Monday, November 21, 2016

the weekend

Happy week of Thanksgiving!  I cannot believe it's already this week, but I am so excited to sit around the table with family and eat together, and then to come home and pull out all the Christmas decorations.  Many years ago, I used to decorate before Thanksgiving, but my husband really likes to celebrate each holiday on its own, so now we wait until the night of Thanksgiving or the next day before we decorate.

Here's what we did this weekend.

Friday night was super rainy, for which I'm thankful, and consisted of Todd, Jonah, Noah and I going to Pyro's (a local pizza joint) for dinner.  Graham and Drew had dinner with their friends, and went to see the new Madea movie in the theater.  After dinner, we went to Rack Room and bought new shoes for Jonah and for me.

After that, we went to Walmart, and Todd bought a new toy for the boys and himself.

These little gadgets are Rocket Copters and they light up so you can see where it lands.  They did this for almost a solid hour.  I love times like that!

On Saturday morning, the boys and I went to my dad's house to decorate the outside of his house for Christmas.  Dad lives on about eleven acres and with his age, it's hard for him to hang the lights, so for about the seventh or eighth year now, we've done this for him, along with my sister Trish.

This was our last tree.  We're goofy, we know.  We all have "our" jobs every year~Trish and Drew line the peer with icicle lights, I do the bushes with Noah usually, and Graham and Jonah decorate all the little trees that line the driveway.  We work together for the trees around the lake and the one by his house that we're hugging in this picture.

We always eat lunch while we're there, and it's always delicious.  We had chili and hot dogs on this day.

After we were done, Graham left from their house to go work at a campground for the rest of the day, and Drew, Jonah, Noah and I headed home.  But we made a pit stop along the way to look at some really pretty homes in the area.

We found this water tower and they convinced me to stop so they could climb it.  The ladder was about ten feet off the ground, though, so Noah was given a boost by Drew and he's the only one who was able to climb.  He made it to the top of the green in the picture and then I made him come down.
Noah's day was made, because he always loves to climb.  Always has, always will.

I was in awe of all the beautiful trees that have FINALLY changed colors.

Todd worked with the sheriff's department that night, so Drew, Jonah, Noah, Drew's friend Andrew and I went to Mom's and Bill's for dinner.  Graham got off work around six and he went to dinner with a friend, and then they all watched a movie when we got back home.  Not me, though.  I watched a(nother) Hallmark Christmas movie.


This is my church.  I was there early, with Graham, and we enjoyed an awesome service.  The worship was incredible and we had a special group there singing, the Memphis Youth Performing Arts Company.  It was a group of students, ages seven to eighteen.  I was back at three for choir practice and stayed until five thirty, then came home to get the boys and went to Burger King for dinner.  We met some of their friends there and afterward two of the girls came home with us and we watched the Hannah Montana movie.

I love that movie!  I forgot how much I enjoyed it and how much I miss that show.

It was a great weekend, and the only things on my agenda for this day are laundry, cooking dinner and taking Graham for his senior pictures.

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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