Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday Favorites {Edition Seven}

Well, that week was a blur.  I didn't mean to be absent on here again, but my life is busy right now, and I've been writing a lot, but on other places and for other reasons.  I never mean to neglect this blog, though.  It's my favorite place to come and write, mostly because of all the memories it holds for me.

Happy Friday, friends.  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends, for this blog post.

Since I missed the whole week, I'll start back where I left off last Friday.

One of my favorite things is when my husband asks me what my plans are for the night, and if the answer is nothing, when he says, "Let's go eat dinner and go to Costco."  Sometimes we will eat at Costco, but last Friday I was so much hungrier than what Costco had to offer, and I wanted something good and not so much junk-food like.  So, we ended up at our local Chinese buffet at five-thirty.  I almost always start with egg drop soup and wantons, because theirs is the best.  And I always get sushi and a few other things I love, like chicken and broccoli, an egg roll, lo mein, and sweet and sour chicken.  I just wrote that and my stomach growled.  I'm hungry!  (I just had to stop writing to go and make breakfast for myself--who am I?  I never eat breakfast.  I made wheat toast and scrambled eggs.)

On Saturday, my mom and I got out for a bit.  I needed to go to Home Goods (my favorite store) for some hand soap for my side of our bathroom, and while I was there, I picked up a couple of other things that I found to use as storage solutions in spaces that were bothering me.

In this picture above, I bought the container you see on the right side of the bathroom sink.  This is the boys' bathroom, and what they had there was old and messy looking, and this was $7.

The pictures below show the box I bought to sit on my kitchen counter by the sink, to hide the vitamins and supplements we take, and the big bottle of Cosequin that Crash takes everyday.  It was also $7, or maybe $8, but either way, I love it and it hides all those bottles.

We had lunch while we were out, at Newk's for the second Saturday in a row, and then we were done for the day.

Sunday found us at church, and me back for choir practice later in the day, and then I came home.  Todd and Graham worked with the sheriff's department that night, so I watched several episodes of The Good Doctor, because I'm way behind.

On Monday, I met my best friend at the eye doctor to help her pick out some new frames.

I love doing that sort of thing, and we chose some that are very different for her and that are so cute!  I cannot wait to see them on her.

And then I grocery shopped, and came home to unload and inhale lunch, then was back out the door in ten minutes to go somewhere with these pretty ladies from church.

They did a radio interview for Bott Radio about our upcoming women's conference.  Speaking of, if you're local, we would love for you to come!  It's $25 for Friday night and Saturday until about one.  You can register at  The dates are February 28-29.

It was a fun afternoon.

I stayed home Tuesday to catch up on a few things, like laundry, Bible study homework and reading in my chronological Bible.

I will always be thankful for a day to stay home and do these types of things.  It's when I clean and straighten up the house, and do any other things that need to be done.

On Wednesday I ran around with my mom some, and this was a day we had planned the previous week.  It was raining and gross the whole time, but we're not bothered by any of that.  We did several things together that day, but this was one of them.

This was one of them--we got our nails done.  (Insert heart eyes emoji.)  I took this picture for my sister Debi.

I was at church Wednesday night for Bible study, which was so good this week, and then I came right home afterward.  I've not seen my husband much all week, because he's been working at our church to help set up for D-NOW that is this weekend.

Yesterday found me back at church at nine in the morning for an all-day thing I had planned, and then last night, that's all I could dream of.  (I'm smiling as I write that, because I'm pretty sure my brain was mush last night.)  We ate pizza for dinner, and Todd didn't have to work at the church, so we sat and watched Top Dog on Hulu, and I was walking upstairs by 8:50 to go to bed.  No joke.  The last time I looked at the clock was 9:33.

It was a great day, though, and we got so much done.  I can't wait to share a little more about it, but for now I have to keep it quiet.

We had gutters put back on our house this week!  We had some, and then we had the guys who did the siding take them off and throw them away, so we replaced them and they look great.  My mom made the prettiest wreath for my front door, and I love it.  I cooked several times this week, and both times, nobody was here to eat it.  (Hardly.)  I'm rolling my eyes.  I will be alone all weekend.  Graham may be around a little, but I don't think he will much.  Everyone else will be at D-NOW and either attending, leading, or helping with tech.  So that's weird.  I used to be the one who lead a group, but this is my second year to not be doing that anymore.  I used to love this weekend, and as fun as it was, it was also exhausting.  Our church sent out a prayer guide for all of us to pray for as the weekend goes on.  I know it'll be a great weekend, and I can't wait to hear all about it Sunday night, which is the next time I'll see my sons.

Have I mentioned how strange a phase of life I'm in now?

True story.

Well, thanks for reading!  I need to go and do a few things before Dad comes over today.  Love to all, and have a great weekend.


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