Wednesday, February 15, 2017

my perfect Valentine's day celebration

Years ago, when Toddley and I first got married, we both agreed that we wouldn't celebrate Valentine's day.  He has forgotten this a few times in the years we have been together, but mostly, we just don't do this day.  I know that most people do, and we are the {weird} exception.  I promise not to judge you if you celebrate this day, and know that I have LOVED looking at all the throwback pictures of my friends on social media through the years with their significant other.

I really don't remember why we said we wouldn't celebrate this day.  I do know that we have always been all about the little things, and the mundane and ordinary.  We are just simple people, I guess, and neither one of us requires much for us to be happy.  {Again, I know that we are the weird exception, and we are totally fine with that.}

That being said, here is how I spent my day yesterday.

Well, I guess I need to back up a bit to the day before when I bought some special muffins for them all to enjoy this morning.  {We do celebrate with special meals, so maybe we're not too terribly weird.}  They all had a giant muffin for breakfast, and I made them all their drink of choice.  {Two milks and three coffees.  Drew had milk AND coffee.}

These are my husband's daily to go drinks.  Two cups of coffee and water.  Some time ago, I started praying and asking God to show me specific {little, even} ways to serve my husband and boys.  Well, one morning I had the thought that I should make Todd's drinks for him.  I started that day, and I've missed less than a handful of times since then.  It's one less thing for him to do in the mornings, because he is NOT AT ALL a morning person.

Do you know what I am?


Okay, okay.

I am the complete opposite of him.  {Insert laughing face emoji.}  When I say that I am a morning person, that is a slight exaggeration.  I for real wake up singing and thanking God everyday of my life.  I am not bragging, trust me, because most people find this trait SERIOUSLY annoying.  {Ahem, Missy.}  {Ahem, every teenage girl I've ever had the pleasure of waking up on a camp trip.}

Needless to say, Toddley appreciates this teeny tiny thing I do everyday.

I came up with a fun little collage of us, in honor of this day, and it was fun looking back through old pictures.

I am pretty sure we did celebrate this day at some point, it might have been after we started having kids that we stopped, because hello, reality.  Also, I was always HUGELY pregnant on this day, and who wants to celebrate when you're so miserable?  This is our twenty second Valentine's day together.  That one picture on the top left was when we were eighteen.  The top right is us in Iceland, then camping, at a wedding, and last year on our date night at church.  I like to think that we are eclectic and can do anything together and have a blast.

Moving on, now.  After breakfast, I went upstairs to fold laundry and get dressed, then Noah and I went to Costco for a few essentials.  I brought home some chicken bakes for the ones that didn't go, and Noah ate his lunch that we made when we got home.  {He opted for a soft drink over lunch.  Plus, he wasn't that hungry.}

To my EXTREME delight, I discovered that a book I'd ordered on Amazon had come in the mail, and also, I bought myself another book while I was at Costco, one that I'd been looking at reading for a while.  So I settled in with my new book from Amazon and proceeded to read through half of it.  By four thirty, I got up to make dinner.

I cut up the veggies and got them ready to cook on the stove or in the oven, and while I did that, Graham dealt with the steaks.  He trimmed the fat, seasoned them all up and grilled them to absolute PERFECTION.  {Cavender's, seasoned salt, then when he pulled them off the grill, he put a little a pad of butter on top.  He cooked them to medium rare, and Todd said it was cooked perfectly.  That's a mighty good compliment, from a man who does not freely give compliments.  Have I mentioned we're opposites?}

And now?  The boys cleaned most of the kitchen, while I washed the big pots, and now three of my people are at church preparing for DNOW.  Noah, Drew, and I are all here.  Noah's working on birthday ideas, Drew is playing XBOX Live with a friend, and I am writing this and going to read in a few.  {It's Tuesday night, I thought ahead for the second night in a row and will schedule this to be posted in the morning.}

This was a perfect day.  I would never want to be anywhere else.  Also, my love language is time, and we are good at squeezing in time alone whenever we can.  As for this night?  I'd rather be at home in my pajamas than fighting a crowd in a restaurant where people are all dressed up.  This is so much more my style.  #introvertproblems

Well, my book is calling my name.  I'm pretty sure I'll finish it tonight.  Todd, if you're reading this, sorry.  :/  I know I read too fast.

Love to all.


  1. We don't celebrate either! But I do a special fun meal for my boys!

  2. That's funny! We have lots in common. :)


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