Thursday, October 5, 2017

throwback Thursday

Here are a few of my favorite things from either years or days gone by.  Anybody else love looking at throwback Thursday pictures? 

I saw this on The Today Show's Instagram account yesterday.  I cannot BELIEVE twenty seven years ago is when this show aired for the first time.  I watched it faithfully for years and years.  I even remember being in the hospital to give birth to my oldest son (eighteen and a half years ago) and Todd and I watching it from my hospital room.

I'm serious.  Time flies.

My favorites on the show were Brandon, Kelly, and Dylan.  (And Dylan's not even pictured...I guess he came along later.)

This night two years ago was one of my favorite nights ever.  Our cousins were here from Chicago, and we were up half the night playing a game called Shanghai.  It's kinda like Phase 10, but with playing cards.

It's pretty well known that anytime Missy and I are together, we have a blast.  This was no exception.  I think we were on the way to Jerry's Sno Cones in this picture, for our last summer hurrah as a community group.  These girls are forever etched into my heart.  I miss seeing them all, since they're mostly all at college nowadays.  They're so busy they can't even return a text!  (ahem)  (Not even kidding.)  

To this date, this was my son Drew's favorite year at camp, and originally, we weren't even supposed to have been in town for them to go.  It was the year I had surgery and we had to cancel a family mission trip we were supposed to go on.  Once we canceled, we immediately signed up the boys for summer camps with the youth.  This was the year that God used this sweet guy in the front with a backwards hat, in a huge way in Drew's life.  Chandler and Drew are STILL close today, and meet often.  I am so thankful for the ones who pour into the lives of my kids!  Also, Drew is still super close to all these guys.

Another fun memory that involves students.  This was on a night we were all church for something called Impact.  We reach out to those who haven't been to church in a while and then we would hang out in the youth area afterward.  I don't know why we took the picture, but it makes me smile.  Abbey looks so mean.  #yeahright

Last weekend my niece Erika posted this picture of the babies.  They're getting so big!  I get to see them in a few weeks, they're coming in town for Thanksgiving!  Kinsley is on the left and Kylie is on the right, waving.  I need some baby love fast!  

Well.  I need to get a move on!  I have laundry and some chapters in a book for book club calling my name.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all.  

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