Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I think I've been in vacation recovery mode this week.  On the flip side, I have also been abnormally busy during the week.  I do not love leaving my house everyday, and I think I've had to leave for hours on end every day this week.  I'm slowing down again for next week, and plan on doing a major clean out of all the kitchen cabinets. 

I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals, and her friends, for the writing of this blog post.

Vacations are my favorite.  This past one was probably my favorite of all the vacations to date.  (I do say that every single year, but I really mean it this time.)  Night walks on the beach are part of my favorite things about last week in Myrtle Beach. 

Our location was perfect!  I loved the mix of green and sand, and their foliage is beginning to change, just like ours.

Also, apparently, I love bridges and piers.  I took several pictures of so many of them.

The things that are my favorites are as follows:

The laughter.  We genuinely have fun together. 

The memories.  We always make a ton. 

The food.  We like to eat well, when we go on trips. 

All the uninterrupted time together.  Let's face it~my boys are growing up, or have grown up, in the blink of an eye.  Who knows when the last family of six vacation will take place?  We never know what one year looks like from the next, especially when you factor in a serious girlfriend.  Perhaps that is why the tears were flowing as we pulled away from the condo we stayed in last week. 

I've not been great at quiet time recently.  I prayed about it, though, and asked the Lord to help me with this, and He has done that this week.  I am so glad.  I've loved where I've been writing from and reading. 

Some of my favorite moments ever have been spent pouring over the word of God, and in praying.

When I was a teenager, Steven Curtis Chapman was my favorite Christian recording artist.  I got to see him live Tuesday night, thanks to my friend and neighbor, who invited me to a Life Choices fundraising dinner and event.  He was the speaker and the entertainment for the night, and he is even better sounding in person than he is over the radio.  I love his heart, and the ministry that he and his wife started, Show Hope. 

I love the family of God.

These clouds are gorgeous!  Wednesday nights are usually for church, but Todd and I had a very last minute double date with our oldest boy and his sweet girlfriend. 

It ended up being one of my favorite nights from this week.  We ate sushi at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, and then I went to buy makeup. 

Scripture writing is one of my favorite parts of my quiet time each day.  This plan is from Shannon at, and takes about ten minutes to do. 

Here is the plan for October.  Go visit her blog for the printable version, or check out another plan for October, on kindness.

I found this recipe yesterday, but it wasn't my favorite.  It was way too rich for my taste, but I may try another adaptation of it some other time.  Jonah and I had fun making it together, though.  We took this to our friend's house out in the country last night.  We always love going to their house and catching up.

Lastly, I saw this today and loved it enough to share it again.  I love the Willis' and their Instagram accounts on marriage.  It's one of my favorite accounts that I follow, and this is solid advice. 

We haven't always made our marriage priority, because let's be real here and admit than when the kids are little, it's hard.  And never really practical.  But we did what we could, and now that they're older, this is a whole lot easier.  I cherish our time together. 

Well, thanks for reading my blog!  Love to all. 

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