Friday, March 29, 2024

Good Friday Favorites, 3.29.2024.


Happy Good Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for today's favorite blog post of the week. How has your week been? Mine has been really good, and I am excited for this weekend's festivities. I say festivities, because aside from today being Good Friday, it's also my dad's 93rd birthday! I'll see him at some point today, most likely later in the afternoon. There's a Good Friday service at our church tonight, as well, and as much as I'd love to go, I think it'll overlap seeing him. If it works out differently, then I'll be able to do both. Have you ever been to a Good Friday service? I would say that they're one of my favorite services. Easter services are my very favorite, though. 

This image that my Pastor shared on his social media this week was my favorite. I love a timeline, and this is a great reading guide, for anyone who's interested, even if those days are already past. I think it's important that we understand the correct order of the events that happened in the days when Jesus walked on earth before His crucifixion. 

Speaking of that word "crucifixion" and words like "blood of Jesus", and "resurrection", I was saddened to hear of a mega church in North Carolina that decided not to use "offensive" words like that in their Easter services this weekend. They wanted to make sure that nobody felt left out or uninformed in them deciding on whether or not to come, and I think that they basically decided not to use these "church words". (I've never used so many quotes in all of my life.) Friends, this is heartbreaking, and another way that a church and its members and staff are just blending in with the world. We are not called to blend in, but to stand out since the Bible tells us that we are set apart! (1 Peter 2:9—But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his possession, so that you may proclaim the praises of the one who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

I never take pleasure in hearing of yet another body of believers slipping down a slippery slope of blending in. The church I'm talking about is the one that Steven Furtick pastors, and where the group Elevation Worship was born. I hope I'm wrong about this, but the article that I read was from a reputable source. We must watch out for the wolves that are in sheep's clothing! 

On a much lighter note, here are some more of my favorites from the last week. 

My Easter tiered tray is my favorite! I love making this little area seasonal. 

The last time I ordered this Thayer's facial toner, I mistakenly ordered the cucumber scent, and guess what? It's my new favorite! I wash my face in coconut oil every afternoon or evening, then I use this to remove any that is left. You'd be surprised at how much comes off on my little cotton round! You can click the picture if you want to check it out for yourself on Amazon! 

My friend Amy Hale posted this on social media, and I've seen it floating around again this week. This is my favorite advice over what to do when someone offends me. One of my favorite verses from Proverbs talks about this: A person's insight gives him patience, and his virtue is to overlook an offense. (Proverbs 19:11)

It was such a treat to leave home on Tuesday afternoon to get my nails done! Todd can't really handle the dogs right now on his own, so when Graham came home early, I took off to do this. I got my favorite color again, Let's Be Friends by OPI. 

Both this outfit and my sling bag are among the list of favorites this week. Amy, the picture of me wearing my bag is for you! Once again, click on the picture and you'll be redirected to a separate Amazon link. I can't express in words how much I love wearing this around!

Last on my list are these gorgeous tulips my sister Trish brought to us yesterday! Tulips are my favorite! The bunch was so full that I split it up into two vases. 

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And now, for a little blog business before I go. I wanted to remind you that tomorrow is our monthly Share 4 Somethings link party, where we'll share things we loved or dislikedaccomplishedimproved upon or something that needs improvement, and noticed. Also on Wednesday April 3, it'll be time for the April edition of Currently. That month's topics are things we're currently loving, looking forward to, buying, planting, and cleaning. Both link parties will open up at midnight on the day of their posts. I'd love for you to join in with one or both of those this week! 

What was a favorite for you this week? I'd love to hear from you! 

Thanks for reading my blog today, friends. I hope you have a great weekend, and that you spend time with your family soaking in the meaning of it with your family, for those of you who are believers. I saw a post on social media this week that said "Jesus changes everything!", and I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. His death, burial, and resurrection are the reasons why we have new life in Him today. He paid the penalty for our sin so that we could have eternal life with Him! As always, if you would like to talk more about this and don't want to leave a comment, feel free to email me at I'd love to talk more about having faith in Jesus! 

Love to all!


  1. Happy Good Friday and Happy 93rd to your sweet Dad! Thank you for the photo! That is perfect!

  2. Thanks, Amy! I was shocked I remembered to stop and take it on my way out from work yesterday. I hope that helps you decide!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad- enjoy your time together and Happy Easter!

  4. Happy birthday to your dad! I had not heard about that church doing that, and it is sad to hear of those decisions. I hope you do have a great Easter weekend and your tray looks so cute!

  5. Oh my word-in what world is ¨resurrection¨ offensive? It´s a wonderful word! And even for those who don´t believe, if they chose to go to church on Easter Sunday (which is great!) how could they be offended by that word and the others?? CRAZY! Happy Birthday to your dad! I hope you guys have a great day together and that you have a great Easter weekend!

  6. Thanks, Holly! Happy Easter to you as well, my friend!

  7. Thanks, Marilyn! Isn't that sad to hear of? I saw a video about it on Instagram as well, that Allie Buckley posted. She responds to them in her podcast.

  8. Maria, right?! Those were my same thoughts! It's so sad to me when a church does this kind of thing. Thanks for that, my friend! I hope you enjoy the weekend as well!

  9. Aww! Happy birthday to your dad.
    That timeline is interesting and what wise words from your friends about if someone offends you.

  10. Thanks, Kim! I thought it was interesting too, and I love those words from my friend!


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