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Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with Tanya from The Other Side of the Road for this blog post.

I got my weekend started out by doing NOTHING. It was glorious. My dad didn't come over since we spent time together earlier in the week, so I caught up on Scripture writing, I did laundry, I took a very long shower and washed my hair and then let it air dry completely, then I watched Christmas movies. It was the perfect day. Missy came and picked me up at five something, then we went and grabbed some Mexican food for dinner and went grocery shopping for our church food drive. One hour and six carts later, we left and she brought me home. I changed clothes and watched a movie, then watched another one in bed. Like I said, it was glorious.

My mom and sisters came and picked me up early on Saturday so we could spend a couple more hours with her before she had to be at the airport. We ate a huge breakfast at West Street Diner in Germantown, went to one shop in the same area—More Than Words, then took her to the airport.

I still hate goodbyes! I got a little teary after she was gone.

After that I came home to find my hubby cleaning up two of our old windows that were taken off the house last year. I'd had an idea about them that I wanted to hang them on our stairwell wall, so after he cleaned them, he hung them for me and I love them! I love that they're our old windows, too. I'll keep them forever.

Todd and six boys raked the yards today. It was our four and two extra. He didn't even ask them, just they volunteered! They all went out for dinner, but he went and got us some sushi from our favorite local restaurant and we enjoyed an at home date night. 

The dogs were supervising. I sat out there for a while, then came in to change and vacuum all the German Shepherds up from the floor. I'm rolling my eyes.

After dinner we sat and watched The Voice, I worked on this week's blog posts, and we sipped on our coffee (him) and hot chocolate (me). The dogs were being all snuggly, the tree was lit, and the kitchen was cleaned. It was a lovely night at home.

I decided to watch church from home on Sunday, because to be honest, a lot of people I know right now have tested positive for Covid. I don't know how much I trust those rapid tests, but still. I've had some moments grappling with this and decided to just stay home and enjoy the service. I'm not scared of getting this, we've all been exposed to this who knows how many times, even by just going into the grocery store. But I've had a few moments this week, because my circle of friends who are healthy is getting a little smaller and smaller each week it seems.

I'm just trying to pray through it all. This is why I hate what the media has done to us—they've turned us into a bunch of paranoid fools. I'm not saying it's not real, I know it is and know several people who have had it and recovered. I'm just suggesting it's no more contagious than anything else going around, but most people recover from this! I know some who've had the long term version of the virus and who still struggle, but those cases are far less than the ones who've had the normal version that lasted a few days and recovered well.

I am just SO OVER IT ALL, and that my friends, is why I put up our Christmas early. I keep on just wanting to stay home. I know I will snap out of this, it's just that at the moment, I am on the struggle bus. It'll pass, it always does. Anyway, this was me summarizing and finishing up the sermon notes from my Pastor's message on Sunday. It was so good! 

Todd wasn't home long after church, because he worked with the sheriff's department. The boys were in and out all day, and I just did things around my house, Bible study homework, read my book and watched Netflix or Hallmark. I have no shame in any of this. 

So how was your weekend? I love it when mine are low key like this one. 

Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! The windows and wreaths look so pretty & festive! I hope to decorate this week.

    1. It was really good! Thank you...I can't wait to see pics of yours!


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