Wednesday, June 9, 2021

things I want to remember

 Happy Wednesday, friends! I want to remember these past few days, so that is what this blog post is all about—family, friends and time with both.

We went to my dad's house for dinner Monday night. My sister Terri and brother Paul (along with his wife Teresa and his son William) are in town for a few days this week. We had dinner with them that night, as many of us were able, and it was a really sweet evening. It's been several years since we last saw Paul and even then, it was a frantic evening as we scrambled to leave town that night because my sister-in-law received word that they had a new heart for her. I don't remember much about that night, just that Todd was on the phone trying to find us a spot to stay for a few nights and finding someone to watch our dogs.

I didn't get any pictures Monday night—I just enjoyed being in the moment. 

On Tuesday night, Todd and I attended the annual sheriff's department dinner and awards ceremony. Graham opted to miss it because he was leaving town that same night and had things to do to get ready. I am so proud of Todd! His company received the company of the year (there are several and he is in charge of the maintenance company, which is the one that keeps their equipment serviced and running well) and he and his partner Chris received Officer of the Year for 2019. (They award for the previous year and last year there was no dinner.)

This is him with Chris, his partner in crime. 

He was also recognized, along with Chris, for over 400 hours of service. He actually got way more than that, though.

The guy in the middle is their other partner who they ride with all the time, Bob. He's a rookie and received Rookie of the Year in his class that graduated last year. 

And even though we refer to the guys as work wives, we are the real wives! That sounds like a show—we could call it Real Wives of SCSO. Adrian (on the left) belongs to Bob, Tara belongs to Chris and you know me.

It was a fun night and us gals enjoyed each other's company.

Check out that sunset! It was beautiful.

Today I spent some more time at Dad's house. Everyone is leaving town tomorrow morning, so I wanted just a bit more time with them before they left. This time I took pictures.

It was such a nice day. I was there most of the day and then finally had to leave to come home to let my dogs out. All my sons are out of town! Two are in Orange Beach and the other two just arrived in Daytona Beach today. My house is so quiet! I cannot tell you the last time we didn't have people in our house. Todd and I celebrated by having sushi for dinner. 🤣

I have no idea what is planned for my tomorrow—my mom and I talked about getting out, but it kinda depends on the weather. We've had a week of rain! 

Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 

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