Wednesday, April 5, 2017

a(n) (un)usual day

The caption for this could be "pictures from my phone".

Yesterday was one of those odd days, when I ended up alone.  Graham and Drew worked for Todd in the morning portion of the day, and while they were gone, my dad came to get Jonah and Noah so they could do some work for him.  So, I made plans to have lunch with my mom, because I needed to be somewhere after one.

And then those plans changed, and my whole day opened up.

After I had quiet time early that morning, I finished my bible study homework for the week, because we met last night for session three.

I sent this picture above in a Snapchat to my friend Marissa, because it's our favorite verse, and it just so happened to be where I was in my reading yesterday.  It was in Hebrews six.

Mom came to my house and I drove us around for the day.  (I still love driving my new car.)  We started at McAlister's, because my stomach has been weird and a baked potato sounded good.  (My stomach has been weird since the night I went to a movie with my best friend last week and we accidentally ate two buckets of popcorn.  I don't EVER want to eat popcorn again.  And Todd made fun of us.)  After lunch, she needed to run a couple errands, and I basically just followed along.

While we were at Kohl's, I ended up picking out shirts for the boys to wear in a couple weeks.  They had so many to choose from!

You can pick any color right now, and these are on sale for forty percent off.

Even Toddley got a new shirt!  I was trying to text pictures to Graham and Drew, but I don't have good service in there, for some reason, so they just came there and picked out their own.

After this, we went to Home Goods.

All the boys need new comforters, and I thought this one might look good in Jonah's and Noah's room, but now that I remembered that their curtains would clash with this, I'm glad I didn't get it.  It is really hard to find a solid, old fashioned, pillowy comforter nowadays.  Amazon has some, but I'm not sure they'll work, or about the quality of them.

I bought a fruit stand while I was there, because we really needed one.

(This is where I have quiet time each morning.)

I also bought some yummy smelling kitchen soap.

I love both of these!  The one on the left is one I bought at Sheffield's (a local antique mall) last week, and I love the one on the right from Home Goods.  I especially love the bottle.

After Home Goods, we came back to my house and Mom went back home.

Also, I wore this cute shirt I got for Christmas for the first time yesterday, and I love it.

I love shirts with scripture.

And for dinner last night, I made tacos.

Toddley was STARVING when he got home, so I had this ready by five thirty for him, and for me, because Tuesday nights are bible study nights for me.

That was my (un)usual day.  It's been uncharacteristically busy for me lately, and I need things to slow back down for a while.  I don't know if that'll happen, but I'm not used to so much going and doing lately.  I'm looking forward to a quiet night at home tonight, all by myself to recharge.  All my guys are going to a Grizzlies game.  Most likely I'll read my book.  I haven't even had much time to do that lately, and I need to finish what I'm reading now so I can start the new one I bought last week.
Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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