Thursday, April 22, 2021

thankful Thursday


Happy Thursday, friends! 

I think it's so important to find things to be thankful for in life. I try to live like this everyday, but this doesn't mean that I don't have bad days. I know that part of the reason why I am like this is just because it's who I am. I try to be a positive thinker and am always looking on the bright side of things. The other reason I do this is because if I don't, the other junk in the world gets to me. I don't keep a journal for this, but I will occasionally make a list of things in the journal I use daily. If you didn't already read it, you can read my post from yesterday here, but I love to remember. It's biblical and it's faith building!

Here are a few things I have been thankful for lately.

It is such an honor to be able to attend church services each week. I say that in the plural form, because I also go on Wednesday nights. I love our Pastor and sometimes I will sit in the choir rehearsal room to watch the service after I'm done singing with the choir, because I don't like to miss any of the sermon. This was me last week. I love a desk when I'm writing, so I was all spread out with my Bible and journal, a pen, my glasses and a bottle of water. 

I have loved being part of another class on  Wednesday nights! I am in a class taught by my Pastor that is based on a book we're reading on prayer. I keep talking about the book because it is so good and has been instrumental in changing my prayer life over the last three weeks. You should read it! It's called How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life by Dr. Gregory Frizzell. Here is a link for you in case you're interested. It's a short, powerful read. 

I am thankful that my husband never minds when I go out with friends. I am seeing one of my best friends tonight, Andrea—it's been WAY TOO long since we've laid eyes on one another. I'll make sure and have dinner ready for them and then I'll meet her at our favorite place, most likely. Last night after church, I joined two friends at our new Slim Chickens for dinner and to catch up. It's been a couple of weeks since we had been able to do that and we had a lot of talking to do. We also started talking about our next girls trip! It's coming up in June.

Needless to say, I am always thanking the Lord for godly friends. I love this Bible verse about friendship—

Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

Quite honestly, I am thankful to be at this stage in my life. I do miss my boys being younger a lot, but I also really love their ages and independence right now. It's easy for me to be able to do things like this more often now, because of their ages. 

I am thankful that today I get to stay home all day! I love being at home. I have plans to try and finish my portion of the writing on the Bible study we're working on right now. We have two meetings coming up in the next two weeks, so I really need to focus on this today and try to finish. 

Speaking of that, I suppose I'll wrap this post up with that last one. I am linking up today with Penny from Penny's Passion. Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 

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