Tuesday, May 8, 2018

{another} simply Tuesday post

I started off this week on Saturday.  Not really, but on that day, I started thinking ahead and making lists.  I have several going at once...one for this week, some for next week, and in the midst of all that, I've started packing lists and dinner ideas for our family vacation in two weeks.  It's moderately crazy, I won't lie. 

I'm also in the middle of cleaning out things in the downstairs and cleaning, and getting ready for a party for Drew this Saturday night after his graduation. 

My mom-in-love is coming over to get her car detailed tomorrow (Jonah owns a car detailing business called The Auto Salon, in case I never mentioned that) and she said she would help me do some decorating while she was here. 

I had a bit of a moment this morning while I was cleaning off our homeschool bookshelves here in the living room.  I am getting rid of what we've already finished to make room for more, and it dawned on me that I'm halfway done with homeschooling.  With only two more starting in tenth grade this August, it's weird to think how the dynamics in our family keep changing.  I'll be okay.  (Also, I'm so excited to be ahead of my usual last minute scramble for August.  It made sense, though, as we're wrapping things up for this school year, to go ahead and do a big clean out.  Plus, I'm trying to sell some of it.)

Moving along with this post now, I thought I'd share a new favorite song I am listening to on repeat.  I cannot get these words out of my head! 

Here's a link to the video on YouTube.  You can grab your bible too, and read the Psalm that goes along with it.  Taste and see that the LORD is good!  (Psalm 34)

This is Drew's hair.  The reason I even post this picture is because last year at Graham's graduation, Drew tried on his cap over this mop of curls, and I about died, it looked so funny.  And now here we are, five days out from his graduation ceremony and it's about to become his reality.  I have no idea how that thing will even fit over this crazy hair, but I do foresee using several bobby pins.  It is every bit as thick as it looks here.

After dinner last night, we went to the square to try to get some pictures of him and laughed our heads off.  This kid is crazy!  He has made us laugh so hard ever since he was a little bitty thing, and Noah is following in his footsteps.  It's weird how Graham and Jonah are exactly alike, and Drew and Noah are exactly alike.  I'm glad it was like that, so we would know what it would be like for the younger two in their later years. 

Speaking of the square, I love the alley we were in.  Here's a picture of just one place that I love the look of.

Also, this happens to be a really cool new art gallery that just opened up in our little town.  Our friend Keith and Kim are the proud owners.  We all popped in to say hello to them while we were there. 

It was a fun hour that we all had together, and I was glad Jonah, Noah, and Alex were with me to make Drew laugh. 

Other things on the agenda for today is a little more of cleaning out of things.  There is a shelf in the hall that I plan on tackling at some point.  While I've been doing this, the boys are all helping Drew rake a yard to raise the last part of his money for his mission trip to the Navajo reservation. 

I have dinner planned for tonight, and I hope to finish my book that I'm reading so I can go borrow some more from the library.  I have a list of summer reading material that I want to get started on. 

Thanks for reading, friends.  Who knows if I'll be back on here this week, or not, but if not, I'll post next week when it'll be all about Drew and his graduation ceremony and party.  I can't wait! 

Love to all. 

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