in your bathroom, too?

  2. Jenn (showmeandsweettea) recently started a series called “five things”. She looked at a section of her kitchen counter and told us about five things. She keeps there and why, and then moved to an heirloom buffet, and did the same thing… That was kind of neat. Shay (Mix and Match Mama) has started doing Tuesday tours where she gives people little tours of spaces… I think she did a purse one recently. Anyway, I’m really good at coming up with ideas, but never take the time to execute them :/
    I have found, since Covid, that I RARELY carry a purse. In fact, I finally gave away most of them - and I love bags!!! Just doesn’t seem to be a need. I have two cards in my phone wallet and all membership cards are digital. I almost always have pockets - one for my phone, one for my key fob. I keep my wallet in my trunk and only take it out if I’m going to need it. Now, I do have a work bag with cords, nail file, lip stuff, pens, computer, and notepad….but only need that stuff for work so….life has changed so much!

  3. Amy, right? I use all of this stuff, though...but I need to clean out some of those lipsticks. I don't use two of them that much anymore. I go through times of being minimal too, and sometimes I'll use only one of those bags as a small clutch, like the plaid one or the teal one. Funny thing about lipsticks- I only keep my lipsticks downstairs. I have a bowl inside one of our kitchen cabinets that I use to hold them all, so there are none in my bathroom. I never really put it on until I'm about to leave home. Weird, huh?

  4. Jenni, thanks for the suggestions! I was so good at coming up with things for so long, and now I'm struggling. That's funny that you stopped carrying a purse! I did the same thing when I worked in an elementary school; I just carried a backpack with my wallet, keys, and a few essential things that I knew I'd need. I do feel like I change things around a lot, usually.

  5. I love what's in my bag posts! I use bags inside my bag too - as a matter of fact I think I might be obsessed with zip pouches! I love your little mirror, too.

  6. I'm on the same struggle bus with blog content! I'm planning some gift guides etc. for November. I have gone really minimal with my purse now - a small crossbody. I love the spray sanitizer too...I get mine at Trader Joe's.

  7. Ok you are able to fit so much! Wish we lived closer because I know who I would bug for last minute necessities ;)

  8. I remember Charming Charlie's! I loved the way the colors were grouped in sections in the store. I love the individual bags idea. My daughter was an Ipsy bag subscriber at one point and I have a lot of her hand-me-down bags, I like to be organized in my bag too and not have to dig around. Great post, looking forward to seeing what else you explore, and have us explore with you, maybe in a link party for 2024?

  9. Thanks, Obscure! I feel the same. I love zippered pouches!

  10. Tanya, I'm so glad it's not just me! It's been going on a couple of weeks. Hopefully we'll both gain some inspiration soon!

  11. Aw, Holly! Me too. I'd definitely have your back!

  12. Pamela, I loved it too! You should definitely use those bags. I love having everything neat and tidy!


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