Thursday, February 1, 2024

a few (old & new) things I love to wear right now


Happy Thursday, Happy February, and happy second bonus post of the week! For today's post, I'm linking up with Jill and Kellyann for their Fashion Files link-up. I received an order that I'd made a couple of weeks ago recently, and that is what inspired this extra post. If this isn't your thing, just scroll past this one to the next post. I have plenty posted to keep you busy! 

Because it's February, or maybe just because January was so dreary, I've been craving color lately. Last week, I decided to wear this bright red top that I bought from Marshall's recently. I was in need of something bright and happy! 

Another day I wore this taupe colored top that was a new purchase back in the fall. I consider this a neutral color and love to keep those in my closet for times when that kind of mood strikes.

I pulled out this older favorite top yesterday, because it was going to be a long day at work. I like to be really comfortable on longer days like that. 

I've been wearing this bright colored fleece pullover on the colder days. 

And while there was still snow and ice on the ground, and we all went in to work on those days, I went for warmth and comfort! I paired this old favorite Nike sweatshirt with a Columbia vest from years ago. 

Here are my recent purchases that I received yesterday and immediately tried on and loved. Believe it or not, I ordered these from Shein! You have to pay attention to the material and their size guide, and you need to read the description closely. I love all of these tops! I am always in need of new black tops, and I love the white detail on each side of this one.

This sweater is super soft and cozy, and the pearl details on each heart made me swoon!

I love this gray cable knit sweater. I don't think it looks bad with just the short sleeves, but I'll wear it with a long sleeved shirt under it while it's colder. 

And this pink colorblock sweater might be my new favorite! I love the colors, the material, the fit, and the rough edges. 

I tried my hand at a bold lip yesterday, but I couldn't pull it off. I'm going to search for a new pink or red lipstick to wear this month! Give me all your recommendations, if you have some! I'm also wearing my signature heart gold hoops, and little hearts in my second piercings. What are you wearing and loving lately? Thanks for reading my bonus post! Love to all. ❤️🩷


  1. There are so many shades of red! I like an orangey red in the summer. I really like the Maybelline lip crayon and you can always tone it down with a softer color on top. That's usually my trick to be honest! I actually found a red I really like at PoundTown - the Dollar Tree of England!
    I love your new order! My friend started ordering from Temu. I would like you to check back in about how it washes. I would definitely do cold and line dry, probably?

  2. Thanks, Amy! I have at least four different reds, and they all look totally different. I do what you do and tone it down with something lighter on top. I will keep you posted! It'll be a while before I try washing the sweater with the pearl details...I may just hand wash that one. Definitely cold water and no drying!

  3. I have gotten some great things from Shein.. and I've had some real misses too. That sweater with the hearts and pearls is darling! It looks like you got a great haul.

  4. Thank you so much for linking up with Jill & I. You struck gold with your Shein order, I LOVE that heart sweater with the pearl detail, it is so pretty and so are YOU!

  5. That color block sweatshirt is so cute! I want to order one! I’ve made a few orders from SHEIN for my daughter, and I’ve added a few things in. I’m not always crazy about the materials, and the sizes are off sometimes. My daughter wears a small, but I ordered an extra large top and it was so small she wears it! And it fits her!

  6. Thanks, Joanne! I've also had several misses, unfortunately. Thankfully their stuff isn't pricey, so it doesn't break my heart when that happens. I just pass it along to my local thrift group on FB.

  7. Thanks for hosting such a fun link party, Kellyann! And for your sweet words. Have a great day!

  8. Megan, I am the same way; several things I haven't loved, but I was super pleased with what I got yesterday. I really, really, really read the details in their description and I pay attention to the type of fabric something is. If I don't recognize something, I'll Google it first.

  9. I love the combo of neutral and colorful sweaters! I loved my sweaters this winter. Planning to get all of the wear till it warms up.

  10. Great outfits. Love the pearl detail on the pink hearts!

  11. All of those sweaters from Shein are so cute! I guess I need to check out the website. I think I would be nervous since I'm guessing it would be hard to return.

  12. Thanks, Mireille! I don't blame you, in fact, I am doing the same thing. It's not long that I have a window of time for dressing in sweaters, so I'm soaking it up while I can!

  13. Thanks, Marilyn! You should check it out. Just start slow and read the info about the fabric and sizing. The good thing is that nothing is expensive. All of those things cost about $60, so it doesn't break the bank, so to speak.


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