Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I have a million things to do today, but in typical fashion, I'm in denial and on this blog instead of doing one of the many things on my list of things to check off.  I have several hours to do it all, though, so it'll get done today.  (It's finally graduation weekend!)

I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and some of her friends, for this blog post. 

I keep on seeing some of my favorite memories come up on my Timehop app, and I can't not share them. 

This picture has always been one of my very favorites.  It was from Mother's day a bunch of years ago.  (I'm too tired to try to figure out their ages in this picture.)

We were at our old church and I remember posing for this like it was yesterday.  This was back when all our kids smiled that fake frozen small with their teeth clenched together, and I was so happy to have this one turn out really well. 

And look, I was taller than them all!  Now we're either the same height, or they're taller than me.

Next up was also on Timehop this morning, and this is one of my favorite pictures of my sister Lisa.

I did find out later that she didn't actually knock this display down, but she sure did take the opportunity to pretend like she did for the picture Trish took.  I cracked up laughing when they sent me this. 

I have a million memories of us cracking up over something she did.  She's best known for her pranks, and we pulled the mother of them all one Father's day when we were at her house.  All the men in the house were taking naps after a huge lunch, and she thought it would be funny to run into the living room where they all her, screaming and clapping her hands.  Her little dog that she was keeping at the time was in the lap of one of the guys, and he just about propelled poor Lilly across the room.  I still laugh when I think of it.

My little Chip has NOT been my favorite animal this week.  I have determined that being neutered had a reverse effect on him and made him lose his mind.  Or else he's paying us back for putting him through that.  He has been a wild banshee all week and is torturing all the animals in the house.  Actually, they have ALL been on my nerves.  Crash killed another mouse and then wouldn't come in.  And never wants to come inside, even at FOUR THIRTY IN THE MORNING.  Yesterday I thought I was going to give him away because as I was standing there whisper screaming at him to GET. IN. THIS. HOUSE. NOW. a giant spider swung toward my face on the web it had made. 

I slammed the door so hard that the whole house shook.

I'm over them all for the moment.  I'll get back to loving them again eventually, I think I'm just short fused this week.

This is one of my favorite things to see.  A nicely made bed.  This is Jonah's side of their room.  I wish I had taken a picture of the other half, because it was pretty funny that on this day, Jonah's looked like this and Noah's looked the opposite.  In Noah's defense, he does make his bed daily, they just had to be somewhere early that morning and he ran out of time. 

Well, I need to get going on my list of things to do today, so I'll stop here.  Have a great weekend!

Love to all. 

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