Friday, March 3, 2017

favorite moments from the past seven days

Happy Friday, friends!

I titled it differently this week, because the gal that does the link up on Fridays is taking a little blogging break.  I still wanted to share about my favorite moments from the week and what we did over last weekend.

Last Friday, my dad suggested we go to the zoo for the day, so we did just that.

The weather was perfect and there were not many people there.  I always love the cats.

We also loved the flamingos at the new exhibit, Zambezi River, and stood looking at them for at least half an hour.  And look at my boys and how big they all are.  When did that even happen, y'all?  I feel like they should all be in elementary school.  We used to go to the zoo all the time with Dad, and Drew said the saddest thing ever to me about it not being all that exciting anymore.  I told him it was, just that he was growing up.  I had instant tears in my eyes when he said that.

Last week, on Wednesday, the boys and I made plans to go out to my friend's farm to see the newborn calf, but the rain kept us away.  We rescheduled for Saturday and spent practically the entire day out there this past weekend.  We had a blast!  This is Sunshine.  Her mom died after giving birth, and it made me want to bawl.  This precious little thing was every bit as wonderful as I thought a newborn calf would be, curling up beside you and letting you stroke her.  Look at her eyelashes!

They're bottle feeding her.  They also had one born a couple weeks ago~Duchess~and another was born on Sunday.

I love baby calves!

The cows are pretty friendly and you can get really close.

We had an amazing lunch~homemade tortillas and fajitas.

My friend and her daughters can cook like nobody else I've ever seen.  They're totally incapable of making something that doesn't taste amazing.

We had the most fun day and I am so thankful they let us come out for the day.  The boys also shot guns, rode four-wheelers, ran on hay bales, and generally just made themselves right at home.

I finished Titus this week~I went really slow and just LOOK at all that we should be as believers.  This was only from chapters one and two.

I did this because I was in a bad mood Thursday and Friday, and this was such a great dose of reality for me.

I wrote about this night already, but one of my favorite moments from the week included being with my friends from church and hearing this sweet lady share her story of all that God had brought her through.   I love nights like this~they're encouraging, faith building and full of fun and laughter.

If you are local to me and reading this, I'd like to invite you to a night of praise and worship at Collierville First Baptist Church this Sunday night at six o'clock.  These nights are my very favorite.  It's nothing but singing.  It's not a choir program or performance, but a night just to worship the Lord.  I cannot wait and hope to be feeling a little better by then.  Right now my voice is all weird because of crazy weather ups and downs and congestion, and I couldn't hardly sing last night.

All of you know that Scripture writing is one of my favorite things to do during my quiet time, and this year, I'm including the Lent plan.  You can go to Sweet Blessings Dot Com for the printable version.

One of my favorite things from the internet this week.  I love what this says about marriage, and boy, is it true.  I've personally experienced it.

Also, if you want more great marriage advice, you should follow Dave and Ashley Willis on Instagram.  They're always posting things like this.  That is where I got this from.

And last, but not least, is this adorable little fairy garden I found a picture of on my phone.  When I was in Colorado in November, I was shopping with my mom and sister Lisa when we came across a little shop that sold these.  Y'all.  These are precious and I really want one.  Google them for yourself and find out more about them.  They're fascinating.

Thanks for reading, my friends.  I hope your weekend is fabulous!  Love to all.

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