Friday, February 2, 2024

Friday Favorites, 2.2.24.


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for today's favorite blog post of the week. How's your week been? Mine has been pretty good, despite not feeling my best all week long. I'm hopeful that things will have turned around for me by the time you read this post. 

Moving on...this has been my favorite thing at work all week! I love having more counterspace in the bookstore's kitchen. 

It's such a small thing, but it makes such a huge difference! 

This pizza dip was a favorite this week. 

You can find the recipe at the bottom of this post, in my Monday recap blog post. It was more of a post about the food I ate all weekend.

These pancakes were another favorite! I love blueberry pancakes.

This mix is how I made them. I'm glad my son Graham introduced me to it recently!

This picture that I saw on Instagram this week took me right back to my teenage years. 

Did you love Debbie Gibson as much as I did? I wore this tape/cd out!

I shared these pictures below on my Instagram this week, in a weekly edition of what's for sale in the bookstore. If you're in need of a new Bible, here are a few of my current favorites!

This seven arrows Bible gives you prompts/things to consider to make you slow down in your reading.

I love the wide margins in this Note Taking Bible! And the cloth cover is beautiful. 

I love this (in)Courage study Bible!

And my She Reads Truth Bible is my all time favorite. I have it in rose gold, but it now also comes in champagne gold!

This may just be my new favorite top!

The sunrise this morning was also my favorite. This picture doesn't do it justice! 

Lastly, you all know that changing the wallpaper on my phone is always my favorite. Here are a few that I found yesterday that I loved, but I'm using that top one that you see above. All I do is go to Pinterest and search for "February screensavers", then I find one I like, take a screenshot and crop the edges, and "use as" my wallpaper and lockscreen. Easy peasy, and it changes the look of my phone each month! 

Did you happen to catch my other blog posts this week? I'll link them below.


Saturday was the first Share 4 Somethings post of the year!

Monday was a weekend recap/all about the food we ate post. 

Tuesday was when I talked about the books I read in January

Wednesday was a double post day! First was What's Up Wednesday, and second was an accountability check-in type post that I'm doing on the last day of every month this year. 

Thursday was another double post day; the first one was Thankful Thursday, and the second one was all about things (new & old) that I've been wearing and loving.

Just a quick reminder that on Wednesday of next week (February 7), our February edition of Currently will take place; we will talk about what we're currently l♡ving, l♡♡king frward t, ding t be r♡mantic, changing, and celebrating. I hope you make plans to join us! I'll announce the March prompts at the end of that post. 

What was a favorite thing from your week? I'd love to hear! Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all! 


  1. That top is perfect for the weather and for February and bonus that it matches your nails! Woo! I am making white chicken chili for my Soup Sunday and that will be lunch for Erica and I on Monday. She did turkey kale for us last Monday. I did Momfessionals tomato cream tortellini with diced ham for my boys and their friend last night - really good! I can tell I am winding down on the soups and comfort foods and getting ready for more light and springy foods.

  2. Thanks, Amy! I love it and noticed the same about it matching my nails. That soup and tortellini sounds delicious!

  3. Those wallpapers are so fun! Perfect for Valentine's Day.
    I loved Debbie Gibson - takes me back to High School. On a semi-related note my ex-husband (a notorous liar) once told me he helped Debbie Gibson pick out the hat for the front of that album after she asked him which one she should wear. Major Eye rolls.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I hope you are feeling better now.
    That pizza dip looks so good and the pancakes too! Yum, yum!
    Ahh! Debbie Gibson is such a blast from the past. I used to love her too! My fella and I were only talking about her the other week. I found out she was his first celebrity crush. lol

  5. Love your top!!! Classy and comfy! We love that pancake mix too. Happy February to you, my friend!

  6. The wallpapers are so fun, and thanks for the reminder about Currently! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. Thanks, Kirsten! I love them too, and though it's such a small thing, it makes me smile every time I see the hearts on my phone. That is so crazy that he told you that story! For real, though...I loved Debbie Gibson!

  8. Thank you, Kim! I was taken back as well. I wore this album out! I actually saw her post a video on social media recently, singing the song, I Get Lost in Your Eyes...she did not even sound like the same person! I was shocked at the difference in her voice. Age happens to the best of us!

  9. Thanks, Billie Jo! Happy February to you, my friend. 🩷❤️

  10. Thanks for that, Tanya! They really are so much fun. It's such a small thing! I'm glad you'll be linking up with us next week!

  11. Oh yes I remember listening to that Debbie Gibson album all the time; her and Tiffany! Gibson was recently on Celebrity Jeopardy and man does she look good! Apparently she still tours.

  12. That top is perfect for Valentines, and I love the screensaver with the conversation hearts saying You Are Loved. I just got a new Bible - the Spiritual growth NLT in navy and I love it so much.

  13. Yep, I absolutely loved Debbie Gibson and her music! But I really, really loved the Electric Youth perfume!

  14. Joanne, YES! I forgot about Tiffany, but I loved her too. I had no idea she was still touring!

  15. Thanks, Megan! I thought it was perfect for this month, too. That's great that you got a new Bible to use and love!

  16. Mandy! I TOTALLY forgot about the Electric Youth perfume! I had it too, and loved wearing it any chance I got. Oh my goodness, we should have a nostalgia celebration day on all of our blogs and throw it back to our teenage years!

  17. Those phone wallpapers are super cute!

  18. Fun post! The sunrise is beautiful.

  19. Thanks, Pamela! I love a sunrise. It's always so hopeful!


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