Thursday, April 6, 2017

the book I read in a day

I got this book in the mail yesterday.  When I had finished the laundry and cleaned to my little heart's content, I couldn't stand it any longer, picked it up and started reading.

And kept reading, until I got to the very end.

I bought it on Amazon, and knew from the first page that I would love it.  It's cleverly written, and it's about the Danish concept of Hygge (HOO-GAH) and things you can do to embrace a lifestyle of cozy.  The tips are simple and sweet, and many of them are things I already do.  It's about surrounding yourself with things you love, and not being quick to buy things just because.  She gives tips like lighting candles, creating ambiance with table lamps instead of overhead lights, using faery (she actually spelled it like that) lights (ahem, I use twinkle lights on my mantle all the year long), making meals and special treats your family loves, and many more similar ideas.

I won't tell you anymore about it, because I want you to read this book.  It's that good, and I am not being endorsed in any way to promote it, it's just good.  If living minimally and simply and in an old fashioned way appeals to you, then do yourself a favor, and buy this little book as a treat to yourself.

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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