Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A re-post from four years ago, on this day, and because I get to see her next week!

She would come over and eat a yummy dinner with us, we'd make cookies for usthe boys, and we would just hang out and talk.  Sometimes we would watch The Bachelor (or The Bachelorette), and sometimes we would watch a chick flick.  It never mattered.  I just liked to be with her.

I miss her hugs.  She gives really great hugs (for a girl).  ;)

I miss her laugh...we would laugh together at the silliest, sometimes dumbest things.  And she has a great, loud, contagious laugh.

I can't eat peanut M&M's without thinking of her.  Or Chex Mix (homemade, of course) or chips and salsa.

I miss my Madea-watching buddy.  We even got yelled at one time by some random man in the movie theater that thought he was being cool, I guess.

I miss my midnight-movie-going friend.  Yes, we went to see the 2nd Twilight movie at midnight.  And we wore "I Love Edward" pens.  :)

I miss doing Bible study with her.

I miss praying with her...we had this thing that every time we prayed together, we ended up in tears.  Together.

Choir was never the same once she left...we would often crack up laughing at the most inappropriate time...especially when we saw the word retard.  I juvenile.  Don't judge.

I miss our long, drawn out emails...she was quite bored at her job and we would email back and forth all day long, talking about everything...but always giving each other encouragement.

She is my friend who sticks closer than a brother.  My spiritual sister in Christ.  We are the "iron sharpens iron" type of friends.

She might be the only other person as in love with God and his word as I am.

My sweet, precious Christa.  I love her, and tonight especially, I'm missing her. 

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