Thursday, March 21, 2024

Thankful Thursday


Happy Thursday, friends! I'm so glad you're here to link up with me today; thanks for joining me some weeks! I hope your week has been good. Mine has, but I have to say that I am thankful for the fact that it's almost Friday so that we can get Todd's surgery behind us as soon as possible! So many of you have offered prayers for him, and I appreciate each and every one of them. Thank you! And on that note, I'll keep going.

I am so thankful for this sweet community that feels like so much more than just another online community. So many of you feel like friends to me that I have to remind myself sometimes that we've never met. I am excited to meet up with a few ladies from the blogging community in April for a weekend in Nashville! Marilyn and I will be meeting up with Joanne, Tanya, and Maria! I think it will be a blast, and I can't wait to get to know them all in person. 

I'm thankful for family dinner night that happened this week when Drew came to bring our lawnmower back! It's such a rare occasion when I see them all on the same day, so I soaked it up. 

You can't ever go wrong with chicken fajitas, right? There was a tiny amount leftover for my lunch today! 

I'm thankful for the fact that work was a little slow with people this week; it allowed me to get quite a few things accomplished there while I didn't have a stream of people coming in. It's spring break in our area this week, hence the low crowd and slower days. Here's what I did yesterday.

I stuffed a few hundred Easter eggs for a preschool egg hunt coming up in a week. After I finished all of those, I took these cross shaped cut-outs and wrote Bible verses on them to line the area under the bar counter. I will finish these today while I'm there until three. 

I'm thankful for the fact that Todd had an opportunity to see a friend that moved away one night this week. He didn't think it was going to work out, but everything all fell into place at the last minute on Monday night. I know he was thankful for this as well!

I am always thankful for things that are encouraging to me in my relationship with Jesus, and I came across the Candace Cameron Bure podcast again this week. It was all about anger, and how we should be slow in that reaction. Both she and Jennie Allen had some really great and practical tips on how to manage that emotion. I wouldn't say that this is something I struggle with too often, but I think all of us need tips on what to do with it when it arises. 

I'm thankful for authors who start to feel like friends! My Zoom meeting on Tuesday night went much smoother than it did two weeks ago. Bonus!

Joanna Weaver is not only a great writer, but a phenomenal speaker and teacher. 

What are you thankful for this week? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog and joining up with us today. Love to all!

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  1. You have lots to be thankful for- always love reading your lists- this week I am thankful for the joy my daughter is experiencing in her high school show

  2. Thanks, Holly! I love what you're thankful for; I am sure she is having the time of her life!

  3. How great that your family all got together! Those fajitas look good. I will tell you someone who doesn´t like them- Alyssa. She doesn´t like ¨limp¨ or soggy vegetables. So sheet pan meals in general are a no go. But I can tell you that the week after she is gone for college, I will make fajitas for Donnie and me for dinner one night! Will be thinking about and praying for you guys tomorrow...

  4. Love the sheet pan fajitas and you getting to see all of your people! I know you are so ready to get the surgery over! I will be praying!

  5. Maria, I know other people who say the same thing about limp veggies...but I can't fathom not loving this meal! I cooked the stew out of them, so they were charred and shriveled up, and it was amazing. I appreciate your prayers, my friend! Thank you!

  6. Amy, YES! I loved it too. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  7. I also like the Cameron podcast. Looking forward to meeting you in person too. I'll continue praying for Todd's procedure.

  8. Yay for family dinners! Even though 2 of my sons live in the house with me and the other is only 20 minutes away, those dinners are too few & far between!

  9. How fun to be having a blogger meet-up! Can't wait to see photos of the group.

  10. Yay to chicken fajitas and our blogger meet up! I am praying tomorrow goes well my friend. And thankful to call you friend!

  11. Tanya, thanks for mentioning it this week, I'd forgotten about it until that moment. I'm looking forward to that too! Thank you for your prayers, my friend!

  12. Pamela, I know! I'm excited to meet them all.

  13. Marilyn, YES! I am thankful for that same thing. Thank you for your prayers!


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