Wednesday, October 25, 2023

What's Up Wednesday


Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm joining in with Sheaffer and Shay for today's blog post. I'll jump right in! 

What we're eating this week:

I've had some delicious takeout food recently! This side order meals from Chick Fil A made of the kale crunch side, an 8 count of nuggets, a scoop of pimento cheese, and using the honey barbecue sauce. It was amazing! I also got my favorite Chinese food from the local buffet that I love, and sushi I brought home on Sunday night. 

On Monday night we had taco bowls, and last night we had meatballs with marinara and with onions and peppers served on rice.

What I'm reminiscing about:

I miss these girls! I wish they lived closer, or that I saw them more often. I'm dreaming of the next time I'll see them and love on them. I loved spending quality time with them and coloring all the pictures. 

I'm reminiscing about these beautiful views! I spent time with my friend who I travel with this week. It's always so good to see her! 

What I'm loving: 

I bought a new comforter set on Saturday and of course I immediately put it on my bed! It will stay put until the spring, most likely. I couldn't love anything more! 

I love how my hearth looks and will seriously miss it when I decorate for Christmas. On the other hand, I am so ready to decorate for Christmas!

What I've been up to: 

I've been working and learning more there. It's never-ending! Last Thursday I felt like my brain was going to explode with the financial side of the store. Aside from working, I've been trying to find time to catch up with friends. I used to enjoy doing lunch out, but dinner works better for me now. I also don't like to be out for too many nights in a row, so it's tricky. It's worth the effort that it takes, though, because friendships are so important. I never regret an afternoon or evening spent with one, even if it takes some planning. 

What I'm dreading:

Honestly? I have to open the bookstore for a funeral that's taking place next week, and the man who died is someone I've known forever. He's not that much older than me, and we were really good friends back in our teenage days. They like for the bookstore to be open for people to come in and take a breather if they're upset during the funeral. That's the part that I'm dreading, because I am a sympathetic crier. I have been praying for his family for a while now; he leaves behind a wife and four kids under the age of 20. My heart aches for them, even though this was expected. 

What I'm working on: 

I just finished working on an application to submit in order to continue serving on the town library board for the next three years. I really love serving there! I had a meeting last night, and it was fun. I'm nerdy enough to be able to say that, right? 

What I'm excited about:

I am excited about Halloween night next week, and the fact that the cooler weather is returning. It's been in the 80's for the last week or so and I do not love it, I must confess.

What I'm watching and reading:

I have been watching all of the Hallmark and GAC Network Christmas movies...

And I've been catching up on episodes of Good Witch that I missed out on. I recently finished watching When Calls the Heart on Hallmark, and I've seen a few cute movies on Netflix recently. Every night when I go to bed, I watch Gilmore Girls. Todd and I watch NCIS every night on Netflix or Paramount. 

Have you watched Good Witch? I loved the earlier seasons of this show, but I didn't love the last two.  

As for the books I've been reading, you should come back on Tuesday of next week for my October book review!

What I'm listening to:

The dryer going, NCIS, and two dogs playing upstairs in Jonah's room.

What I'm wearing:

I'm wearing neutral shades of fall and makeup on my eyebrows. Anyone else new to this? 

I'm not really new to this, but I just don't usually take the time to do my eyebrows. As I'm aging, they're getting more and more sparse and lighter in color. So, I use an inexpensive pencil with a brush at the other end. I start on the thick corner first and fill in by using the pencil lightly and drawing straight up; then I fill in along the bottom and finish on the thinner end. I fill in the middle as well, and then I blend it all in really well. Do you have thoughts on this? I didn't expect to talk about this here today. 🤣 On the first picture above, I have no makeup on my eyebrows, and I do in the second. It makes a big difference, in my opinion.

What I'm doing this weekend:

I don't know what my plans are yet for the weekend, although I'm hoping Todd and I will do something fun on Saturday night. Stay tuned! 

What I'm looking forward to: 

I'm anxiously awaiting fall weather. Surely I won't be saying this same thing next month??? 

Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all.


  1. Eyebrows make a big difference! I like a very natural look and I have pretty good eyebrows because I never did overpluck. I got them waxed for years. Now they are a bit more sparse, so I fill them in with a pencil and then follow with a NYX brow gel that also has a brush on the end. I forgot it was What's Up Wednesday so now I'm kinda bummed, but I will make up for it Saturday! Ha! I'm a hot mess. I hope you can do something fun Saturday. What about something fallish? Can you visit a pumpkin patch, go to a festival, outdoor concert? I would like to do the same!

  2. Amy, I think they do too! That's pretty much the same I did- just filled in where they were sparse. I am thankful I never overplucked! I was never into that thin look of eyebrows, because mine were always kind of thicker. If the weather is good, Todd and I have something in the works for Saturday that's very Halloween-ish. I hope we can make it work with the weather!

  3. I think I might have to try that Chic Fil A meal- looks and sounds so delish! How is it that your lipstick always perfectly matches your outfits- always on point! :)

  4. Hi Jennifer :) I watched Good Witch and liked it ok. It was a very clean go-to when everything else seemed not okay.

    Have you watched Heartland? I just finished season 16 and it was super clean until it got a bit "woke" in the last season. I'll leave it at that.

    As for eyebrows...I have a little trick that I do. I put my eyeshadow on like usual and then I use the same brown color on my eyebrows. Just one light brush over my brows and it's the perfect match.

    And that CFA meal looks delicious! It's tempting :)

  5. What is it about our aging eyebrows?? The list never quits:) Sounds like a great week. Who knew there was a library council? Volunteering/being on committees is so beneficial for all of us. I need to do it more....

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. I have been "filling in" my brows for several years now. It definitely makes a big difference! I can't wait to decorate for Christmas. I think I will pull most of it out the weekend before Thanksgiving, and then we will decorate the tree when the kids get home. :)

  7. Your travel photos are so fun to look back on! Good luck with the funeral; that sounds like it is going to be so hard.

  8. Okay, I feel like I need to make a checklist for seeing you next week cause I feel like we have lots of topics to cover! Thanks for meeting with me during the day :.

  9. Holly, it is so good! Your comment about my lipstick made me laugh. It's one of two shades that I wear all the time!

  10. Debbie, I haven't watched Heartland. I started it several years ago, but I could not get into it. I need to try again. I have friends who love the show! I didn't realize that about it being like that in the last season or two. That's too bad. I felt the same about Good Witch...I didn't love the turn it took in the last season or two. Ugh.

    I have actually done that same trick before with my eyebrows! I forgot about it until you mentioned it here. I really like the pencil and brush I use.

  11. Jennifer, seriously! Who ever would have thought that would be a thing?? You're right, the list goes on and on. Yes! We have a large library in our town, and there's a board to help run it and make decisions pertaining to its wellbeing and future use. It's fun to be in on that kind of thing!

  12. Tanya, it makes a big difference! That sounds like a great plan for your Christmas decorating!

  13. Thanks, Joanne! I love that kind of thing. Thank you for that!

  14. Marilyn, no joke! I can't wait to see you!

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