Tuesday, December 8, 2015

show & tell Tuesday Christmas decorations

Good morning!  Today is Show & Tell Tuesday over at Momfessionals, and I am linking up with her for this post.  I thought I would invite you into our home and show you our Christmas decorated house.  I love Christmas!  I have some in almost every room.

Our dining room usually doesn't get used during the week, but when friends are here and when community group is going on, it gets used.  I always have to put the desk back there under the mirror, because our Christmas tree sits where the desk usually does in the living room.  It's kinda crowded in the dining room with the desk, but I don't mind it that much.  The arrangement you see on the table is one that my mom made.  The merry sign came from a friend of mine from two years ago at a women's event at our church.

The kitchen looks so different this year, with the different counter tops and cabinets.  I love it!  I've already changed things around in the kitchen since I took these pictures.  I always do that~move objects around from one place or room to another.  I love my little snowman canvasses that Jonah and Noah painted for me their third grade year.  I love my bottle of lights in this picture right above~a sweet friend of mine had surgery a couple of years ago, and when I took her dinner, she gave me that as a gift.  I might have cried.  I love the gingerbread cookie plate~every year I think this will be the year that we put that recipe to use.  The red sign about what love is I bought from Home Goods, a couple of weeks ago.  (I've moved it to the piano, though.)

Our kitchen table and door that leads into the laundry room.  I love my snowman plate and the sign on the door that says "Rejoice".  My mom gave that to me a few years ago.  Actually, Mom gave me most of my Christmas decor.  And my sister Lisa.  She moved and downsized and I inherited some things.  :)  I love hand me downs.

The table at the top of the stairs.  I usually put these tall green trees on the dining room table, but I switched things up a bit this year.

My downstairs bathroom.  I love these little snowmen!  They were a gift from Drew's first kindergarten teacher.  (He had two that year.)  I always put these little guys in the same spot.

I added some things to the floor and to the top of the bookshelf in the living room.  I love the way the room looks at night, with the lights on the tree and mantle twinkling.  Most of the ornaments on our tree were either made by the boys, or they were given to me by family or friends.

This is the nighttime view.

Also new to me this year is the pillow I have on our bed that my sister Trish bought for me and gave to me for an early birthday present.  I love the pillow!

One more favorite thing of mine is the little decoration that my sister Lisa gave me several years ago for my birthday.

It's also a tree ornament, but I keep it sitting on the table beside my chair in the living room.

That pretty much sums up all the Christmas in our home.  Jonah and Noah have lights in their room, and the outside of our house is decorated with lights and a couple of inflatables.  Also new this year are some window candles I put up Sunday.  I was waiting on batteries to put inside them, which we got on our giant Costco run after church.

Thanks for visiting!  Love to all.


  1. Jennifer, I love all of your decorations. The soft green color of your paint is wonderful!

  2. Thank you! I love that green, too, and it's been there for about seven years. I am a sucker for bright colored paint. :) Thanks for stopping by and for the comment! God bless.

  3. Love your decorations and the tree is beautiful! :)

  4. I love your Christmas decorations. Especially the Santa with the long beard. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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