Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

I have missed writing about my weekly favorites!  Happy Friday to you.  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for this blog post.

Since my week began in Parker, Colorado, I'll start there.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned on here before how much I love architecture.  I'm slightly obsessed with historical homes and I love driving around to look at them.  (This includes some buildings, as well.)  I love this little area in Parker that is similar to what a town square would be.  I love the homes that were turned into shops or small businesses and I love the fact that every where you look in Parker, you see Christmas trees.

I love Christmas, hence my Christmas tree obsession.  This is my favorite area in Parker, Colorado.

Also, while in Colorado, the sunsets and the sunrises are my favorite.  For some crazy reason, when I'm there, I wake up crazy early.  The colors were brilliant on the night I took this picture, but if you'd looked off to the right, you would have seen blues, pinks and purples.  It was beautiful.

My sister Debi bought this shirt for me for my birthday.  It's my new favorite shirt.  Have you seen the ad for Ruby's Rubbish on Instagram or Facebook?  I have, and I have actually seen this shirt, and I loved it.  All their shirts are cute, and super soft, and I'm about to order another one for my birthday.

I've been reading in Ruth this week, one of my favorite Old Testament books in the Bible.  I finished Judges on Monday, and the next book in the Bible is Ruth, so I kept going.  After Ruth, I think I'm going to switch to the New Testament for a bit, and I'm thinking of reading through Luke.  This way of reading and studying the Bible is my favorite.  It's the SOAK method, and you go one chapter at a time.  SOAK stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Kneel in Prayer.  I love going nice and slow, because it seems like I get more from it that way.

If you've never studied on your own before and you're overwhelmed, simply pray and ask God to help you understand.  When we ask for His wisdom, He is gracious to give it.  I always pray before sitting and reading.  Start there and see what happens.

My favorite place.  My beloved church home.  I love this student ministry and we had a great service Wednesday night.

I love worshiping with teenagers!  I always sit in the back and I had one precious girl ask if she could sit beside me.  Happy heart.

That same precious girl came over yesterday and spent about an hour with me.  I love that they know that my door is always open.

I've been reading through Psalms, lately, and these verses jumped out at me that morning.  Also?  Using my journal while I read the Bible is my favorite.  I write everything down.  Everything.  Where I'm reading, what I'm doing that day, prayer requests, praises that have been answered, every little detail of something I want to remember.

If you don't journal, you should try it for yourself.  I usually buy mine at Target, and sometimes I just use plain ole spiral notebooks.  That's where I record where I'm studying using the SOAK method.

Last night I spent some time with some of my favorite people on the planet, my in-love's.  We do Thursday nights with them whenever we're able.  We had delicious subs from a pizza place near them and the best cookies I've ever eaten.

Todd and Noah returned home last night, and all was right again.  That is my favorite~when all my people are back under one roof.

Happy day to you!  Love to all.


  1. I absolutely love old homes too, I've always thought it would be so cool if houses came with books full of the people who have lived there and what important life events happened under that roof. Maybe this comes from living in an old farm house? I love reading through Luke this time of year, the record of the Christmas story written in Luke is probably my favourite. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  2. Donna, that would be amazing! I would also love to see how it was decorated in different time periods. I also love old abandoned buildings. Have you heard of the Parisian apartment that was perfectly preserved for years and years after its owner died? You should Google it. It's gorgeous.

    Thank you! I am definitely going to read through Luke. Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.


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