Monday, October 2, 2017

Happy October!

There are about a million things I love about the month of October.  I love this month so much, and always have, that my husband proposed to me in this month twenty-two years ago.  On the fourth, we will celebrate twenty-one years of marriage. 


The proposal and the wedding both happened in this month all those years ago, because we both love fall.  We wanted to get married in this month so we could honeymoon in the mountains while the leaves were changing. 

I told that to a friend just yesterday, because her daughter is getting married in two weeks, and they are lovers of fall, as well. 

I love the cool mornings and nights, and every year at this time, I crave a bonfire.  With that bonfire also comes a love of camping.  I am hoping we will do that this year!

Another reason I love the fall is because I get to decorate for the season.  I used to do this for my boys, because they loved things like pumpkins that were lighted, and fun window clings, but nowadays I do this for me.  I don't know that they care one way or another anymore, but I sure do love to pull out all the things I've loved from years gone by.  This flower is one thing that got re-purposed in the decorating this year.  My mom gave this to me years ago, and it sat by the kitchen sink forever, but I recently just moved it to the table beside my chair. 

This time of year usually inspires me to spruce things up all over the house, as well, and that includes the insides of the kitchen cabinets.  (The other cabinets, too, but the kitchen ones get the messiest.) 

I have that on my list of things to do this week, to clean out the kitchen cabinets. (The laundry room cabinets were done last week.)

I love all the events that are on the calendar at church.  As a youth group, our students do a few things that I always think are the best, things like a hayride and bonfire out at one leader's parent's house and our annual girls retreat. 

I love cooking even more during this time of year, because it's not always encouraged to make pots of soup when it's close to a hundred degrees outside.  I'm always inspired to pull out my old, favorite cook books and give new things a try.  I also am so tempted to bake more at this time each year, but I try not to do that too much, because if I make it, we will all eat it.  :/ 

I love cozy nights at home, spent with my family.  We had that on Saturday night, and it was so nice!  I think it was the first time in a week that all of us had dinner together, and my heart was happy.  I made a yummy dinner that night, then some of them went outside to play basketball, and Todd watched football. 

I started a new book.

I love a good book, and this one had already grabbed my attention and will go fast. 

A few other things I love during this time of year are:

-Dark fingernail polish.  The one I'm currently wearing is in the picture above, and is called Less is Norse.  It's the newest OPI line.

-Gilmore Girls.  It's eternally fall in my favorite television show of all time and every single fall, I want to watch it all over again.

-Coffee.  I drink more when it's cool outside.

-Choir practice.  I know that's weird, but this time of year means we start to go over Christmas music!  I love being in choir at our church.

I could go on, but I really need to start getting things done for this day.  I know it'll go by really fast and I've been sitting around long enough. 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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