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Friday Favorites, 6.11.21


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea for this weekly blog post. 

It's been a great week! On Sunday morning, Drew and Noah left with four of their friends for a week at the beach. They'll be back Saturday night, most likely, or maybe sometime that afternoon. Then, at midnight on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning), Graham and Jonah left for the beach with some of their friends and will return home Monday night. (Different beaches—Drew and Noah are in Orange Beach in Alabama and Graham and Jonah are in Daytona Beach, Florida.) Needless to say, my week has been pretty quiet and didn't consist of a lot of groceries or cooking at home. 

I have to say—these days and evenings are some of my favorites. I was going to make dinner last night, but when Todd called to ask if I had anything planned and I told him what I'd planned on cooking, he said, "Did I hear you right that you wanted to go to Pyro's for dinner?" To which I quickly agreed. 

Here are some other favorites from this week.

I've gotten a couple new bottles of OPI nail polish, which is my very favorite brand. I'm not getting my nails done right now to give them a break, but I've loved changing the color every three or four days. This one is called Rice Rice Baby. Who am I kidding—the real reason I love OPI polish is because of the names of the colors. 

Here's a peak inside one of the inner rooms at one of my favorite places—our church. This is what my husband does at church. Well, not this room specifically, but lately he's been running the livestream for the service on Sundays. I love that he has a place to serve that he enjoys so much and even more than I love that, I love that he gained some great friends while doing something he both enjoys and that he is really good at. I'm always a proud wife. 

My favorite old man pup was giving me puppy dog eyes before we left for dinner at my dad's on Monday. Isn't he handsome? 

I mentioned the boys were gone, remember? In my boredom free time one day, I wasted an entire hour on this app—Voila. I started seeing people post about it and I had so much fun making every one of my family members into cartoons. I don't know if they'd be amused, so I won't share their pictures, but mine cracked me up. My favorite one was Noah, which I'll share, because LOOK AT HIM.

I could have sat there for longer, but I stopped. Then I uninstalled the app from my phone. 🤣

It's always a favorite thing when family members are in town. My brother Paul and his wife Teresa and son William and my sister Terri all came into town this week for just a few days. We ate with them Monday night, then I went over there again on Thursday to visit during the day. 

Paul and my dad are twins. 

Another favorite from the week was Tuesday night—Todd had his annual sheriff's department dinner and award ceremony and he received a couple of rewards! His company received Company of the Year for 2020 and he received Officer of the Year for 2019 (this dinner and ceremony didn't happen last year). I'm so proud of him!

His friend Chris also received Officer of the Year for 2019, because as their Chief said, they're joined at the hip. 

I will say this about my sons—as much as I miss them when they're gone, I love that they're so independent that they travel without us. We let them do this because we know they can be trusted and they've been doing this ever since they reached the age of about seventeen. When they were that young, they stayed with people, but over the years this has progressed into them getting hotel rooms or Air BNBs. My favorite thing in all of the world is seeing my sons thrive and having the time of their lives, much like they're all experiencing right now. LOOK at this house that Graham and Jonah (and a bunch more people) are staying in.

Graham reserved this last year when he was there for this same truck show! He wasn't able to take his truck this year, but the maroon one you see is almost exactly like his. They rode down with their friend Bryce and he is the one whose Instagram story I stole this picture from. The house is amazing! It has an indoor sauna, hot tub and then a pool is on the property. Here's one that Jonah sent me Wednesday night.

The shower in the master bathroom is so big, twenty people could fit in there at once. Jonah was beyond excited. 

Other favorite moments include seeing Mom and  Trish yesterday and spending the day with them, making plans to swim next week with my mom-in-love, reading a ton and having a really clean house. I love to have their rooms vacuumed and dusted for when they all return, but they always leave their own rooms clean because that's how I raised them. 

How has your week been? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all.


  1. I love that house rental! I bet they are having a ball. It must feel like a mini vacation for you and your husband too not having to cook and grocery shop as often.

  2. They are having the time of their lives! My son was saying he plans to rent it again next year when they go back. It was the place to be, apparently! It was really nice- it was EXACTLY like being on vacation!


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