Wednesday, November 8, 2017

tablescapes and a couple of other things

Every year, our church's women's ministry hosts a beautiful celebration of the upcoming holidays.  It's called Tablescapes, and that is exactly what it is.  There were forty-six BEAUTIFULLY decorated tables for ladies to host and then fill up with guests.  A host decorates the table, and then she can either sell her own tickets, or she can leave it up to the church.  Then, once everyone arrives, dinner is served.  The men in our church do the serving, which I think is the sweetest thing ever. 

My mom and I have done a table together for three years now, but she got really sick last week and couldn't come.  She made our centerpiece, though, and I used a bunch of her stuff from home.  Bill came over yesterday morning and dropped it off, and then at eleven, Noah and I packed up my car and headed to lunch at McDonald's.  Because we had to eat before we went to our church and decorated the table for last night's women's event.  I've been known to get hangry. 

Once we got there, it didn't take hardly any time at all, and I was glad, because I was forced to wait until a little later to go and decorate.  I wasn't the only one who hadn't done the table yet, though, so that made me feel a little better. 

Here was the finished table.  Compared to how complicated we made this last year, this year was refreshingly different, and so much simpler.  Simple is always best, in my humble opinion.  ;)

Here are a few pictures of some other tables that I took yesterday before anyone else got there.

The middle picture of the three was my favorite table.  I love fairy gardens, and it's a Christmas one!  I also love the succulents. 

The idea of the night is to get there early, and then walk around and look.  There are always TONS of women there, and I am fairly certain that this is one event that always sells out.  It's such a fun night to come to, and who doesn't love hanging out with a room full of girlfriends?

Because my mom and sister were so sick, I had to fill their seats, so these two sweeties came and sat with us. 

We had someone come and sing for this year, named Alicia something.  Her name just fled my brain.  She has been my favorite one yet, because she wasn't there to perform, but to worship.  And that is what we did.

I also love that she didn't sing Christmas carols, but that she sang songs like, What A Beautiful Name, and In Christ Alone.  That's why this year was my favorite to date.  I don't love performances, because, really, we aren't supposed to make a service about us, and how beautiful we look or how great we sound.  We should, instead, be worshipers, "performing" only for Jesus.  This is one of the [many] things I love about our church, and about our worship leader and director of music ministry.  Last night was so very special, as much was made of the name of Jesus. 

I left with a very full heart. 

I came home afterward and watched an episode of our show with Toddley, and we were laughing as we heard the vacuum running upstairs.  Jonah was cleaning again, and preparing to move one small piece of furniture out of his room in exchange for an old bookshelf that he painted with my stepdad Bill, on Sunday.

It's kinda dark, but doesn't it look nice?  It's navy blue.  Their walls are gray, and my mom made these bedspreads for them a few weeks ago with some fabric we found on clearance.  I love how neat and tidy their room is.  Their room is the smallest in the house, but Jonah says all the time that he likes being in this room, because it forces them to keep it clean. 

Oh, my child.  He is so me, that it's kinda sad.  His wife is going to LOVE HIM someday.  I know God has a special one out there for him, and it'll take a special one to put up with him.  Ha! 

Well, I need to start laundry and do some bible study homework.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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