Wednesday, December 4, 2013

some things you may not know about me

I love musicals.  When I was a young girl, my dad would receive one classical movie every month, in the mail.  Those days were golden to me, and thanks to him, I know tons of songs from these movies.  The Sound of Music is one of them.  We used to watch that movie every single weekend, both VHS tapes, without fail.  I can recite the entire movie and sing every word to almost every song.  With that being said, I am SO looking forward to tomorrow night's The Sound of Music Live! on NBC.  And Carrie Underwood as Maria is genius.  I've already watched the making of this show, and trust me, it'll be phenomenal.

My all time favorite candy is this amazing ball of chocolate~it's shaped like an orange and has orange flavoring in it.  So, it's kinda like a chocolate orange.  My sister Tricia brought me two of those today, and tulips!!  She must have sensed my need for some love.  ;)  Oh!  And I hid them.  I cannot trust those I live with.

Aren't they beautiful?!

I have a coffee mug addiction.  I particularly have a Christmas coffee mug addiction.  I made some coffee tonight (since I can't have any in the morning), and enjoyed it in my current favorite mug.

I also love Christmas books.  We have an abundance of them in my house, for the kids and for me, and I've been re-reading some of my favorites.  The boys love them, too, because I'll occasionally catch them snuggling up on the couch with one.  I love reading these books aloud to my opinion, you are never too old to be read to.  I have been reading like crazy the past few days, and tonight I started my fourth Christmas book in about as many days.

I have "white coat syndrome".  Meaning, that when I go to the doctor for any reason, the minute they take my blood pressure or listen to me breathe, my heart starts pounding really hard.  The minute they stop, it goes away.

Lately, I've been making these "deals" with myself.  For instance, if I am wanting a second cup of coffee in the morning, and there are dishes in the sink drying or on the counter waiting to be put up, I won't allow myself the coffee until I've cleared the sink and counters.  I am completely neurotic, I realize that.  I confess that to you.

When I was young, I was very insecure and shy.  I didn't have many friends and was always envious of those who had plenty.    When I became an adult, the more I grew in my relationship with Him, the more He changed me.  Nowadays, I am secure in Who I belong to, and I can talk to anybody.  And a bonus is that He has given me some amazing, genuine friends.  I was struck with the thought today as my phone rang, that I pray I am as good a friend to my friends as they are to me!

I cannot stand it when people are two-faced.  You know the kind of person I'm talking about~one who is one way in the privacy of their home, and another way in public.  I have little to do with people like this in real life, and I have no place whatsoever for them in my life.  Life is entirely too short to be wasted on such ridiculous-ness.

I love all things Christmas.  Music, holiday specials on TV, decorations, name it, I love it.  I am so blessed to have my kids at home with me~and as their eyes stare in wide-eyed wonder at the decor around us, I thank God for the moments He gives me with them.

Somebody  recently asked me why I homeschool.  I kinda thought that was an odd and highly personal question.  The reason is simple: I love it.  I love having them home, I love seeing them learn new things and witnessing the light in their eyes when they finally "get" it, I love the freedom it gives us.  We're not tied to a schedule, or certain days or a time frame.  Well...we are kinda, but you know what I mean.  We still have to "have school" a certain number of days and grades have to be turned in at certain times, but we can do school at night, or in the mornings, or on weekends.  We usually never have to, because right now, they're great about finishing their work.  The only one that has to work odd hours is Graham~the older you are, the harder the work is and the longer it takes.

Well.  I've been putting off going to bed, but I need to do that now.  I'm afraid after all the coffee I've had, that sleep might allude me tonight.  It's okay~I'll get all caught up tomorrow.  ;)  Love to all.

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