Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Twins, The Mommy, And The Cop

Sounds like a comedy, doesn't it? It really wasn't, though. Yesterday was beautiful here, and it was already 65 degrees outside when I took the boys to school. Graham and Drew wanted to walk in. Let me explain for those who don't know what I mean. Graham and Drew live too close to school to be bus riders. I feel we live too far away to be bike readers or walkers by themselves. So what I do every afternoon is park on a road by the school, and let them be "walkers" out to my car. They like to be "walkers" in on pretty days, and yesterday was one of those days.

So I did my usual thing, and I sat in the car and watched them until they got to the school property. Well, the police officer STANDING RIGHT BEHIND ME did not like that idea. He told me that I was not allowed to do that because I was causing traffic problems. I informed him that since there was no sign saying not to, that I could do that if I so chose. He told me to use my common sense. I was mad, I admit. I feel like I always use my common sense, especially when it concerns my children. But then I told him (before he stopped being Mr. Nice Cop, and issued me a ticket for being belligerent) that I would abide by what he said and no longer do that. I did, however, still pick them up in that spot that afternoon. Hey, he didn't tell me not to.

Graham and Drew have been BEGGING me to let them ride their bikes to school. I noticed yesterday that there are about 10 kids in this neighborhood alone who ride the same path they would take. So I reluctantly agreed. They left me watching from the front porch at 8:30 this morning. I did really good (however I got NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER FROM MY MOM IN LOVE!!!!!), and didn't begin to panic until 10 minutes after they'd left, thinking the worse. Right after the time Phyllis basically said, "You did NOT let them ride their bikes to school!" So I quickly threw on clothes, hopped in Todd's car and took off to the school. Much to the dismay of the infamous Ms. Gaines (the gym teacher who loves my kids), I rode by and noticed that, yes they did indeed make it to school without being kidnapped. Hey, you never know in today's world, right? I would have actually followed them, but they implored with me not to. So, as I drove by their bikes, Ms. Gaines had this huge smile on her face and was waving at me like, "Are you crazy, woman?!?!" Yes, in fact I am crazy. About my kids and their safety. And lots of other things, but that's not what I'm writing about.

So, will I let them do this tomorrow? Depends on the weather. I'm giving them room to grow...pray my mommy's heart will make it! :( Oh, and just teasing with ya, Phyllis. Thanks for putting up with my sarcasm and practical jokes...a.k.a. the plastic spider I threw on you and started screaming about. Remember that? I've never seen you move like that! Lots of love!

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  1. OKAY!!!! I'm sure glad you cleared that up before signing off. I had no problem with my super intelligent mature grandsons riding their bikes. I was just concerned that it seemed so far to me BUT I knew they could make it. I actually laughed when you told me you went to the school to check on them. That was your idea not mine. Also, one day you will remember that it's different when it's your children and when it's your GRANDchildren.
    I love you!!!!!


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