Monday, April 1, 2024

Hello Monday!


Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with Holly and Sarah for today's post. I hope you had a good weekend! Mine was good, albeit a little nondescript, so because of that, I thought I'd share some random things that were noteworthy and memorable in my memories on Facebook lately. 

This was me, glad to be seeing my Mom and sister this weekend! My mom needed a new pair of shoes, so we shopped for those, then we had lunch and made one more stop. I didn't buy anything this time, though, and was just along for the ride. 

In years past, we've gone to my mom's for Easter lunch, but because of one reason or another, sometimes this is a hit or miss event for us. Also, because Easter Sunday is always a long day for Todd and me, we don't love going anywhere after church. This year we didn't even plan anything, since Todd would be recovering from surgery, so the boys all came here after church and we had a delicious lunch. I made a chicken and rice dish that they all love, and Todd started it for me right before midnight on Saturday night. The rice took five minutes, and our lunch was quick, easy, and delicious. These are the Oreo balls that Todd made for our dessert! They were so good!

Here's what I wore to church on Sunday. I love this Amazon dress! 

I couldn't resist this picture of three out of four of our sons hanging out in Jonah's room after lunch! Jonah has a new hobby that you see in that cage and he was setting it up on the new table he ordered. He and Noah used to have leopard geckos, and out of the blue two weeks ago, he decided he wanted another one again. His girlfriend named him Dino, and he's cute! Those are the easiest pets. 

As I wrote this blog post yesterday, on this day four years ago, Jonah had the brilliant idea to build a high shelf in our garage to free up lots of the floor space. This was during the dreaded quarantine, and he stayed up until four a.m. one night watching videos and getting inspiration. The next day Todd and he went to buy the materials they would need, and by early evening, the project was finished and the garage was a whole lot neater! This was one good thing about quarantine that we loved; we got lots of things done and did lots of home improvement things that year. We still love this shelf; though the garage is not quite as neat now as it was then, it did just get another good cleaning last week. 

Also, yesterday was the eleventh anniversary of the day that Jonah, Noah, and I got baptized on a Resurrection Sunday! I love this picture, all those years later, and how angelic they looked in their little robes. Graham was right behind them that you see pictured, and Drew was too, though you don't see him. I always love when memories like these pop up on Timehop or my Facebook page. Sometimes I look at these pictures and can't even believe that memories like these happened so long ago. I'm so glad I have these to look back on, though, aren't you the same way? 

What'd you do this weekend? I'd love to hear from you! I also wrote two bonus blog posts this weekend and will link them below. 

Saturday was Share 4 Somethings.
On Sunday I shared about the books I read in March

Thanks for reading my blog today, friends. Love to all! 


  1. That's a great sign that Todd felt well enough to make Oreo balls! I love your dress and the first photo of you is really good.

  2. Those Oreo balls look delicious! It sounds like a wonderful Easter weekend.

  3. Thanks, Amy! I thought that was a good sign as well. He's getting stronger each day! He's hoping to get approval to do a little more this week when he goes to the doctor on Wednesday. Fingers crossed!

  4. Joanne, they are so good! They're almost gone, thankfully. Ha!

  5. So glad Todd is feeling better and yeah for Oreo balls! Love the pic of your baptism- what a special anniversary

  6. Hi! Although I live a very different life than the women in your link groups, I love all of your blogs and am always interested in reading about the way other people do things. I read almost every link in your weekly group posts. I have a question, although I'm not sure if the comment section is the right place, as I often see this kind of thing quickly devolve. But here goes - while I believe in God, I do not do organized religion, for many reasons. However, my actions serve God in most all I do - volunteer, help those less fortunate, reserve judgement, feed the hungry - I try to do the things that line up with the teachings of Jesus. My respectful question is this: how do you reconcile being a Christian with supporting Donald Trump?And not quietly supporting - creating a false idol. I honestly don't understand this phenomenon - everything the man does is in direct opposition to the word of God. Would you mind giving me your position on this? There will be no argument - I just genuinely want to know how people who identify as Christians justify this?

  7. I love Oreo balls and how good do those look! That is so cool what your son did in building that shelf in the garage. The fact that he thought of it, the fact that he did it- all very impressive!

  8. Thank you, Holly! They are so delicious...and they're finally gone. Ha! Things like that never last long in this house.

  9. Maria, ME TOO! I love them and will forever be a fan. Thanks for that about Jonah! I was so impressed by all of his research and handyman abilities. The other thing they did that year of the pandemic was to build our deck in the backyard. That time period was so much better than months of school work!

  10. Obscure- (I wish I knew your real name! It always feels strange to call you that.🤣)

    I'm so glad you read my blog! I do hope it always points you to Jesus. I also appreciate that you said you love my posts! Thank you for that kind encouragement. I know and love many people (some who are family) who are just like you: they believe in God, they have faith in God, but they don't go to church. I'm so glad we don't have to attend church to be saved! I do think that there is the fellowship of the body of believers that is missed if you don't attend church in person. I experienced that the year of 2020, when everything was shut down.

    I am also so glad you feel comfortable enough here to ask hard questions. I know that may sound strange to say, but I like to be open and honest about everything here, even if I don't talk about it very often; and I am speaking of the dreaded P word- politics. Have you noticed how neutral I keep it here? While I always welcome questions and concern, you'll never see me air my opinions here. I have to admit that I wondered what made you ask this, and then I saw the picture of my son's room with the Trump flag.

    As far as our political views, I have two very big issues that I always base my vote one: one is that we always need a President who supports Israel. If we ever get anyone in office who doesn't, we're in big trouble as a nation. The second is the sanctity of life. I believe that life starts at conception and I am and will always be pro-life. I don't think we've created a false idol for Donald Trump, although, maybe you're talking about my son's flag? I'm not sure, but none of us idolize him, though we definitely have our preferences. I definitely don't agree with everything that he has done, but when we voted for him before, we had to vote for the lesser of two evils. Does that make sense? I felt like that the first time I voted for him and I seriously paused before I submitted my final vote.

    Like I said, there are things that he has done that I don't agree with, but that's the case for everyone. We're all sinners, and while I can't say whether or not he is a believer himself, I still support that he is in agreement with those two big issues I mentioned above. I can't speak for all believers, but I would say that the majority of Christians who vote for him would feel the same way as me. I've talked about these very things with many of my friends.

    One last thing I also want to mention is that he is a great business man, and I think he did a great job of running the country while he was in office. Our gas prices were lower, he is "for" the blue collar workers, he made the VA hospitals across the nation so much better than they've ever been before, and the unemployment rate was extremely low, not to mention interest rates. As a family of blue collar workers, this is also very important to us as a family!

    I hope that answer helps you gain a little understanding! The beautiful thing about living in a country like ours is that we're each entitled to our beliefs and opinions, and I value your stance as well! Feel free to answer back here or to email me at if you want to talk more! I say this with the utmost love and respect for you as well, and I do honestly hope this helped you understand the viewpoint of voting with moral issues as believers.


    1. Thank you for both your answer here and your blog post! I have been out of the country and while I read your post I didn't have the time or headspace to reply ;) I have lived most of my life in NYC ( am now in a suburb just outside until my kids are gone) and don't often have the opportunity to talk to people who support Trump. (His hometown does not) I'm not sure why it's so difficult to have these conversations, and I definitely felt that you really think about your faith and what it means, and that while we may practice very differently, we both definitely believe in loving your brother and sister. This division among us is sinful , and wrought by both politicians and the media- we can't even disagree respectfully? So I really appreciate your thoughtful response!

  11. Oreo balls are so good! Your Easter dress is super cute!

  12. Bri, they really are! Thanks for the dress love!


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