Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, and happy Christmas season!  Two of my favorite things are wrapped up in that one little sentence.  I hope all of you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving day.  I know we did!  Thanksgiving is my favorite day, because usually on that night once we're home, we decorate for Christmas.  We did that last night, but more about that in a minute.

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Here are some of my favorite moments from the week.

I was struck by this image on my way into church on Sunday.  I am so thankful for the fact that God placed us here all those years ago.  It'll be six years in May that we've been at this church.  These people are my other family, and I love them.  I am so thankful for our Pastor, and our music pastor (who is like another pastor to those of us in the choir), our youth pastor, our kids pastor, and all the other wonderful people who work there on staff.  They are all my favorites, and I literally thank God for them all the time.

I can't go any further without saying that all of those I just mentioned are people, and while I am thankful for them, I am MOST thankful to Jesus Christ, and His ultimate gift for us, of eternal life.  He is the One who has put this love for Him and others in my heart, and He is literally my EVERYTHING.  I cannot imagine life without Him, and I pray that I never have to.  Not that He would ever leave me, because His word says over and over that He will never leave us or forsake us, but we, as flawed humans, can certainly turn our backs on Him.

I pray that He always keeps me closely tucked into His side, and that I always cling to Him (Psalm 91).

I pray that for all of my loved ones, under this roof that I sleep under, and my extended families, and I pray everyday that my lost loved ones will come to know Him.

This two hour slice of time that I spent with my oldest son Monday night was one of my favorite moments.  He's not a huge talker, and sometimes I think that he just likes a good companionable silence.  We did that some, while we were waiting on his senior pictures to be taken, and we talked some.  I always wonder what is going through his mind.  Sometimes he opens up a lot, and sometimes only a little, but I do know that he talks to Toddley all the time.  For that I am so thankful.  Not every son and dad are that close, and while they mess around with one another constantly, they are very close.

Hello, Lovies!  These are all of my favorites.  Well, not really.  I wasn't as crazy about that salted caramel mocha as much as I'd hoped I'd be.  It's pretty salty.  I know that sounds gross to some of you, but at Starbucks, it's the perfect mix.

Noah and Graham are in love with the peppermint mocha, and last night, I made hot chocolate for Noah using that creamer.  It was so good!

Frosted sugar cookie is my favorite.

Tuesday night was another favorite moment.  Our music pastor had the music department members come for a chili dinner at 5:30, then had us stay to decorate the church.  How brilliant was that idea?!  Someone has to do it, and you might as well bring in food, because we Southern Baptist folks like to eat.  I love seeing our church all decked out for the holidays!  Also, I cannot wait until Sunday, because we are singing some beautiful Christmas carols.  The stage will be beautiful too, I know, because of all the trees and the new little something something my husband, my oldest son and the technical director were involved in this week.

It's the most wonderful time of year.

If you hate Christmas, I'm sorry.  You might need to unfollow me until after the new year.

My favorite author wrote this beautiful new book, and I am SHOCKED that I haven't even started it yet.  That will happen today, though.  I must stop with the Netflix.

And the Gilmore Girls.

Reading Luke this week has been one of my favorite past times.  I love what God showed me in Luke two this week.  I love the word of God!  It is truly living and active.

My mom and sister Tricia and I were the only ladies in attendance at yesterday's Thanksgiving lunch.  They're some of my favorites!  We were missing the other half of us yesterday.  It seemed so quiet!  It was a nice day, though.  My nephew Tyler and his  girlfriend Terry did stop by right before we left.

This is why Thanksgiving is their favorite.  They were heading to the woods to shoot their guns.  The smile on my husband's face was so genuine and child like.  This is their favorite hobby.

Noah stayed back with Mom, Trish and me.

And lastly...

This is why Thanksgiving is my favorite.  We come home and do this.  Even though I lost some stuff last year and have to replace some things today (garland, and something else small), we got this done and then sat and ate Rotel and watched Elf when we were done.  Graham and Drew went out with one of their friends and came home sometime after midnight, but they had to wake me up to tell me they were home.

The only downfall to the whole day is that later last night, my mom and Jonah got really sick.  I think it's the front that was coming in or something, but they were both PITIFUL last night.

Well.  I have to go and get dressed and get started on some laundry.  Go read some more Friday Favorites from the Momfessionals blog and enjoy your day.

Love to all!


  1. Your tree is beautiful!! How far apart are your boys?

  2. Thank you, Nina! My oldest is seventeen, then sixteen and the twins are thirteen. All their birthdays are within three weeks of one another~March 10 through April 3. I love their closeness now, even if things were a LOT crazy when they were all little bitty. I wouldn't have it any other way!


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