Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Let's Look: summer schedule/routines

Happy bonus blog post day! (Why are these coming more frequently as of late?) I am joining in with Shay and Erika for this fun link party. I don't participate in these every single month, but I love the idea of a summer schedule, which is what they're talking about today. I'll jump in!

I'll start by saying that I'm at the stage of life where my life doesn't change that much from one season to the next, but I do different things in the summer, which is always fun. Now that my sons are grown, it's funny how life looks so different; I do think that I will always love summer, no matter my age. 

Every morning when I wake up, I let the dogs out, get my coffee, and read for about half an hour. Chloe the pup cuddles in my lap during this time, then when she gets down, I'll read blogs and work on my own and respond to comments. I get up from my spot around six (I'm always up at 4 something, or 5 something at the latest) and start on laundry and then will have my quiet time while the clothes refresh in the dryer. After that, I get started on lunches for the day, both theirs and my own. 

I'll finish lunches, fold one small load of laundry, then by 7:45 I'm upstairs getting dressed for the day. When I finish, the last thing I do before coming back downstairs is make my bed. Do you do this everyday?

Depending on my workday, I'll be home either at 12:40 or 3:10. When I get home, sometimes I like to come home and shower and then get comfy for the rest of the night. Other times I'll wait to do that until five thirty or six, but I do love to shower each night before bedtime at some point in the evening. In the time between getting home and starting dinner, I'll eat lunch (or have a snack if it's later), I'll drink water (since I'm bad about not drinking enough at work), I'll spend time on the computer corresponding on my blog or working on my upcoming posts, I'll read, or sometimes I'll watch a show. I like to clean on Mondays and Fridays, but I also spend time everyday doing this in some form; I'll wipe down the bathrooms everyday, clean the counters, vacuum, Swiffer dust the furniture downstairs (thanks to the dogs), and I love to light candles, even in the summer time. During the next two weeks (starting today), I'll be spending some time swimming in my neighbor's pool! They leave to go out of town for two weeks today, so I'm excited about just being able to walk across the street to do this again.

In the afternoons are when I talk to Noah, like I did on Monday when we talked about meals that he's been making. He asked me for this recipe that I've been making of Shay's that's his favorite. It's good that he's 21 now so that he can buy the beer that this requires! 🤣

Sometimes after work, I'll go get my nails done. Today after work, I'm getting my hair done! 

We'll eat dinner (either I'll eat alone, or Jonah and Graham will eat with me since Todd works almost every night), I'll clean up afterward and sometimes start the dishwasher, then I'll make sure that my blog post for the next day is ready before I schedule to post. I'll start other posts when an idea strikes, or sometimes I'll use the evening time to catch up on a show, like I did last night when I watched the latest episode of When Calls the Heart. The last thing I do each night is to load anything left in the sink into and start the dishwasher. I always either read in bed or I'll watch one episode of a shorter show that I don't mind falling asleep to, but I am always asleep before ten because I'm up so early each day. 

What does your summer schedule and routine look like? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my second post today, friends. Love to all! 


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    1. How are you able to get up so early? I like the idea of being an early riser, but I just cannot get myself to get up. Each morning, I have to force myself up at 6:45 am because I needed to be at work.

    2. Hey there, Molly! I think the biggest factor is that I'm such a morning person. That being said, as early as I get up requires an early bedtime. I rarely stay awake until ten! I've been asleep by nine thirty the last two nights, so it's definitely give and take. I think that it's possible to train ourselves to do this, though...but it starts with getting good sleep, and the proper amount. That's so hard when you can barely get up! I've been on that end as well, and my heart goes out to you, since it was a feeling I didn't enjoy.

    3. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. This is interesting to read about people's schedules! In some ways, I feel like my summer schedule is the same where I work the same schedule, yet when I 'm not working, that always looks different from day to day.

    1. I think so too! I love reading about this kind of thing. I get that days off can be different; I try to do that sometimes myself.

  3. I remember when Jack graduated from high school and I realized I wouldn't be on a school schedule for the first time in my life. Like you said, now my seasons run together and I'm still trying to figure out my empty nester schedule. But I'll get there! Loved reading about your schedule!

    1. I am confident you'll figure all of this out, too! It's such a weird phase of having grown kids, when we can think about other things than just them. Thank you! I love reading about this kind of thing as well.

  4. I like your cute little heart tattoo : )

  5. I am the same, my life doesn't change that much in the summer. The only difference is my youngest doesn't go to college for 3 days during the week so we might have an extra lie in or day out. Your days sound lovely!
    I am guilty of not making my bed every day! Oops. I like to light candles in the summer too, I like fruity, fresh one's!
    Have fun in your neighbours pool!


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