Tuesday, November 17, 2020

a day in the life


I haven't done a day in the life type post in ages, so I thought I'd do one now that all my sons are grown up. Life looks WAY different these days, but I'm not complaining. I love their ages right now and of course I love them all, but I genuinely like them all as well. They're really cool guys and I'll keep them around for another few years. 

I was up at six today, drinking coffee and sitting down at 6:30. I turned on the channel 5 news for thirty minutes and checked emails and read blogs. When it's 7:00, I turned the tv to my Spotify and played the JJ Heller Christmas album while I finished reading blogs.

I got up to make lunches and to go coffees for my people, something I do everyday, because my husband needs to not skip lunch. If I don't make him a lunch, he won't stop to eat, but if I do this, he will take the time to eat each day. Since I'm making one, it's not a big deal to make two. They each also take water and coffee to go.

I usually ask Graham if he wants a lunch, because sometimes he wants to go out and pick something up or to meet a friend for lunch if he's in a certain area of town. After I do all of this, I let the dogs out and feed them and then stay close by to give Crash all of his daily medicines/supplements. Then I sit and have quiet time at the kitchen table. 

I'm reading the Bible in a year, in chronological order and today I was in Acts and 1 Thessalonians. Also each day, I do Scripture writing. I spend time here each morning praying, as well and on Monday's I like to write out my weekly plans and dinner/blog ideas. 

I always tell the Lord in my Monday morning prayer that whatever I have planned is His and if He has another thing for me to do to make me willing to go along with His divine plan. I pray according to what Proverbs 16:9 says:

A person's heart plans his way, but the LORD determines his steps.

While I am having my quiet time, I always have the dryer going to fluff up whatever was left from the day before. After this time each day, I go upstairs with the dogs and a basket of laundry to fold. I brush my teeth and put moisturizer on, then make the bed, fold the clothes, do my makeup and get dressed. Sometimes I switch it up and will listen to a podcast, but usually I listen to worship music while I do all of this. I clear off all the clothes from the bed, clean up in the bathroom from makeup dust and go back downstairs. Yesterday I left and went on to Kroger. 

I love our bedroom and bedding, especially this time of year. On days when I walk on the treadmill, I do that after making my bed, then I'll shower afterwards. 

Back to yesterday—I went to Kroger, came home and unloaded and put everything away, then emptied the dishwasher. I had a protein shake for breakfast (filling and low in calories/carbs) and still wasn't hungry, so I sat down to read the last two chapters of the book I was reading. I picked another one to start, then was hungry enough to eat a small lunch, so I warmed up a bowl of roasted red pepper and tomato soup, then came in the living room to watch my movie of the day. (Every day I watch a Hallmark Christmas movie, thanks to 2020.)

(Above is my next read.)

When that was over, I let the dogs out again, got a small bowl of Christmas M&M's and a little glass of milk, played on social media for a few minutes, then sat down again to write this blog post. (If I don't schedule to publish these ahead of time, they won't get written, so I try to do this everyday.) I listened to Michael Buble's Christmas album on Spotify while I did this. The dogs cuddled on the couch beside me and people came and left. (You'll notice I won't mention the boys, because they're all upstairs doing their own thing. Jonah and Noah are responsible for all their own work each week, so they did that in the morning hours, then left to go help Todd with something. Drew works every morning from 7-9 and every afternoon from 3:15-6:15, unless school is out, then he is full time everyday. He is currently paused with his nursing school—but that is a whole other post for another day. Graham leaves everyday around the same time as Todd, depending on where he goes for the day. Some days he leaves sooner if he has to travel a bit more.) 

I got up to start working on dinner and getting things ready to go to my friend Shawn's house for Monday night Bible study at her house for high schoolers. I help out with the dinner each week, and also always shop for this on Monday when I do my own grocery shopping. I've found that way to be so much easier each week. Sometimes the dinners involve me cooking the food here first, but on this night it was tacos and all I had to add to it were lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream.

For my own family I made macaroni and cheese, a homemade version that is crazy good and filling enough to be a stand alone dish. During the time it was making, I ran through the downstairs with the swiffer duster and vacuumed the floors. I do these things everyday because of all of our dogs. I never want my house to smell or look like dogs live here, though it does happen occasionally when I let more than a day go between vacuuming. I did the upstairs version of this in the morning after I got dressed. Everyone else is responsible for their own rooms, I only do ours and our bathroom, but someone else usually cleans the bathtub for me.

I left for Shawn's at 5:35 and stayed long enough to get the food out and was home by 9:30, then came home and cleaned up the things that were left out from their dinner, refilled the K cup organizer and wiped off all the counters. I got a glass of chocolate milk and came into the living room for a few minutes to talk to my hubby, then went to bed and watched a show on Netflix. 

Other things I do everyday are mundane and routine, like cleaning all the countertops. Again, with all the dogs, things get hairy, so I do this everyday at least, sometimes multiple times in a day. I always do laundry everyday, otherwise it gets out of hand and I just wash all of our stuff in a big load each day. I get dressed everyday, even if I'm not going anywhere. I don't always do a normal makeup routine, but I do even put on makeup, because people are always in and out of our house. I always respond quickly to emails and texts, and I take the time to pray throughout my day. The Lord is always so sweet to drop a name into my thoughts, which I take as my cue to pray for them. I try to sit and read each day, but when Hallmark Christmas movies are on, I may not make that time. I keep the kitchen clean and things picked up, because I can't stand not to. I hate clutter, just ask my husband. Or Mom, it's her fault I'm like that. (I made myself laugh.) I also try to call someone everyday, so some days it's a parent or a sister, or some days it's a friend. Missy is the only one I talk to almost every single day. 

So that's my day in the life. It's not super exciting, I know, but such is life for the moment. If I haven't bored you to tears and you're still here, thanks for reading along! Love to all. 


  1. Our days are very similar. Not boring at all! I just love your Christmas bedding.

  2. I am NEVER bored, you're so right! And if I am ever bored, I'm glad to be bored, like on Thursday, when I know I'll be staying home again all day. I love being at home and comfy, especially in this time of year. Thank you! I use the white coverlet all year and just add that plaid blanket when the nights turn cool. The lights and greenery stay put all year, because they make me so happy. Have a wonderful evening!

  3. Sounds like a great day and your Christmas bedding accessories look so festive!

  4. Thanks, Marilyn! It makes me so happy to see it all bright and festive.


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