Monday, December 2, 2019

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Every year on Thanksgiving, we eat with my mom and stepdad and whatever family is in town.  The Friday after Thanksgiving, we go to my dad's, and every single year for many in a row, we go to the zoo to see all the Christmas lights.  It's always beautiful and this year didn't disappoint.  Last year the weather forced us to miss out on this, so it was good to go again.  

I thought I'd share all the pictures.

This is at the Teton Trek exhibit, but the lodge was closed for a private event.  

This was the tree that was at the entrance, and I'm shocked the camera on my phone caught this pattern.  I love this picture.

The carousel is always free during this event, and everyone rode while Todd and I sat and waited.

These two structures were my favorites of the whole night.

This tunnel is also my favorite, and this was the first year we walked through it, usually we ride the tram at this point.

Who knew Drew was the donkey whisperer?  Look how this little guy was laying his head on Drew's arm!  Drew said his arm was aching by the time he stopped petting him, the donkey did this for more than five minutes.

Jonah's smile cracks me up in this picture.

They added these fire pit things, and we sat around one and drank some hot chocolate.  I love this picture of Graham.  

Obligatory daddy/daughters picture every year.  Doesn't he look so handsome in his hat?

After this, all the boys rode home with Todd, and I drove Trish and Dad back to his house.  We were excited about seeing his lights that we did for the first time in person.

We all agreed that we outdid ourselves this year.  It was a great night!  Trish and I rode back to my house together and she came in and saw all our Christmas decorations, but I'll share more about that tomorrow, maybe.  For now, I'm off to make my bed, fold clothes, and paint the hallway upstairs.  Love to all.  

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