Wednesday, May 20, 2015

our weekend getaway

This past weekend, Todd and I went to St. Louis for one night.  His brother Tim celebrated his forty-first birthday on Thursday of that week, and as a surprise, we met them in St. Louis along with Tracy's brother and his wife.  I was shocked that he didn't pick up on the surprise, because they arrived at the same hotel at the same time.  And her brother and his wife kept having to hide from him, as they would spot him walking through the garage or the lobby.  Todd and I got there first and checked into our hotel, then took a cab to their hotel, which was a lot closer to Busch stadium.  They arrived at the hotel and we all met up for the surprise at the restaurant at the top of the hotel.

Here are all of us.

From the restaurant, we walked to the stadium and up and up and up, as we made our way to our seats.

It was a gorgeous night, once the drizzly rain went away.  The Cardinals lost and a woman got mad at us for standing up during an inning (I didn't even know that was a THING) as we went to buy ice cream, but it was a really fun night.  Here are Tim and Todd.

We were on our way out of the stadium when I took this.  Tim was dancing prior to this, hence the laughing smile you see on his face.  We went back to their hotel and had Starbucks afterward, and finally, at almost midnight, we made it back to our hotel.

It was a really fun night away from home, and St. Louis has some beautiful buildings.

We slept really good, and woke up at nine the next morning.  We got dressed and grabbed some breakfast, then began the drive home.  The smile on Tim's face as he saw us made the whole trip totally worth every penny.  We love spending time with them and always have fun when we're all together.  I wish it could happen more often!

Love to all.

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